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    posted a message on looking to be a Mod/Admin
    what position:Admin/Mod.
    how old are you:9 years old.
    will you stay on the server:yes i will.
    are you good at building post a picture of your best build[Required]:i dont take pics but i build Minecart train stations.
    have you ever been banned:yes but dont know why
    have you ever experianced this position:no i didnt
    do you do good with grammar:yes i do
    can you make plugins:no i dont
    Can you make a website for the server:no, but i can help with it
    A paragragh on why you deserve this position:Im very nice, i will follow orders when told to. People say im nice because i help do an thing the need me to do, I will build minecart train stations when needed. That is why i think i should deserve this position.
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