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    Quote from eiche_brutal»

    TNT defenitly is not unnecessary. It's the first item that comes into your mind when you hear the word grief.

    Wether you like griefing or not, this item is very important to many minecraft players.

    Lanterns are nice to look at and you can attach them under a block.

    Rotten Flesh can safe your life. The poisonous potato would have been a better example.

    Heart of the sea is uneccesary? Why is that? Was the Aquatic update unecessary too? Why isn't the beacon uneccessary?

    Sponge I agree. But only becouse i don't like to use them. On larger scales redstone machines are the better choice.

    Nah i love sponges for getting rid of water where i dont want it to be at like huge lakes n such

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    posted a message on Giving the wandering trader quest

    Idea Description

    Imagine getting biome exploration maps from the cartographer in your village, giving one of them to the wandering trader, and after a few Minecraft days or Minecraft weeks, the wandering trader comes back the village near the bell with various items from that specific biome! This would allow the player to get resources more easily from absurdly rare biomes and from new biome updates that likely will be extremely far from your Minecraft base in a post update Minecraft world.

    Why I Think This is a Good Idea

    It's Still Balanced!

    I think a concern for many would be that the wandering trader may replace the player's desire to go out and explore. The reason I disagree with this is because of the time it could take for the trader to return. If the trader say's they will return in 3 weeks, you may want to still go out and explore yourself to make sure you need the trader to go that far out for so long. There is also the problem of cost. The trader will always charge you emeralds for their goods whereas if you were to find the biome yourself, you could get those resources for free!

    The goal for this idea is for you to still want to explore your world, but not have to travel 10,000 blocks, create 100 Minecraft worlds, or wait for the wandering trader to return 1,000,000 times just for you to find a block from the Mushroom island. I doubt the developers want you to go through that much trouble for a rare island, I'm sure they'd want you to eventually find it BUT in the case that you cant, this allows for the developers to decide when you have waited long enough!

    no more unfairness due to randomization!

    Upvote if you like this idea, and share your thoughts on if you like it or not
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    Yes i think beds are too overpowered. If players want to avoid the dangers of the game they should play on easy or peaceful. I think the bed should require much more for the player to sleep

    For one i think when you break it, you shouldnt be able to get the whole bed back, just a few pieces of wood or wool.

    i also think the normal bed shouldnt let you sleep the whole night, there should be a harder to craft bed that can do that. Think bookshelf type of crafting where you have to craft the books then then the shelf. This bed would require you to craft the mattress, frame, pillows, etc before you can use it. Breaking it would not give you all your resources back too

    Its true tht players should be able to play minecraft how they desire but i think some form of competition amongst players should stay true for those who like doing it through surviving. Beds takeaway a lot from the experience

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    posted a message on better enchanting and make more useful than villger trading

    It does need an update

    Honestly, the mechanics need to be switched. Villagers should give you a random enchantment per book you buy, and they shouldnt start off giving you the most powerful enchantments so easily

    While enchantment tables should be able to eventually give you access to all the enchantments in the game. They could do it by having the player find hidden books (a new exploration idea) and adding them to your library bookshelf (a new function for bookshelfs) to give the table more enchaments tht will always be available to you.

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    posted a message on Add Soup Cauldron and more soups!

    This idea souns like a load of fun! They need to see this!

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    posted a message on What if beacons could color the sky, and conduits could color the water?

    Since the wither seems to be able to change the color of the sky effortlessly, i thought my idea should work like this:

    Beacons: Place two blocks of glass that are the same color in order to change the sky to that color, within the range of the beacon buff.

    Conduits: Encase the conduit in a 7 by 7 by 7 cube made of glass with a color that you want your water to be. This will change the color of the water within range of the conduit's buff.

    In the Nether: Becons will change the color of the fog rather than the sky

    Why is this a good idea for minecraft?

    Aside from survive, loads of players love to build, and this feature could allow players to make their build look even better!

    But what do you guys think?

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    posted a message on More glass type building blocks

    Sounds alright, im especially down with glass slabs

    But you know what i want? Glass thats meant to not have a dumb frame around it.

    I dont understand why it has a frame around it. It makes every build look worst 9 times out of 10, for no reason

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    posted a message on Make water music less common (or not play in rivers or non-ocean water bodies)

    It's poor design choice because water music is meant for when you spend significant time in water, not when you step in a puddle and then back out. I could say more but it's just giving examples. Imagine if you went in a Nether portal by accident, or to grab a sword or something, and came back into the Overworld, and Nether music kept on playing instead of Overworld music.


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    Quote from calvertse»

    Do you think worn tools should work in the de-crafter? If so, how exactly?

    I dont think it should, but if did id only give the player half of the items required to build it, if not a quarter

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    Quote from c2troy4»

    sounds like a cool idea, i just don't know how that would play out in game.

    Right, i heard on some youtube video that one of the minecraft developers tried to make a tameable "humanoid" mob along time ago, but the dev later abandoned the mob (the mob was a pig like the piglins). So i tried to see of i could come up with some reason for why a piglin in the nether would not only treat you as one of there own, but is also willing to defend you.

    Quote from Chafipe»

    That's more like over defensiveness than proper hostility to me. Piglins refrain from attacking so long as they see you as one of their own (as if one adopts their culture by wearing golden stuff), but are hostile towards pillagers and suspicious strangers.

    Maybe I'm being misled by their oddly amiable design (come on, those flapping ears are adorable), hahaha! That's just my impression of them.

    Maybe, and yea personal impressions is one of the things i love about minecraft, as you can sort of make your own story out of it. For example, you get to decide if your main character in your world wore armor when he defeated the ender dragon, or you get decide the setting of where your main character lived.

    In my world im using a wintercraft texture pack, and i pretend as though im a god that had been woken up in crater of ice (i built a crater at my spawn point). The land became a little colder than usual around the time that i awakened. My character has an intense liking for all things living in colder temperatures and has them as pets through out his home. His primary favorite animal is a wolf, and he keeps it by his side.

    I have personal explanations for evil mobs, the design of animals, and etc in my world too. All written in books (the in game diary thing) in a library that i created. I even have a book that tells the story of the things my character experienced in the world as i progressed through goals.

    Quote from headgames001»

    It's an interesting idea, and I would certainly like for there to be a piglin chief mini boss, but I think having every single guard wear a full suit of gold armor would just make them all look spammy when they all swarm you. Make they all have 1 random armor piece missing, at the very least.

    Yea true, that certainly might look better.

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