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    I know I'm not an adult, but I'm a teen and I'm very mature, I don't like playing with immature children, last time I did one kid blew up my house. That's why I don't play with immature children. Is there by any chance I can join one of your guy's realms or servers?

    Username is BloodyRipJaw11

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    I added you as friend on Xbox Live, My gamertag is BloodyRipJaw11. BTW: Wndows 10 and MCPE players can play multiplayer togerther because MCPE and MCWIN10 are basicly the same, but I'm a WIN10 player.

    here is a picture of my skin (it's a custom skin I made.)

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    is that even a real acheivement: eating a cookie

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    I play Minecraft windows 10 edition but there some stuff that the console and PC edition already has but Windows 10 doesn't have them. Minecraft Windows 10 edition is missing armour stands, jukeboxes, music discs by C418, banners, fireworks, and the book and quill. Can you plz add an update to where it has everything else that all the other editions have?

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