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    HAYO! Just what I've been looking for! Time to badger the makers of all of my fav mods...
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    A LITTLE bit shitty shitson. Horrible spelling, no depth of character, no real atmosphere, bad map and buildings, horrible or no real puzzle design, it look like I could bang this up in my basement in one day.
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    Gold ain't worth it, though it does have a slightly higher enchant ability. Save it for rails.
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    I think 500 blocks is long enough, just saying.
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    I use diamond drills, who needs pickaxes? IC is awesome.
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    Helpful suggestions and comments invited. I don't appreciate trolling, and at least would would like tactful trolling. I would also like to have someone be an editor. Do not copy, photocopy, or otherwise distribute without my permission.

    I last read this in:Feb 19th, Wednesday, 2012.
    Sorry, I really lost steam. I apologize.

    [size=medium]Yea, I made a banner! [/size]

    These are people who asked to be PMed when new chapters come out.



    It was a strange shrine. Obsidian pillars, lava pouring around it, netherbrick, a hellgate inside; it shouted creepy and evil. A man and a woman crouched inside.
    "This, Steve. Are you sure milord?" A horrible voice silenced him.

    "Silence! He is the one.He is the direct descendant of Him. My brother."

    "And his companions? The girl seems to hold some power."

    The voice ignored him. A lump of gold materialized through the hellgate. “With this gold, craft a mighty sword and strike him down!

    [size=large]Chapter 1 Steve[/size]

    It was a beautiful day in Mine Cart City. Airplanes and airships rumbled. Cats meowed. People debated the virtues of an all steak diet. Steve hurried to catch the minecart. He was almost late for camp! He stumbled over random blocks of dirt and jumped over fences. He tripped over an old tom cat. Finally, he got there.

    “Yo, wassup Steve!” called his friends.

    “Thank Notch, I’m not late. Where’s Birch?”

    Steel looked at Joe. Joe looked at George. George looked at Steel. They cracked up.
    “If you are looking for your girlfriend, she’s right there.”

    Steve turned. “Very funny Flint, you cheeky little bast-. “

    “Attendance!”called his teacher . Nobody remembered his name, and the teacher encouraged that.“ That man is Mr. Bric, and this is Ms. Apple. They are your chaperones! Get into the minecarts, you will have to share! No complaining!”

    Steve jumped into a minecart. Birch walked over to Steve’s minecart and got in. He tried to ignore the half eaten cake inside it, and the fact that Flint was chucking eggs at his head. Soon they were moving, and Flint ran out of eggs.

    “Look, the mountains!”said Birch! “Look!”

    The summer sun made the mountains look like they were on fire. Steve was now quite enjoying the view. Birch shouted many times, at a rock that looked like Notch, a pretty lake, glowing coral under the pretty lake, and many other things. But before long , the novelty wore off, and the minecarts showed no sign of stopping. Night fell. Finally, the minecarts pulled to a stop, with the occupants fast asleep.

    [size=large]Chapter 2 Camp[/size]

    A sword plunged toward Steve. Steve parried, and sliced back. His foe was down, and he sliced it into pieces. Suddenly, it reformed and extended a long bony hand. Steve started vibrating, until his bones themselves felt they would fall apart. Wake up. Wake up!
    “Steve, wake up! Don’t want to miss camp!” said Birch.
    Steve shook the remains of his dream away, and got up. He and Birch were the only ones awake. Grumbling, he took out a hunk of bread and started chewing. Thinking Steve too out of it to notice, Birch ripped the bread out Steve’s hands and ate.

    “Hey, I saw that!”

    “This bread tastes like a zombie made it! Why didn’t you bring better bread? Cheapo..”

    They waited for everyone else to wake. Soon after roll call, they went out of the minecart station.

    Camp looked magnificent. There were beautiful groves of trees everywhere, fabulous long hiking trails, a small lake with a beach, horses, volleyball courts, a gym, caves for spelunking, and a flagpole proudly sporting the flag of Minecraftia. But for some reason, there was only one cabin.

    “Alright! We will be building our own cabins! If you don’t finish by tonight, I hope you brought sleeping bags!”
    A shocked silence reigned over them. “No way!”, yelled Flint.

    “Right, sorry. We will be taking away your sleeping bags and any other personal items. Follow me!”

    They had no choice but to follow.

    [size=large]Chapter 3 The Woods[/size]

    The teacher pulled their stuff out of their hands, and walked over to the lone cabin. He tossed all the bags inside, and locked the door.
    “You will get this back after you have proved you can survive without it. Keep walking!”

    They went into the forest. Soon, they were in the center. And they kept walking.

    “First we will learn the ancient art of tree punching! “

    They stared and muttered about the teacher’s sanity.

    “First we size up the piece of wood. We analyze its weak points. We really get to know the wood. We really be the wood. Then we punch! Don’t stop!”

    “YOU ARE A LUNATIC!”yelled Flint. Though no one dared add a comment, there was a wave of general consensus.

    The tree block cracked and broke with a pop. An item dropped, leaving the rest of the tree hanging in the air. The item bobbed up and down under the tree while the class watched.

    “Kids.”muttered the teacher. “”Don’t even see items anymore. “

    Steve stepped up to try. He punched, and to his expectations, it failed.

    “Wimp!” called Flint.

    This time he imagined the wood was Flint’s face. He was surprised again when it worked.

    His success got the others to try. By noon, only half of everyone got any wood. Steve had 64 pieces.

    “Okay, we will be replanting saplings! If you haven’t noticed, they are the decay products of the leaves.
    I will show you! First, hold the saplings in your hand. Second, focus on the item being in a certain place. Really think and image the sapling being in that position. Imaging the block being there.“

    Nothing happened.

    “Or, you can just stick it onto the ground.”

    Later, most of the saplings were placed.

    “All right, time to build houses! This is very self-explanatory. I will see you tomorrow!”

    With that, the teacher ran off to his nice warm cabin, abandoning his clueless students.

    “Well, let’s get to it.” said Steve.

    [size=large]Chapter 4 Safe as Houses [/size]

    As night fell, they looked at their handiwork. The class split into two groups. One lead by Flint, and one lead by Steve. They made separate houses. Steve’s house rose up two stories, with a sort of crude staircase. It was made of planks of wood and even had a balcony as well as a foyer. Thanks to Flint’s little pranks, Steve got the idea to punch in windows. It looked grand. Flint’s house was a mess of quickly thrown- together chunks of wood, and it looked as if it might collapse any minute.

    “Steve, what are you doing?” Birch’s pretty face looked at Steve’s handiwork.

    “This is a workbench. I’m going to try to make some axes with it.” Steve put stuff together. All he got for his trouble was a bunch of sticks. He stuck a plank of wood onto some sticks. The result was a shovel. He stuck two planks of wood. He ended up with some sort of scythe. He tried again. This time he ended up with a stupid pickaxe. He gave up.

    Birch picked up the pieces. She made an axe, just like that.

    “Right I forgot. Your dad and your mom are both engineers, correct?”said Steve.

    “Yup.”replied Birch.

    They started on a ridiculously nerdy discussion about the automatic stone brick factory her dad ran.

    “Hey, did somebody figure out how to start a fire? I think I smell something.”

    ` Birch glanced around. The people assigned to start a fire were playing bumper boys/girls. Of course, somebody was already on the ground crying. The “fireplace” was just a hole in the ground surrounded by dirt. But she also smelled something. They went outside to check.

    “Was that a giant spider behind that tree Steve?”

    Steve did not reply. The house was on fire, and the guilty flint and steel was right in front of them. He tried to rush into house, but the fire had been set all around, and there was no access point. Steve and Birch tried to bat out the fire, but he had to concede defeat after they caught fire. They watched in horror as the house burned. Occasionally another flaming figure escaped the house. They were weak, oh so weak, and they simply could not stay aware.

    [size=large]Chapter 5 Night Run[/size]

    Steve wasn’t exactly asleep. His body was resting, but he was awake. He couldn’t muster the strength to get up, so he lay there. He thought back over the day. Flint had played numerous pranks, but burning the house? That wasn’t Flint. Flint was too chicken for that. Alright, he had knocked numerous holes into the house, but setting it on fire?

    “AHHHHHHH!” A scream rose Steve abruptly. When he saw the cause, he nearly screamed too. A zombie was gouging at someone’s head. It was a sight that would haunt him for the rest of his life. The boy’s screams pierced the night as he struggled to get the zombie off him. Steve rushed the zombie and knocked it back. Steve knew that in his exhausted state there was no way he could fend off the zombie, and he started yelling.

    “GET UP GET UP NOW! THERE IS A ZOMBIE TRYING TO EAT OUR BRAINS!” Steve hoisted Birch onto his back and ran at a breakneck speed. Birch was now wide eyed, and her hair was sticking out like a Fir tree.

    “What’s happening!”asked Birch. Steve didn’t reply. He scrambled up a tree. He set her down.

    “I don’t know what’s happening Birch. Zombies are attacking! Do you think we will be safe up here.?”

    Birch thought for a moment, and tried to block up the screams of those who could climb fast enough. “Yeah, the zombies can’t reach us here. We’re safe.”

    As if just to prove her wrong, an arrow came up and lodged between them. They looked at each other for a moment. Their fear was mirrored in each other’s eyes. They jumped.

    Not to the ground, that would have been suicide. They jumped to another tree. Then another. Then another. Anything to escape the horrors behind them. They fearfully huddled on top of a tree until morning. It was impossible to ignore the horror of noise coming from below. Rest deserted them, and they prayed to die quickly.

    [size=large]Chapter Six Aftermath[/size]

    The sun rose. It was almost odd how such a normal thing could still occur after such bloodshed. But the sun floated gently upward, oblivious to the bloodshed that had happened below. Somewhere else, people were marveling at the beauty of the sun while they lay, torn asunder. This didn’t escape Birch as she looked at the sun. She looked over at Steve. Steve was trying to hide his emotions, but she knew. Steve was afraid.

    When Steve spoke, he utterly failed to keep the emotion out of his voice. “We should round up the others. If there are anyone left...” Steve found it too painful to remember.

    They got up and climbed out of the tree. When they touched the ground, they heard a strange moaning noise. A burning zombie jumped out at them from behind a tree. Without thinking Steve rushed out at it and punched it. To his surprise the thing died.

    “Who set it on fire? asked Birch.

    “What set it on fire? asked Steve.

    “The sun did.”

    Steve and Birch spun around.

    “George! Joe! Steel! What happened to the others!”

    “I don’t know, but we have to find them.”

    They searched the forest. Only about 25 people made it, the rest had all been killed by the beasts. But what had happened to Flint?

    “Hello! What happened to you guys? Look like a living nightmare!” cracked Flint.

    They barely managed to avoid killing Flint.

    “WHERE THE HELL WERE YOU!”the less restrained people yelled.

    “Well, I snuck out of my house at night, climbed a tree and fell asleep. Again, what happened to you guys?” replied Flint.

    One from Flint’s team spoke. “There was some sort of green creature without arms. It looked sad. I peeked out at it. The bloody thing exploded! It let strange creatures, no, abominations in. A zombie ate Pine. We didn’t all manage to escape.”

    Pine was someone Steve had never really talked to much. How many others had died, how many where still out? He spoke. “Somebody set our house on fire. We staggered out and went on the grass. I woke up to find a zombie eating somebody. I yelled, and escaped into the trees. We need to find the teacher.”

    This was painfully obvious to all of them.

    “How are we going to get there? We are going to get slaughtered, and we don’t even know which way it is!” exclaimed Steel.

    An awful silence dropped upon them.

    [size=large]Chapter 8 Only one path[/size]

    They had finally reached breaking point. The claustrophobia had over whelmed them. They had dug out into the ground in hopes of safety, but the cramped space was driving them slowly insane. They had dutifully kept ashes of the house burning, in hopes that the smoke would make them more visible. They had begun to lose hope. Only Steve and Birch went over to gather food for a signal anymore, and the pathetic attempts at making “The Dugout” more livable were abandoned.

    Steve and Birch spoke simultaneously. “We need to get out of here.”

    They blinked. “But how? Notch knows how far home is….. and we can’t even we see to the camp! We would need to be at the sky limit! We would have to climb a mountain!” They finally understood.

    They left without telling anyone. There would be no point in raising the hopes of the people for no good reason. On the unfortunate journey to this Notch-forsaken place, they had spotted beautiful mountains. There certainly were more somewhere in this area. They simply grabbed as much supplies as they could, since they could be gone for a long time. They prepared for as long as they could, but they were simply stalling.

    They went the way the clouds were moving, endlessly trudging over the endless land. Through the forest they went.

    “Birch, is that a desert?” asked Steve.

    They had already crossed an entire forest, and night was beginning to fall. It was too late to turn back, and the only way was forward.

    “Yes, they had to be a stupid desert right in our way! And it doesn’t feel right…….”
    They went on anyway. Nothing but cacti. Green cacti. Green moving cacti.

    Birch stopped.

    “Look, it’s a chicken! Lets follow it!”

    Without looking behind, Birch ran after the chicken. Steve sighed.

    “She never changes.” With a smile on his face, Steve followed.

    The chicken waddled away, with the two humans in pursuit.

    Deleted Chapter

    [[size="5"]Chapter 2 Fire!

    Steve woke to a strange smell. Barbecue? No. Bonfire? No. He suddenly sat up. Fire! He was in a minecart station, and there was a fire! He picked Birch up and carried her out of the minecart. Just then he remembered.

    “Um, sorry Birch. I thought there was a fire, but I guess it was just the mine cart furnaces.”

    “What? But the furnaces aren’t on. The mine carts use powered rails.”

    Steve looked around again. The station was made out of wood. But there was a crackling noise, and it still smelled like smoke.

    “What genius made this out of wood? There could be a spark or something. And if not fire, then what am I smelling?”

    Steve went outside. The station was a wood hut. More importantly, it was on fire.
    “Move! The station is on fire! MOVE!” Steve rushed in and carried Birch
    outside. By then the fire made it impossible to get in. It was impossible not to hear the screams of those trapped. Far too few people crawled out. They sat down and warmed their hands. That was all they could do.

    Music to write to
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    Remove people that think that adding features removes space for other features. Really. Somethings are useless in our gaming styles, but it is a don't want don't use thing. I have no need to remove anything. Except all the bugs.
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    I used to be scared like you..... until I figured out I could pretty much just own them all with no armour, a stone sword, and on hard mode.
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    In my opinion, griefers can all go to the nether and watch visions of diamonds eternally fall into lava. Hey, it's just a game right? Like if somebody smashes that guitar you made yourself, or burns your art that you took hours to make, or torches a little kids toy cars? People have worked for hours to build things, and you don't give a dam and destroy it. Once my friend thought it was funny and broke a snow heart I made. Right now I still refuse to talk to him.
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    Them putting in a billion more biomes and blocks....
    This is a sandbox you know.
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