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    Hey there everyone! I'm going to keep this post short and sweet. We have a small, pretty new server set up and are looking for some more people to join. There are some plots in the spawn (fairly large ones at that) for people to start off in. We have some item farms going. And that's about it. We are looking for mature people that know how to have a good time! If this sounds interesting to you, or you have questions, leave a response! Keep in mind I am not an admin or op on this server so I can only relay your names to the admin for white-listing so it might not be an immediate thing.


    Why you want to join the server:
    What will you bring to the server:
    What do you like to do in MC:
    What are you best at in MC:
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    Hey everyone Goatlips here. I'm in need of a cool server to play on. Plugins aren't a big issue with me I'm not too picky. A smaller server would be nice though. No pvp or griefing I'd like to have my buildings not raided on a day to day basis. And yea that's about it. If your server meets my criteria let me know ( a pm would work better for me ).
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    IGN: Goatlips

    Age: 20

    Gender: Male

    Name: Chris

    What can you do to make the server better?: I'm an overall good builder and friend. I'll add a lot of nice buildings to the server where needed and help those who need it.

    Are you a skilled builder?: Yes. I would show you but don't know how to attach things to mcforum posts.

    Have you ever been on a multiplayer server before?: Yes.

    have you ever been an admin or builder on another server? Both kind of. I was an admin but left because the server became less popular and I've been a builder numerous times.
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