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    With bonemeal and either twisting or weeping vines you can make ladders either up or down to areas you want to get to. These blocks just became one of the most useful blocks in the game because of this.

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    There should be some kind of helmet enchantment you can get from piglins called lava sight. It would allow you to see the shape of the environment in lava and slightly decrease lava fog (allows 3 blocks of true sight).

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    My problem with keeping both blazes and wither skeletons fort exclusive is how annoyingly uncommon they are within said structures. You run around hallways searching for these guys and the stupid skeletons already have low skull drop rates. Putting them in the other biomes as uncommon (or rare since there is more spawning area) is a good idea.

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    That new biome is amazing. I do have on criticism about it and that's that it only has magma cubes spawning there. There's actually a few of the biomes that really lack any nice mob variety. Right now the biomes with the most mob variety are the crimson forest and nether wastes.

    • Nether Wastes: Zombie Piglins, Ghasts(uncommon), Magma Cubes(rare), Piglins(rare), Endermen(very rare)
    • Crimson Forest: Piglins, Hoglins, Zombie Piglins
    • Warped Forest: Endermen
    • Soulsand Valley: Skeletons, Ghasts
    • Basalt Delta: Magma Cubes

    Non-biome specific spawns:

    • Nether Fort Specific: Wither Skeletons, Skeletons, Blazes, Magma Cubes
    • Lava Ocean: Striders

    I feel like since the striders like warped fungus then they should live there in small lava lakes that would generate in the biome. They are passive so the biome would retain its peacefulness while adding some variety to the biome. Perhaps they could even spawn outside of lakes indicating that they are willing to get cold if it means getting some delicious warped goodies.

    Blazes should definitely be an uncommon spawn in the basalt deltas. As beings of fire it would make sense for them to live in a biome focused on magma and ash. Ghasts should be here too as it's a bit odd that the Nether's primary flying denizens don't visit more biomes. The place really feels like it need to be more hostile as magma cubes are borderline harmless (although the vertical nature of the biome is easy for them to traverse which is great thinking on Mojang's side).

    I feel like Zoglins should have a spot in the Nether wastes despite that biome being so heavily populated already. Besides the Zombie Piglins; most of the other mobs that spawn there are rare occurrences. The biome feels like its a place of exile for the zombified pigs so Zoglins would fit right in as uncommon spawns. Perhaps put zombie piglins on their ignore list so that there isn't constant carnage but that would also be an interesting aspect of the biome. I also want them to spawn here as they currently don't spawn anywhere (the reason of them not spawning since they are zombified by being in the overworld is not an excuse because I see plenty of zombie piglins spawning in the the Nether). This biome should also be more common than it currently is. It's very iconic and it would be sad to see it fall into obscurity.

    Soulsand Valley needs something that isn't shooting at you on a constant basis. I understand that the place is supposed to be one of the most hostile biomes in the game but to have everything shooting at you is annoying. Make some kind of nether arthropod (that's not a stupid spider or silverfish reskin) that lives there. Perhaps a scorpion that ignores the slowing effects of soulsand (also immune to soul fire but not normal fire). Also make wither skeletons a rare spawn here. It makes no sense that they don't already spawn in this biome.

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    I am really liking the new content that was not initially revealed. Soul speed, striders, and zoglins are all welcome additions. I do think zoglins should have a chance at spawning in the Nether wastes biome as that is also home to a large amount of zombie piglins. I think the only mob they should not attack are the zombie piglins (and creepers but that is already the case).

    I feel like there should be a warped variant to nether warts since nether warts can make the nether wart block. Nether warts should be renamed to crimson warts. Perhaps they would be an alternative potion base or used for something new. It would be slightly interesting to see a second Nether crop.

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    The striders are great and a more creative approach for lava based transportation. Them dropping string is fine. Their main use is transportation; not harvesting. Now we just need a method of getting slime balls so that we can make leads in the Nether. Perhaps the piglins could help us out.

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    It is rather odd. Considering how 1.15 stabilized the game and 1.16 has already fixed 50+ bugs I do not understand what is going to take so long if 95% of what we currently have is all we are getting. Piglin bartering could use some work and perhaps the spawn rates of the new biomes should be adjusted (ghasts in soulsand valley and endermen in warped forests are a bit high).

    Also I think that blazes should spawn in Nether Wastes to make them a little more interesting. I also think that there should be some kind of warped equivalent of nether warts (perhaps rename nether warts to crimson warts?) that would act as an alternative base for potions that could grant different or even mixed effects. Also blue nether bricks please.

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    This is a bit of a collaborative effort. Both MR_Creep111 and myself (as well as a few other contributors) have made efforts to update this pack. A discord group would make things easier for collaboration. I will make a few updates to the GUI within this Wed-Fri as I have a few days off then.

    Quote from BoogaLechuga»

    Hi, long time painterly pack fan here. I noticed your downloadable 'updated' pack, wasn't actually updated to new resource pack formats, so I start work updating my own personal pack. Is there a git-hub or something you guys are working on updating this through?

    Yeah, I noticed a few things broke when updating to 1.15. I will look into these soon as well.
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    Right now the smithing table is only used to give villagers the tool smith job. It has no functional use to the player right now, but 1.16 is has introduced the very item that could give the smithing table a use: netherite. Right now netherite tools are crafted simply by combining the whole tool with a single netherite ingot. Enchantments are lost and the process just seems crude. What if we used the smithing table instead?

    There would be three slots on the GUI: the tool slot, the material slot and the product slot. The material slot is above the item slot and is where the netherite would be placed. The item slot is where the tool or armor is placed. The product slot shows what item will be created. The smithing table can also preserve enchantments, but it comes at a potentially heavy level cost. Don't worry about it too much if your items are unechanted or have some enchantments, but if you have a diamond sword that has sharpness 5, knock back 2, fire aspect 2, sweeping edge 3, unbreaking 3 and mending then it will cost you a fortune to upgrade your item. The level cost would likely max out at 30-35 levels, given the strength of netherite tools this is a reasonable cost in my opinion. The level count is not required to upgrade but not meeting the required number of levels will result in some enchantments getting down graded or some even removed depending on how far you fall short. Say you only have half the required levels to upgrade that sword. You may end up with a sharpness 3, knockback 1, fire aspect 1, sweeping edge 1, unbreaking 2 netherite sword.

    Below is a concept image on how upgrading a normal tool would look:

    Please check out and vote for this suggestion on the official Minecraft feedback website. It will help this idea get noticed by Mojang.

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    posted a message on Painterly Pack Continuation Project [Fan Patch] [REVIVED]

    Some time ago, Rhodox, the creator of the famous Painterly Pack announced that he probably won't have time to dedicate towards the Painterly Pack. Is this the end? Fortunately it is not. Together we fans will continue the Painterly pack to the best of our abilities. Here you can find a download link below for the current version of the Painterly Continuation Patch.


    As of now, the patch is compatible with Minecraft 1.15. Here are preview pictures in order of Minecraft versions.





    Needed Textures

    These Textures are currently still default textures

    • Glazed Terracotta Block
    • Panda
    • Dolphin
    • Some Villager Professions
    • Villager Locations

    Download and Installation

    Here is the download link to the patch.

    The patch is compatible with all packs made with the current Painterly Pack customizer. Customize yours to your liking here.

    To install the patch:

    1. Download the pack file
    2. Take the file and drag it into your resource pack folder
    3. Open Minecraft and go to the resource pack options
    4. Move the patch into the active resource pack side along side your Painterly Pack
    5. Make sure the patch is at the top of the list so that it overrides any incompatible textures your current Painterly Pack may have
    6. Continue enjoying the beauty of the Painterly Pack in Minecraft Version 1.15

    Alternatively you can download my own personal Painterly Pack. It has a few modifications I added myself (just be sure to use the patch with it as well). It's for those who like a realistic texture packs but like to keep it close to the vanilla feel. You can download it here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/8ayvakx6lbpn9dr/GerbilCrab%27s%20Painterly%20Pack.zip?dl=0

    (Direct link is failing, copy and paste it into your url bar.)


    10/5/2016: Added llama decor, modified llama and polar bear skins, added command and structure blocks, fixed horse and shulker box inventories, tweaked a few textures.


    Patch - Changed the nether wart block texture to fit the vanilla theme more. More alternate textures have been added. Find them in the assets/alternates folder.

    Pack - Added biome colored water and ctm stained glass.


    Pack - Added random mobs support. Watch out for camouflaged creepers!

    1/15/2017: Added 1.11.2 stuff

    2/26/2017: Fixed patch download link. Added some textures for future 1.12.

    6/5/2017: Fixed GUI stuff. Patch now supports almost all of 1.12's features.

    6/12/2017: Added parrot support.

    10/19/2017: Updated concrete. Minor changes for 1.12.2.

    11/22/2019: Updated ~90% of the patch to cover 1.13-1.15

    12/4/2019: Berry bushes and foxes added.

    Textures currently edited/made by:





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