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    posted a message on Does anybody else have this issue?

    Are you looking for a mod that would, say, generate new structures that you could live in?

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    posted a message on What is the highest XP level you have gotten legit in vanilla minecraft in survival?
    Quote from TheMasterCaver»

    I don't consider using an XP farm as being legit, since you didn't really work to get the XP (once you've built it); the 60 or so levels, once as high as 68 IIRC, I often attain between repairs while caving is a much larger accomplishment since that comes from mining ores and killing mobs in face-face combat and represents just how easy it is to get XP and maintain your gear without XP farms.

    In fact, this is one reason why I modded in a new armor/tool material which is mostly the same as diamond, but is much rarer, harder to enchant (only with books), and is far more expensive to repair (both per repair and per durability point, even though it has a higher durability) because diamond doesn't really seem that rare or valuable when you get many times what you need in resources and XP to maintain the gear (NB: despite having a limited number of repairs in 1.8 it is far cheaper in the long run to repair and replace gear).

    My all-time single play session record while caving is 8,218 XP:

    (note that I did not get just 10 levels during that time (56-66), I repaired my pickaxe and boots during that time; the pickaxe costs 33 levels, so I "wasted" a ton of XP repairing it, same for the boots, et al)

    There's also the time I went overboard while mining quartz, gaining around 13,000 XP and reaching level 82 from nothing.

    The Ender Dragon gives you 12,000 XP but I don't count that here since anybody can get it. Note also 1.8 changed the level costs so this much XP gives you 68 levels, compared to 78 before, so the raw XP values are more comparable.

    What mod is that?

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    posted a message on My Survival Journal!
    Quote from Zeno410»

    Villages make for easy starts, as a rule. Got any projects or goals in mind?

    Yes, next update I will probably start working on building a house in the mesa biome. And later, when I gather more materials, I might make a Western-style town. :P

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    posted a message on My Survival Journal!

    So.. I have decided to start a new survival world and make a journal of it. (Forgive me if I make some mistakes uploading images, I'm new :P)

    World Stuff:

    Seed: 75913853097930205

    Cheats: OFF

    Bonus Chest: OFF
    Generate Structures: Yes

    Picture 1: One of the reasons why I chose this seed.

    Picture 2: Just gettin' some wood.

    Picture 3: First pickaxe... :D

    Picture 4: Now that's a good trade if I ever did see one.

    Picture 5: First iron! :D

    Check daily for updates!

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    posted a message on What should I build for my slime farm?
    Quote from TheWesson»

    Why not build a slime warehouse in a cube that looks like a slime? Green glass blocks for the transparent Jello outside, green hardened clay for the inside organs.


    I think that's a great idea! :)

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    posted a message on Help!!!

    OK, so I have this one world in Minecraft that is for my test builds. Today I got on and I couldn't find it anywhere. Although, I checked my saves folder, and it was there! Is there any way to get it back?? Please help! :(

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    posted a message on Dirt is better then Wood

    If you're more of a builder type of guy like me, then you will obviously choose wood over noobish dirt. :P If you are on a server that allows griefing, instead of making a dirt house, I suggest making one underground. Yes, X-RAY hax users will be able to find it. But I have an underground base on this one factions server (I've had it for a few months), and I have never been raided of griefed.

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    posted a message on Are there more male or female Minecarft players?

    Both boys and girls play Minecraft. Sometimes it may seem like it's geared towards boys, but I see a lot of female players too.

    On your second question, I think both males and females like Survival mode, and I have seen many good builders that are boys and girls.

    So I would say that, maybe there are a little bit more male players, but overall a good mix of both genders play Minecraft.

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    posted a message on Colored light

    Supported! This is a great idea because sometimes you just want to add a bit of red light to fully achieve that spooky feel, some grey light for a dark, foggy feel, or if you are bored you could just make a rainbow of colours! Sometimes I feel that Minecraft just needs more decorative elements.

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    posted a message on Islands Preset

    Very cool!

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    posted a message on Tp when your right click the sign

    If you for example want it to teleport you somewhere when you click a sign (or make colored sign text), try CrushedPixel's JSON sign generator. It works great.

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    posted a message on [1.9 is out!] Get ready for 1.9! [Updates and Information from Mojang AB!]

    Wonder what all those new blocks in the End are... :huh:

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