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    What position are you applying for? I'm applying for Intern.

    Age: 17

    Where are you from? I'm from Canada.

    What languages can you speak? My primary language is English. My secondary language would be French. My French is a little rusty though.

    IGN: GoldElm22

    Discord: Mickeyjay88#0594

    Tell us something about yourself: Well I currently reside in Northern Ontario, Canada. I'm currently in grade 11 working towards graduating High School. I've been around Minecraft since 1.2.4 and have been playing ever since. I usually have a decent amount of time on my hands for getting online and playing. I've recently left my job, working in fast food is really only a good option for no more than two years. Which gives me more time to get on. I'm actually not the best at talking about myself. Although I do have some better qualities such as my experience in working with others, working in stressful situations, talking to others, and I'm a quick learner. I've had opportunities in life that some won't get.

    Why do want to be staff on this server?: Well I mean this could be the next Hypixel in which case being able to shape the future of a community is something I'm really interested in, and has worked out great for me and communities in the past. I'd like to also meet some new people and give my opinions on features for the server. I have great feedback skills and am not afraid to give my opinion (Although I generally do it in a respectful manner).

    Do you have any past experience: I've been around different forms of game/server administration for a couple of years. Some with larger communities and some with smaller communities. I've held roles from the bottom all the way to the top. I've undergone leaderships classes irl from some of my previous things I've done. With the knowledge I've learned in those classes I've been able to excel in leadership positions in real life and with various minecraft/other gaming communities. I excel in professionalism when dealing with others. After a few years of working with large communities professionalism is something that's really needed to up keep the communities appearance.

    How long can you be on ever week?: I can be on whenever needed I respond quite quickly to messages through Discord. I'm usually on from 3:20 PM till about 11:30 PM through the week and on weekends quite a bit longer.

    What can you do that other can’t?: I can provide my personal feedback on matters when needed. I'm a strong leader, I enjoy people, and I'm just always thinking about ways to improve. I also always have an eye out for others professionalism. This comes in handy with smaller communities as you'd want to keep as many players on as possible to build up your player base.

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    posted a message on Auto-Mining Machine

    If you'd like something automatic why not checkout some Technic or FTB modpacks? Or even just add something like IC2 to your client. I don't ever think Mojang will add anything of such nature.

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    posted a message on Saddest Update Ever...

    To be fair you're playing on last gen. Like many other companies they're focusing more on next gen as they can do so much more. My advice, go next gen.

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    posted a message on Castle Build- Teras Castle (20 Hour Build Time)
    Quote from AmazingTeras»

    I decided not to as it would have added hours and hours to the build time. I may go back and edit it in the future, but I am sort of burnt out right now.

    Makes sense, Nevertheless it's pretty impressive. Good work!
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    posted a message on Poll: Do you think that the Xbox 360, PS3, PSVita, and Wii U editions need an upgrade in world size?
    Quote from Daib»

    Oh, I agree. It's entirely up to the user if they want to explore large areas of the world, knowing that, if they go far enough, they could see the world size creep in to the gigabytes. Then again, you'd have to try really hard to do even that - I tested this on the PC version by flying in one direction until I was at X30000, and the world size was still just ~347MB compared to the 862x862 worlds of the PS3, which rarely exceed 16MB (I'm not sure of the world size on the 360/Vita/U).

    Assuming this save file limit really exists, it seems that, for the PS4 version, 4J got around it by having a single world split in to multiple save files that are usually titled something like "World Data 1, World Data 2," and total about 70MB each (this, then, begs the question: why hasn't it been done on other platforms if it is a potential workaround and gateway to bigger worlds?).

    If a limit was not present then I don't see the need for 4J to do this, unless splitting world data in to multiple save games/files was necessary from a technical/programming standpoint (much like the PC version's saves). I'd really like to look more in to it to find some truth, but alas, I'm neither a 4J dev or Sony insider. Just as you've said, googling does not lead me to a clear answer. :/

    To answer your question regarding why it hasn't been done is simply because the studio more than likely wants to move on to next gen, like many other companies have done or want to do. Now I really don't know much technical stuff so I could be wrong and it honestly could come down to hardware limitations but from what I've read what I said above seems more plausible.
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    posted a message on Any good Mansion seeds out there?

    I haven't messed around with the latest snapshots so I wouldn't know what sort of info the /locate command gives you. But if it gives the coords checkout the /tppos command!

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    posted a message on Castle Build- Teras Castle (20 Hour Build Time)

    Have you thought about doing the interior of the castle?

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    posted a message on MineCon 2017? Where?

    As I'm sure it's been mentioned above I doubt it will be in North America for 2017. But if it is I wouldn't mind one in Canada, I could actually attend!

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    posted a message on Multiverse help needed

    Best of luck!

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    posted a message on Need a friend to play Minecraft with? Click here!
    • Username: Mickeyjay88
    • PC
    • Age: 16
    • Gender: Male
    • Country/Timezone: Canada (If you haven't noticed) Eastern Standard Time
    • How someone should contact you: Discord - Always accepting people to play!
    • How long you've been playing Minecraft: Since 1.2.4 (I think?)
    • Some things that you like to do on the game: Love to mine, build, and have fun!
    • Any additional things you want to say: Currently running a 1.10 Survival/Creative server (Multiverse). It's whitelisted, if you're interested join the Discord or PM me on the forums. If the thread author has issues with me posting my Discord send me a PM and I'll change up the post. <3
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    posted a message on Multiverse help needed
    Quote from ethernity4ever»

    You can turn off multiverse spawn and tp in the config, that wat i believe essentials will take over and everything will work. I could be wrong but doesnt hurt to try.

    From what I know about Essentials it won't make a difference. Unfortunately what @Strahan202 said is correct.
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    posted a message on Needed help with MOTD

    If you're running Spigot or something similar do a quick search for custom motd plugins. They're usually highly configurable. For example this one, I'm not 100% sure it has everything you need but I quickly looked through the feature list and it seems fairly decent. Best of luck!

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    posted a message on Are Shulker Boxes too OP?

    I personally wish we got actual backpacks the item itself has no appeal to me. I'm just weird like that though... :lol:

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    posted a message on Small Texture Request (I think)

    Hey there! I'm currently working on my own city build and I was wondering if was possible for someone to replace the button texture with this texture. This has been something I've attempted in the past and was unable to get anywhere, so I'm asking for some help. If that design/texture isn't possible anything related to a keypad or a keycard reader would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading!

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