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    Quote from epiclizard99

    It's hard to tell from just the GUI, do you have any more screenshots?

    What screenshot would be good for you to get a good idea?
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    Quote from epiclinkfan101

    First, this belongs in texture discussion.
    I'm afraid I do not recognize the GUI, sorry.

    Damn, ill move this over there. thanks for trying to help.
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    Quote from The_Dizzie

    Its an awesome idea you just dont realize how awesome so imma assume you're dumb because everyone has to like this or they are dumb

    Yea Trolling
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    posted a message on Creeper Originations
    Someone should make an adventure map about this.
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    posted a message on NEW IN PROGRESS CUSTOM MAP! (Legend of Daraila)
    Minecraft name: Giancarlo_O (its o as in Oregon)


    What im good at: Im a great builder.

    Do i have skype: Yes i do.
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    posted a message on The Mineception Project - An Inception Remake
    Minecraft account name: Giancarlo_O
    Job: Set Builder
    What you can do in that job type? Build Sets. :tongue.gif:
    Your time zone: PST
    Do you have Skype? No I don't
    Have you seen Inception? Yes and I loved every second of it.
    Any other thing you can include as well. I can help with some Redstone wiring if you need it.
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    posted a message on [1.5] Kab's Texture Pack Showcase Map (Test Track)
    I sound like an idiot right now, but I cannot find the texture pack testing area. All thats there is the Mob Testing Area. Is the save ****ed up or am I just stupid?
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    The link is broken
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    posted a message on Cant use my own Texture pack?
    Quote from aaman10

    It needs to be saved as a .ZIP

    I tried that. It showed up in the Texture pack section, but it didnt change anything.
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    posted a message on Cant use my own Texture pack?
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    posted a message on CREEPER EMPIRE MOD
    I have an idea, In some kingdoms/villages or whatever, the king creeper is missing his queen. You have to go to the nether and find her, and she will be in a little maze area. If you beat the maze and find the queen, she goes through a portal you build (There is a hidden chest with the 14 pieces of obsidian and a flint and steel) and the portal goes back to that kingdom/village or whatever. And with saving the queen, you earn alot of XP, and 1 in for 4 creepers wont attack you when they notice you. They will just shake their heads and a little text in the lower left hand corner will say that Kingdom or Village's Motto like 'Kings and Queens will not fall on their knees' (I know its bad but you will probably have a better idea.) So there is my idea. You don't have to use it, but i would be cool.
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    posted a message on ▒▒-Texture Pack Ideas!!-▒▒ You Send em I Make em!
    Wood Sword: baseball bat

    Wood Shovel: wood shovel

    Wood Axe: wood Axe

    Wood pickaxe: Wood Pickaxe

    Stone Sword=Frying Pan

    Iron sword=alluminum baseball bat

    Gold Sword= Police baton

    Diamond sword= Chainsaw

    Wood-Iron axes stay axes

    Diamond axe= Battle axe

    Shovels stay shovels

    wood-Iron Picks stay picks

    Diamond pick=Jackhammer

    Hoes stay hoes

    TNT=box of Holy hand grenades

    gunpowder= Holy hand grenades

    Mob spawners= wooden crates with red eyes looking out at you

    leather armor=Leather jacket (like greasers wear),boots (cowboy style),Bandans (Gangster
    Style) Pants (Jeans)

    iron armor= bullet proof vest, iron toed boots, Bandana around mouth and neck (Army issued style) pants ( Jeans with knee plates)

    Gold armor= Tee shirt (any color, mabey blue), sneakers, baseball cap, Khaki shorts

    Diamond armor= Futuristic Chestplate, Futuristic boots, futuristic knee plates (over jeans) Futuristic helmet with visor

    Firestarter= Bic Lighter

    Bow=revolver (No bow animation please)


    mossy cobblestone=bone strewn cobblestone

    Paintings= Grafiti images

    mobs= Zombies (person with brains exposed, emptey eyes.) Creepers (anything that looks good) Skeletons (Police Officer type zombie) Spider (Same) Endermen (A thug type zombie,

    so anything that looks good.) Silver fish (same)



    redstone torches= red flashlights

    Water= reddish tinted water


    sun= a bit more orange

    chests= a footlocker like in fallout new vegas

    cake= pie (any kind)

    Dispenser= Turret

    pork= brain

    Cooked pork= burned brain


    soup= Coke-a-Cola in a cup/glass

    Mushrooms= red and brown weeds

    Mushroom trees= Tall up red and brown weeds

    Grass= reddish tinted

    crops= weeds

    flowers= red and yellow shriveled up flowers.

    ink pounch= squid gut

    bricks/brick blocks= Grey, dirty bricks.

    Bucket= rusty blood spattered bucket.
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