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    posted a message on Misty World

    Do you have any ideas for what the mobs will look like?

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    posted a message on Shipwrecks! Make Oceans and Beaches more Interesting!

    It'd be interesting to see some giant moray eels that live inside of ships and lunge out from holes in ships' holes. Hell, The Ocean Hunter would be an excellent source of inspiration for the mod.

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    posted a message on Wizard Animal Plus Mod

    This is very interesting. What's on your immediate list of creatures to model?

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    posted a message on Official Unofficial DrZhark's Mo' Creatures Mob Suggestions v2.0

    Well, let's bring this back with some creature ideas.

    Coatis: Small raccoon-like animal with red fur and a long tail held upright like a flagpole. Spawns in groups in savannas and jungles. Can be tamed with fruit, insects, and/or eggs.

    Monitor lizards:

    - Megalania: A massive cousin to the Komodo dragon, with reddish-brown scales striped with red-brown. Roughly in between a grizzly bear or polar bear on all fours at shoulder height and longer than a crocodile, these huge creatures live in the savannas, red mesas, and rarely in deserts - they deal a hell of a lot of damage and inflict slowness with their attacks, making them extremely dangerous foes.... and useful mounts.

    - Silawik dragon: About the same size as a Komodo dragon, but slinkier and sleeker, maybe a bit longer, and with a pale straw-yellow coloration with a brown line down the spine and similarly-colored stripes branching off from it. Spawns in savanna biomes.

    - Perentie: Slightly smaller than a normal Komodo dragon. Spawns in deserts.

    Antelope: Fast-moving herding animals that live in various biomes and flee from players that get close like zebras, best hunted with a bow and arrow. All of the animals listed below drop leather and antelope meat (Fills as much of the hunger bar as pork, but drops is pretty decent amounts). Maybe they can be lead around with sheared grass?

    -Thompson's gazelle: Roughly the size of a goat, one of the fastest examples. Spawns in savanna.

    -Springbok: Very fast, in between a cow and a sheep in terms of size, able to leap great distances. Spawns in savanna and red mesa.

    -Bongo: Beautifully-colored antelope that's more solitary than the others. Spawns in jungles.

    -Blackbuck: Males will attack the player for a fair amount of damage - say, one to one and a half hearts. Spawns in plains.

    -Dorcas gazelle: Fairly small and plentiful, only dropping one or two items, either meat or leather, never both at once. Spawns in savannas.

    -Saiga antelope: Quite stocky, making loud noises. Spawns in extreme hills.

    -Klipspringer: Very tiny, able to climb very well - maybe it can walk up blocks like a spider? Spawns in extreme hills.

    -Grant's gazelle: Spawns in savannas, maybe red mesa biomes. Males can attack like the male blackbucks can.

    -Lechwe: Attacks are about as strong as the blackbuck's. Spawns in swamps.

    -Hartebeest: Fairly large - maybe it can be ridden? Spawns in savannas.

    -Wildebeest: Moves in large herds, often hunted by lions and other predators. Spawns in savannas.

    -Gemsbok: Attacks for 1-3 hearts of damage with each attack. Spawns in savannas and/or red mesas.

    -Blesbock: Spawns in hill biomes.

    -Roan antelope: Spawns in savannas.

    -Dik-diks: Tiny antelope about the size of rabbits. Spawns in savannas and jungles.

    -Sable antelope: Attacks are as strong as a gemsbok's. Spawns in savannas.

    -Giant sable antelope: Can be ridden like a horse after being fed enough wheat to tame it. Spawns in savannas.

    -Addax. Spawns in deserts, males will attack like some of the other antelope will.

    -Scimitar oryx: Spawns in deserts, very rare.

    -Gerenuk: Has a custom animation where it rears up onto its hind legs. Spawns in savannas.

    -Giant eland: Very large, able to attack for 1-3 points of damage. Spawns in savannas. Can be ridden.

    -Greater kudu: Attacks like the giant eland does. Spawns in savannas. Can be ridden.

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    posted a message on Genesis Mod - Prehistoric Dimension

    Have you thought about asking others for help, sir? You could probably get some eager helpers, given how well-made these models are?

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    posted a message on (1.11.2) SquatchFever: SASQUATCH IN MINECRAFT


    I hope that these help for tutorials.

    Also, I have a couple of ideas for new Bigfoot species:

    -Fear Liath Moor: Much paler grey than the Genoskwa, lives in Extreme Hills. Going near it causes intense nausea and blindness, making it easy to fall off a cliff and die; this isn't helped by the creature's insane knockback.

    -Grassman: Much slimmer and smaller than the typical bigfoot and with lighter hair, these spawn in small 'villages' made out of woven grass huts (A new block for the mod). They're also quite aggressive, and a lot faster than a normal Bigfoot.

    -Teh-lma: A tiny reddish-brown yeti a little shorter than the player that can be found in rainforests, with very gibbon-like proportions (i.e. long arms, grasping feet). Very fast climber, tends to flee from players unless cornered.

    -Dzu-teh: A huge, burly quadrupedal yeti with black-brown fur, these big bastards are aggressive, tenacious, and very, very dangerous. They don't take fall damage, allowing them to leap down cliffs to get at their prey, and their attacks inflict slowness to keep you from running.

    -Lockridge Monster: Has large claws and a mouthful of razor-sharp teeth. Frequently attacks livestock, but its fast, hard-hitting attacks will make short work of you as well.

    -Honey Island Swamp Monster: Stands a bit hunched over, but if it stood up straight, it would probably stand taller than the Genoskwa, but as it stands, it's about a head shorter. Muddy grey-brown fur with a hyena-like short mane down the neck and back, digitigrade legs like a dinosaur with alligator-like clawed feet, long arms reaching to the ground that sport talons like an eagle's, and a monstrous head like a hyena mixed with a baboon with exaggerated fangs and sharp teeth that stick out of the mouth like a crocodile's, and slit-pupiled yellow eyes with raised nostrils. It's extremely fast in the water and on land, capable of actually leaping forwards and charging on all fours, it doesn't have as much health as the Genoskwa, but it's got extremely dangerous attacks - its claws and its bite - that can easily kill an unarmored player in just two or three hits.

    -Boggy Creek Monster: Shorter and squatter than the average Bigfoot, but taller than the skunk ape. Fairly aggressive, and uses the roar from The Legend of Boggy Creek as its sounds.

    -Orang mawas: Red fur like an orangutan and a prominent underbite with tusks and snaggled sharpened teeth; spawns in jungles.

    -Quickfoot: Ape-man creature from Britain with glowing green eyes and the ability to move at incredible speeds.

    -True Giant: Utterly massive Sasquatch that stands roughly 20 feet tall (roughly six-seven blocks tall).

    -Albatwitch: Small Bigfoot from Pennsylvania standing about 4 feet tall, with a fondness for apples.

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    posted a message on Mo' Creatures - v12.0.0 for Minecraft 1.12.1!! Now Opensource!!

    Does anyone have a changelog for the latest versions? I've been curious about this for a while now.

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    posted a message on Official Unofficial DrZhark's Mo' Creatures Mob Suggestions v2.0

    It's been a long time, hasn't it? Well, no time like the present to start anew. As of now, I'm bringing this thread back.

    First off, an idea for goats:

    Instead of destroying items when they eat them, they should have a 'digestion' timer - aka how long it takes for that item to be destroyed. Dirt, seeds, and other organic items aren't affected, but metal or diamond materials take quite a while to digest. If you can kill the goat before that timer is up, you can get your stuff back, albeit a bit damaged.

    Second, I would like to submit a two-part suggestion: first off, to have different types of big cats have slightly different stats (Tigers have more health, leopards can climb easier, cheetahs are faster, etc.). And second, I would like to suggest that jaguars be added as part of the big cats. They'd be in between lions and leopards in terms of strength, and mainly found in jungle biomes, as well as very good at swimming. Gotta have your murdercats, man!

    Come to think of it, why not add a couple of extinct cat species? I know just the two for the job:

    -Cave Lion: In between a lion and a tiger in size and strength, these guys live in taiga and tundra biomes, with shaggy brown-and-white coats.

    -Smilodon: Largest of all big cats, even exceeding tigers in size, these tawny giants are big enough for an extra chest to be put on them, and they do extra damage against big animals like elephants and mammoths. Can be crossbred with other cats to make bigger saber-toothed versions of those cats (Including a literal sabretooth tiger)

    In addition, the sabre cats would have a couple of rare species:

    -Shadesaber: Either spawning in the dark forest or made by giving a Smilodon an Essence of Darkness. Charcoal grey in color, these guys are totally silent when they move and can leap great distances to take down prey. They also inflict blindness and, rarely, wither on their prey.

    -Snowsaber: Shaggy cold-dwelling subspecies.

    -Hellsaber: A giant among giants, these titanic predators are the largest and the deadliest of the special sabertooth subspecies. Found in the Nether, their fur is a bloody crimson in color, striped with obsidian black like a tiger. The forelimbs are considerably larger than the hind legs, and a mane of fur runs from the back of the head down to between the shoulders, while a long, thin serpentine tail constantly lashes through the air behind the creature. Anything it hits catches fire, and it's extremely tough, taking no knockback and being immune to fire and wither effects.

    Looks sort of like this in terms of its body plan. (Credit to image goes to McSlackerton on DeviantArt)

    Looks a lot like this in terms of its body plan, but with bulkier forelimbs and darker coloration. (Credit to image goes to McSlackerton)

    Next, some subspecies for crocodiles:

    -Nile crocodile (Current one)

    -Cuban crocodile (Rare, slightly smaller than normal crocodile, more colorful)

    -Saltwater crocodile (Largest crocodile variant, found on beaches and in oceans)

    -Dwarf crocodile (Smallest variant, found in jungles)

    -Freshwater crocodile (Fastest one of them all on land)

    An alligator would also be cool. They'd be darker in color and a bit smaller than regular crocodiles, as well as with a shorter, blunter snout. They'd primarily be found in swamps, but they do have a subspecies: the cave alligator. Pale clammy greyish-white, larger than the average alligator, and with no eyes, these creatures would be hyper-aggressive, with higher health than regular alligators, but being intolerant of light (They flee from it; would need special coding)

    Perhaps as a subspecies, they could have caimans; smaller and less aggressive than regular alligators, they would be found in jungle biomes.

    Also, maybe give crocodiles a proper swimming animation. At the moment, they look really weird when they 'swim'. Ooh, maybe they could leap out of the water to snatch birds?

    But what would crocodiles be without a giant subspecies? Introducing the Ticktock. Rare to the extreme, this gigantic crocodilian is based on the crocodile of the same name from Peter Pan, as well as the real-life giant croc known as Gustave, an immense Nile crocodile that has killed more people than any serial killer in history, and the prehistoric crocodilians Crocodylus anthropophagous and Crocodylus thorbarnarsoni, two gigantic prehistoric crocs that lived alongside -and preyed upon - early humans. One and a half times as large as a saltwater crocodile, this monster reptile has several unique attacks - it can ram with its snout to destroy boats and knock back players, whip its tail to attack those trying to kill it from behind, and chomp away with its massive jaws. When killed, it drops a ton of crocodile leather, the bones and rotting flesh of its prey, and a small fortune's worth of gold nuggets from when it devoured an ancient treasure chest, as well as, rarely, a clock or two.

    The next idea I have is for rhinoceroses. Big, burly animals only exceeded in size by elephants, these savanna herbivores are neutral, but they're also territorial - get too close for too long, and they will charge you. Despite their size, they can move quite quickly, and they don't take knockback. Can be tamed with a shitload of wheat, although young ones can be tamed with apples (Good luck getting it away from momma, though). Once tamed, you can saddle them and put chests on their backs, as well as special coverings for the horns, like with elephants and their tusk armor.

    Three subspecies exist:

    -Jungle rhinoceros: Smaller than the normal rhino, will flee rather than fight, but will attack if cornered. Found in jungles, based on Javan rhinoceros.

    -Durer's rhinoceros: Covered in bony metallic-grey armor, found in extreme hills biomes. Lots more health, lots more damage.

    -Woolly rhinocers: Largest of them all, found in tundra and taiga.

    Next: An idea for werewolves

    There are actually lunar cycles in Minecraft - maybe werewolves could get a strength or speed boost during full moons and a debuff during new moons?

    Also, a note for zebras: Maybe they could spawn in the savanna biome more frequently than regular horses do?

    Next up: Giant slugs!

    You can never have too many giant insects, and the caves need some more cuddly things. The giant slug is there to solve both problems! About the size of a cow, these guys are ridiculously slow, but they're versatile: they can climb walls and even ceilings easily, and their soft bodies mean that they don't take fall damage and they can squeeze through one-block-wide holes. When killed, they drop slugflesh (Gives nausea when eaten raw, but when cooked, it's quite filling), slimeballs, and slime sheets - stick it onto the side or bottom of a block, and you've got essentially an upgraded ladder. Thanks to their sticky bodies, slugs don't need a saddle to be ridden: just right-click on them with a leaf on a stick (Crafted like a carrot on a stick, but with a leaf block or sapling of any kind instead of, well, a carrot) and you're good to go! Going too slow for you? Give the slug a piece of sugar (Maybe a sugar cube?) and its speed increases by 25%, maxing out at about the same speed as a Tier 2 horse (Takes a ton of sugar, obviously.) Also, when you're attacking these guys, there's a low chance that your sword will get stuck in the slug's flesh, wrenching it from your hands. The weapon will drop when the slug is killed, but it can still be very irritating.

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    posted a message on De-Extinction Mod (Dinosaurs, Prehistoric Creatures, Resurrection Biology, and much more!!!)

    How in-depth will the customization be?

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    posted a message on Wild Cryptids and Conspiracies Mod [WIP] java coders needed.

    Many of the images in the first post don't seem to be working.

    Also, could you perhaps add the Snallygaster, the minhocao, the washorive, and the Oklahoma Octopus to the list of cryptids to model?

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    posted a message on [WIP](1.7.10Forge)Fantastic Fish *Alpha V1.4 Avalable!* now with Sharks!*

    Will barracuda and tarpon ever be added? Also, will it be possible to mount the fish you've caught on your wall?

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    posted a message on dom123048's models

    What's the SHFW Mod?

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    posted a message on Eccentric Biomes Mod <~> MC 1.7.10 - [Mod version: 1.7]

    Hey, I just thought of an idea for some vegetation for the Bone Biome:

    Wait for it...

    Spine trees.

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    posted a message on FelineTech, a mod that uses cats for powering engines and weapons

    Hmm, maybe there could be a type of cat whose purrs heal any players nearby?

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    posted a message on De-Extinction Mod (Dinosaurs, Prehistoric Creatures, Resurrection Biology, and much more!!!)

    Will we be able to make weird hybrid dinosaurs out of modern and prehistoric DNA? (Ex. Monitor lizards with horns and spikes, and the almighty Chickenosaur.)

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