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    random player here playin the Equivalent Skies modpack on Twitch. It's got Tinkers on it and I've been reading through the Materials and You handbook, and i got a few questions that may or may not have been answered already

    In the "Tool Materials" section, some tool materials listed are duplicates but provide different stats and traits. These include Enderium (Thermal Foundation), Certus Quartz, Fluix Quartz (Applied Energistics 2), Wyvern, Awakened, and Chaotic Draconium (Draconic Evolution), These materials are listed twice in the book, and their respective tools are even slightly different in color.

    The only set that can be obtainable for each affected material seems to be the first one listed. The only way to obtain the 2nd set, at least from what I know, is through creative. And these 2nd sets are really fun. They sport exclusive traits like Portly Gentleman, which you can kidnap mobs with, Blind Bandit, which is some kind of shadow helper summoned through attacking chance, Hail Hydra, which causes random explosions, it just looks all so fun. But I can't get them in survival.

    Why do they exist? Is there a way to get them in survival, or are they just a tease and for creative only?

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