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    Use them with ender pearls to make something epic.
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    I like the Nether more cause it doesn't have faggish birds everywhere. In fact, I thing Mincraft's sky dimension is better than the Aether. Let's face it, the mods totally destroyed Grey Acuman's version of the Aether.
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    posted a message on Minecraft 1.8 New Mob Silverfish In-Game (Fanmade)
    You should release this as a mod, like how people are making endermen mods.

    Unlike many others I like the idea of silver fish. Wood wouldn't be a good building material as there would be these and lightning.
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    Ever make a portal and get disappointed with the spot it places you? Well there is a way to reset your entire Nether completely! Or want to get a mod that upgrades The Nether but can't because you already have an old one? Well this technique allows you to make a fresh new Nether.

    WARNING: Make sure you are not in The Nether when you do this!

    Here is a step by step process on how to reset your Nether
    1.Go to your minecraft. file
    2.Open the saves folder
    3.Open the file that contains the world that as The Nether you want to reset
    4.Delete the DIM-1
    5.Make a portal and enter and it will transfer you to to a fresh Nether
    6.Have fun in your new Hell

    Why it works!
    The DIM-1 file contains all of the Nether world data. Deleting it makes your game make a fresh new one .

    Can I restore my old Nether?
    Only if you make a back up.
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