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    posted a message on mining crash
    Sounds like somethings not compatible
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    posted a message on more biomes and landscapes......
    Awesome! :smile.gif:
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    posted a message on My minecraft wont let me play...
    if you just installed mods, that's the problem.
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    posted a message on [Survival] Abandoned Hospital Island
    I'll gladly test it out it looks awesome (:

    Edit: release this it looks so amazing
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    posted a message on EpiCraft:A Haunted Survival Server
    I'll try it !(:
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    posted a message on Painting textures are gone
    same problem
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    posted a message on Steve doesn't have enough food
    cool ideas :smile.gif:
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    posted a message on 1.9 Updates: Potion Updates
    I'm so excited! :iapprove:
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    posted a message on Looking for Skilled Builders for Upcoming RP Server
    IGN: GloveChips
    Age(please be truthful): 15
    Previous minecraft experience: I co-ran many servers before.
    Previous server building experience: My old server, I made an underground dwarven city that you couldn't tell that it was there at all from the top. It was huge, it had a spleef arena, a slums, a secret tavern entrance behind a piston-powered bookcase. It also had a self-supplying room that had a cobblestone generator and a MASSIVE wheat farming room. I co-owned the server, and it wasn't hosted on my computer, so i don't have any screenshots because he broke his computer and lost everything </3 :sad.gif: but I could show you just what I can make.
    Skype Username: I don't have skype/mic :sad.gif:
    Specialty: Hidden/Secret Places. Decent at pistons.
    Screenshot(s): Not my best, but they're the only Fantasy/Medieval-esque things I have.

    Outside of The City I made. (It's all underground and hidden because it was on my factions server. I have the map downloaded before we all worked on it, so the city isn't that impressive because when it was impressive the map was lost :sad.gif:)

    A part of my custom map I'm working on. A lever combination makes the lava stop flowing via pistons.

    An asylum I made like.. back near the 2010 halloween update. Seems like forever ago.

    The Pub/Base Entrance

    The Pub/Base Entrance Open (Still learning redstone)

    Edit: Also, I had a world that I built a small town in a sort of natural basin with a lake in the middle. It was sort of medievaly haha. It was a long long long time ago and got corrupted because Better Than Wolves. I used it just to have a windmill at the granary haha.
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    posted a message on Mob Suggestion-Shadows
    You can add a picture using imgur for free without making an account.
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    posted a message on (Coming Soon) Abandoned Jail / Insane Asylum
    This is great man! I love making stuff like prisons, too. :smile.gif: i'll definitely download.
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    posted a message on Through what blocks can mobs see you?
    They can probably see you through the water
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    posted a message on Hold x for as long as you can hold your breath.
    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx That was hard! lmfao
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    posted a message on {WIP}(V1.1) The Attack On Evansdale
    Quote from Cybexx16

    this looks epic i want to paly it D:

    Thanks dude! I'm working on the nether tasks right now, I'll try to have them finished soon and then put the map up on mediafire :smile.gif:
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    posted a message on {WIP}(V1.1) The Attack On Evansdale
    I'm making a custom map on a 1.8 world. If anyone is good with redstone, could you help? Also, if anyone would like to make a signature, that'd be great. :smile.gif:


    The map starts in the town of Evansdale, your hometown. You wake up one night, remembering your dreams of screams and explosions. Your hometown is in ruins and you swear revenge. You cross the ends of the earth to find out what happened to Evansdale, your friends, and you're family.

    1.) Do not break blocks unless instructed to do so.
    2.) Do not mine/chop down trees to construct tools and items. Any items or tools you need will be provided for you.
    3.) Play on Easy, Medium, or Hard.
    4.) You may kill any animals you find for food, or take any left over wheat from the town to create bread. (Only crafting allowed outside of what instructed can only be used to make food)
    5.) If you ever get lost, just follow the clay with a torch on top. They'll always lead you to the right direction.
    6.) Have fun, and tell your friends (:

    PROTIP: Clouds drift north.

    Mods used to create map:

    Don't mind the "fly" commands.. Haha

    Suggestions/Creative Input are graciously accepted. :smile.gif:

    Town: Complete
    Ocean: Complete
    Tasks/Challenges: 25%

    Like the Sig? Want to support me? Make it your own! to the end, and remove the spaces. Thanks guys! :smile.gif:

    Extra Info:
    Texture Pack used in screen shots: Misa's Realistic
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