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    This mod has been discontinued and picked back up by another person who WILL finish the project for you guys. We weren't really able to provide what we hoped for with the mod, but we are still working with the new modder to finish the server.
    Check out his thread here.

    The Sword Art Online minecraft mod is a WIP mod that hopes to replicate the SAO anime on minecraft (obviously). We have more sword textures that we will add in soon. The crafting recipes are also experimental, as well as the statistics of the sword.

    Lambient Light
    Guilty Thorn
    Dark Repulser
    Practice Sword
    Azure Flame
    Rusty Longsword
    Rusty Shortsword
    Rusty Rapier
    Demonic Longsword
    Demonic Shortsword

    Knight Sword
    Ivory Dagger
    Tyrant Dragon
    Crystalite Ore (Crystalite Shard)

    Alpha 0.0.3 [Download Here]
    ModLoader [Needs 1.3.1 modloader]

    You can find our update schedule here. This is the main schedule we will be revolving around.
    This will get updated as bug fixes are made and as updates go public. We have with-held some
    of the planned updates for now, so other coders don't take our ideas.

    Development Team:


    Note: The mod will most likely conflict with other mods you may have installed. I would recommend you back up your jar file and world saves before using.

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    Quote from The kid120

    i like to be a staff member make a aplly i can fill it in

    Sorry, but when we're looking for people to be on our staff, we're looking for people to represent our server/community. It would be a bad representation if our staff members cannot speak English properly (even if you are from a country that doesn't use it much). Thanks though.
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    Quote from Nivlaman25

    Seem like you put in alot of work in this...
    I found a site working on an sao mod: http://www.minecraft...rssaoskillsrpg/
    any chance this is related to your mod?

    They ripped us off and I mean "they" cuz its all run by one guy with multiple accounts last time I checked. He is using tekkit and some other weird stuff. He has no idea what he's doing.

    Look at him flaming us:
    Roran234 and Crystalwolf were old members of my mod team.
    Quote from GhostyMcToasty

    We're already going to make skill/ability points. Its going to be nerfed a little from what we currently have, but here's how it works:
    • VIT – Vitality; How much health you have (every 10 points = 1 more HP).
    • SP – Stamina; How many skills you can use within a certain time frame (every 10 points = 1 more SP) (SP is the hunger bar).
    • STR – Strength; how much melee damage you do.
    • WILL – Will; Chances of getting critical hits.
    • DEX – Dexterity; How fast you move
    • RES – Resilience; How fast your stamina and health regenerates. (Health will regen extremely slowly even without this skill)
    • The maximum amount of points that can be put into one stat is 250. Each player gets 5 points per level.
    • Max level is 125. May change in future updates.
    • It is possibly to max out 2 and a half stats, if no points are spent elsewhere
    The stats system is back from when we first made the mod. It hasn't been touched in about 5 months (?) so there is a lot to leave desired. Of course lots of this will change, but still, what do you guys think? Also we had some algorithms for a couple of the stats already:

    (130% is approximation of sprinting speed compared to normal speed. I don't believe it is exact.)

    We actually thought these out, they aren't random jumbles of numbers. We will need to change them since there are probably some errors though.
    So, watcha guys think? :3

    EDIT: Forgot to say: Ignore the HP and SP stuff. We will be using variables for those and not hearts/hunger bars.

    Re-quoting this in case no one checks the previous page.
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    Quote from deathshade2

    why dont you guys make a biome that generates aincraid

    Quote from Tylusae

    Well you should update this mod to 1.4.7 :)

    The code is so outdated, we'd rather start from scratch then update it. If we do, you guys wont be seeing anything for a while.
    Quote from steelra

    Made an account just to post on this thread. XD

    I really love the idea, but until either the full mod comes out, it doesn't use modloader, or it's updated to MC 1.4.7, I'll just continue to creep in the thread. Also not going to post a block of suggestions. I think that would be rather annoying.

    I understand not knowing the code. Failed Java in High School, the only class or computer class I ever failed.

    Two quick thoughts:

    1. SAO references NPCs in the series, although I don't remember seeing any in particular. Do you think you might add NPC Smiths and Chefs and such? Because I really, really, really hate "life skills" in games. Rather just buy my crap from a vendor, then go adventuring.

    2. I noticed you said 5 worlds = 5 floors. All these will be on one server, correct? What if your server contained floor 1-5, then someone else's contained 6-10, and another contained 11-15? Each server could have a password, and the only way to get to the next server would be to complete the final dungeon of the previous server to find the password.

    Just mah brain spewing thoughts out. Really like the idea of the mod, keep up the good work.

    First of all, I love you for playing Mabinogi. I'm on Mari, and don't play much anymore, but its easily one of the best MMOs out there. I've been playing since beta.
    Life skills are essential. You should know this. Go make potions to raise your int or do some weaving to get bonus dex, or even woodcutting for more strength. That's what those are there for in Mabi. It also makes it harder to get rare items, which then sell for more. We will be adding life skills (crafting, cooking, etc). Its part of the fun. And minecraft.
    Secondly, 5 floors on 1 world is not possible. Seeing as each floor has a max of 256 (if I remember correctly) block height, each floor would be squished in, and no room for each tower dungeon.

    I'm glad to see more posts here again :D
    Makes me happy to see people still care <3
    Also, if you read my latest post, we haven't abandoned the project, we're merely on hiatus. We may pick the project back up over the summer or officially cancel it. If we cancel it, its most likely because we're moving on to another mod we may have in the works.
    The mod was very small and wasn't really much to begin with. If the project had grown more over the time it was in active development, we wouldn't think of dropping it. Sadly, the server that we were collaborating with decided to muck up and ruin it all. Without all the work from the world we were going to use, we grew distant from the project.
    Thanks for your concern, but I can't say it will be back :c
    If we can get more coders (1 or 2) then yes, by all means we will start up the project again.

    Also, Mordeth, thanks for being so helpful ;w;
    I just want to +rep everything you post here xD
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    Well guys, gonna start talking about this a little more. We're becomming more adept at java and nearing a point where we might pick back up. If anyone wants to join in or do anything to help, we're open to suggestions. One thing though: We will not, I repeat, not be collaborating with anyone.
    What I mean is, if you want to help, you're part of the team. You listen to how we want to run things. If you make the map, don't leak it or use it for your own purposes, and remember, you're part of the team. You should still listen to how we want to run things. I may sound like an arrogant jerk for being this way, but we had issues with the last server we collaborated with, which ultimately ended in the downfall of this mod.
    If we pick this back up, expect releases to start coming out around summer break. We may work on things in secret until then. If we do happen to pick this back up, we will make sure you're all aware.
    One last thing, if you do happen to want to help, be dedicated. We had a coder who was going to provided custom animations and health/stamina GUI, but he got bored with Minecraft and quit. I don't want to lose any more good members like that.

    With that said, how've you guys been doing? I've been getting sooo many messages about how I need to start this up again and how people want to help me do so. I just want you guys to know, I'm not dead and I am listening. :3
    Glad to see a regular like Mordeth was still posting. How've you been man?

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    Sorry for no replies lately, been busy with stuff.

    Recently the server was whitelisted (for now), because we had some builders (who have made this issue multiple times and warned multiple times) putting other players in creative mode, which has caused in mass griefing. Part of the dungeons was turned into lava (because one of the had OP some how) and we have to rebuild it. We wish we could change around our builders and server staff, but it isn't our server (as the owners are partnered with us on this project), so we'd have to start from scratch to fix these issues.
    My apologies.

    As far as the mod, we have midterms coming up and the new modding API will be out soon. We're holding off for the new API, because we're going to have to re-code the entire mod (although it will be easier), so we don't want to get too much code finished that will be later discarded.
    Thanks for your patience.

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    Someone reposted us on a chinese minecraft forum :D
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    Quote from Mordeth

    I don't know how owning storage spaces (i.e. your own chests/houses) is going to work, but you could effectively "marry" someone and share inventories with that person by allowing access to your item storage. This is assuming that the storage will be similar to what you might see on a normal Minecraft survival server, where you can freely modify ownership and access to doors, chests, signs, etc.

    This would allow people to "marry" without the need for a separate plugin. Also, other people, such as trusted friends and siblings, would be able to share items without the awkward label of "married couple".

    Yeah, it's just surprising to see it close up like that :P I ran around to each of the gates, but I was teleported to spawn when I got too close.

    I'm glad to be of some assistance. I got around to configuring Eclipse and familiarizing myself with the interface (I used NetBeans in the past), so I'll start playing around with modding soon. Hopefully I'll get to the point where I can be useful on the coding team, too.

    Yeah, we have it like that so people can run out and copy our buildings block for block. Sadly not too many people are active with the building at the moment. We're hoping more will log on over the break.

    Quote from Bluewolf1257

    I've been waiting for a reason to get into modding, so as soon as I teach my self the coding for java and stuff, count me in.
    Quote from Mordeth
    I'm glad to be of some assistance. I got around to configuring Eclipse and familiarizing myself with the interface (I used NetBeans in the past), so I'll start playing around with modding soon. Hopefully I'll get to the point where I can be useful on the coding team, too.

    That would be very helpful. Our main coder has been offline for some time now, and we're going to take matters into our own hands, and start pumping out smaller updates again soon.
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    Quote from tabbiner

    silly we do have a mod stop trying to ruin my project or i will report you the mod is a addon to tekkit like how u install x-ray onto tekkit thats another mod that is compatible with tekkit. WE DO HAVE A MOD AND WE HAVE 20 BUILDERS NOW STILL LOOKING FOR MORE THE PROJECT WILL BE RELEASED IN A WEEK TO A MONTH AND IF U GET ON MY NERVES TO MUCH I WILL DESTROY UR SERVER TRUST ME

    Okay, well, you made this post about the mod a couple weeks ago and you said you have a new mod API, mobs, bosses, items, skills, and guild system. How did you do ALL of that AND make a map in 2-3 weeks?
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    Quote from Angry Buckets

    If this is a race my money is on ghosty because they already have a mod with pictures and they post updates this thread has nothing really is here they just said they are gonna make 100 floors. It is impossible to do so and also why would you have bosses that die and are gone for good what about other players that join they won't be able to fight the bosses that is just taking away the fun already. I still have not seen any pictures from this thread. I will still keep watching this but i really think people should just pay attention and actually try to understand how hard it actually would be to make a server from based off SAO.

    Finally, someone who understands.
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