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    posted a message on Looking for Vanilla Survival Server
    I'm looking for a small(20 or less player) server with a community of players. If you have something for me let me know. :]
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    posted a message on [1.7.8] YouCraft [100%Vallina] [Whitelist] [Youtube] [24/7]
    What is your IGN (username)?:GeneralPolaris
    What is your YouTube channel?:GeneralPolaris
    How old are you?:19
    Why do you want to join?:Looking to get back into minecraft and youtube sounds fun
    What is you favorite part about minecraft?:building is always fun but I love community and playing with others the best.
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    posted a message on ► ► ► Minecraft Realms Server [UHC] ◄◄
    In-game name: GeneralPolaris
    Country/Timezone:US Central Standard Time
    What are your strong areas: (Redstone, Building, PvP etc) I am good at all aspects of the game but find I like building a lot more than other parts.
    What are your weak areas: I have a general dislike for PVP
    Why do you want to join PB Craft: I like small whitelisted servers since they seem to have the best communities and have fun people to hang out with.
    Do you agree to the rules? Of course
    Optional Information:My favorite in game block is the mossy cobble
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    posted a message on New WhiteListed Server - NerdCraft [Whitelisted] [14+]
    How Old Are you?
    What is you Ign?
    How Long have you played minecraft?
    Since Beta 1.5
    What areas are you most good at in minecraft?
    I've played for a long time and have done very well in all areas from building to redstone.
    Do you have skype If so please Specify?
    Why do you think you would make a great member in NerdCraft?
    I'm looking to get back into minecraft after a while of not playing. Small servers are great communities and I feel like it'd be fun
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    posted a message on Minecraft Build Empire
    Alright so I've been working on a new server that revolves around building settlements and towns. I don't see a lot of survival building but here goes one for you guys.

    IP For You

    The Minecraft Build Empire Server is a survival server based around building! The server runs on Craftbukkit allowing for maximum protection of your property and items with plugins such as WorldGuard, LWC, Coreprotect, and many more plugins. This server also has several plugins to make gathering materials less of a nuisance by providing and economy system and shops to by materials you need for building. The server will also include the ability to create you're own towns and settlements through Towny.

    Here is a link to our PMC

    Rules of course
    Server Rules
    1)Respect All Players
    -More people make the game more fun to play
    -Do not bully or harass other players
    -Causing a player to quit will get you banned

    2)Follow Building Guidelines
    -Do not build purposeless towers or holes
    -Do not build next to other's builds without permission
    -Do not build next to spawn or other server property without permission

    3)Use Chat Appropriately
    -Do not speak in all caps
    -Do not use vulgar language extensively
    -Spamming of any kind is not allowed

    4)Participate In PVP Appropriately
    -Logging off during PVP is not allowed
    -Spawn killing and camping is not allowed
    -PVP is enabled throughout most of the world

    5)Respect All Staff
    -Do not interfere with staff responsibilities and jobs
    -Do not submit fake reports to staff
    -Do not ask Mods/Admins to Op you, spawn items, change time/weather, or teleport you

    6)No Hacking
    -Using xray, flying, or speed hacks is not allowed
    -Using a hacked client or cheat client is not allowed
    -Accepting or Tolerating someone you know is hacking is not allowed

    7)No Griefing
    -You may not place or destroy blocks to deface player or server property

    8)No Exploiting
    -Report any exploits you may find to [email protected]
    -Do not tolerate anyone who is exploiting

    9)No Advertising
    -Advertising other servers is strictly forbidden and will get you banned
    -You may not advertise your youtube, twitter, or website without permission
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    posted a message on Infinity Tower
    Floor 202 has a huge hole in the floor, but rather than falling into floor 201 you some how fall into the floor above.
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    posted a message on annoying error
    Problem is to do with the server where ever it is hosted. Either it shut down or you are disconnecting. Might be your internet connectivity.
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    posted a message on Please help a 5th grade teacher bring MC to kids
    Quote from Survivzor

    For lager scale world/buildings copy/paste there are two main ones that spring to mind. MCEdit (standalone world editor) and WorldEdit (bukkit plugin for ingame editing)

    Both will take a while to become proficient with, but are extremely powerful.
    I dont know if either support 1.7 yet though.

    Happy Crafting!

    MCEdit is compatible with 1.7 but I've only used World Edit as a craftbukkit plugin but the development build for 1.7 hasnt come out as of yet.
    Also if you need help with building I can send you some schematics if you choose to use MCEdit or a world file if you plan on using World Edit with multiple worlds.
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    posted a message on What would you do if you woke up with the person above you ?
    *Picks up phone calls friend*
    "I'm not sure what it is but there is something in my bed" -me
    "Dude I'm trying to sleep" -friend
    "I'm serious do I call the police or something?" -me
    "Hey man can you talk out in the hall I'm still tired" -Xerneas
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    posted a message on Fall Damage 2.0 [Pure Vanilla] [24/7] [Mature 16+] [Whitelisted] [Survival] [1.7.2] [Strict Entry] [18/32 Spots Filled]
    Quote from diaster2k

    Part of your app is missing. But to answer your question: Ask anyone on the server, I don't break my own rules ;) Pure vanilla is one of the main reasons I started this server in the first place.

    Oh yeah the proof forgot about that. Brown. I love it used to be orange but now its brown. Sphaghetti obviously is the best food. Sorry I might have zoned out while reading it or something. I'm not really sure it was late then and its late now. But thanks for not straight away turning me down.
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    posted a message on Fall Damage 2.0 [Pure Vanilla] [24/7] [Mature 16+] [Whitelisted] [Survival] [1.7.2] [Strict Entry] [18/32 Spots Filled]
    IGN - GeneralPolaris

    Age - 18

    Gender - Male

    Skype - k.vasquez1995

    Country - USA

    Tell a bit about yourself - Howdy! My name is Kevin Vasquez. I was born in Houston, Texas and am currently attending Texas A&M University. I've been playing minecraft since the beta days when I was in highschool. I'm an Aerospace Engineering Major and love science, space, space flight, astronomy, and physics. I also love doing stuff in nature such as camping and hiking which I did more durring highschool and hope I can get back into it in the future. During my time in highschool I was the commander of my JROTC unit and set some records for our unit. I was the only Junior to have the leadership position over the entire unit. We recieved many awards and recieved an Outstanding Unit reward. I am mentioning this because its one of the things I am most proud of. I am glad that I was seen as a great leader.

    How long have you been playing minecraft? - I have been playing since Minecraft 1.6 Beta making that about since 2011.

    Have you ever been banned? If so, justify it - No.

    Have you played on any other servers and why did you stop? - I have played on many servers. Then I stopped because I ran a server for 8 months before shutting it down. I am however restarting it and am currently working on the other server. I have several loyal fans of my server and am really glad that they are happy it is returning.

    Why would you like to join the server? - You may be wondering why I would want to join if I seem so busy with this other server. Well as fun as being in creative and building amazing builds is I also like the aspects to survival in minecraft. I love surviving and building and gathering the resources to build. You cant really do that when you're the admin of a server where you're in creative.

    What is your forte in minecraft? - I am great at building since I've had so much practice with building for my server. I am good at redstone since I've been around since a long time and have been experimenting with it since. I am good at management when it comes to servers.

    How often will you be online? - I can't promise to be on everyday. Of course I got stuff to work on and exams and classes that I have to go to but I will most likely be on whenever I see a windo of free time.

    Any questions? - Many times I see people advertise pure vanilla just to get on and see that the owner is in creative or it is actually a bukkit server with several plugins. How true are you staying to your word of pure vanilla?

    Additional info - Servers I played on: KingdomCraft, Empire Craft, Age Of Kingdoms(which was actually modeled after one of my servers), and Dozens of Vanilla servers.Servers I owned: Age of Conquest(ran 8 months over 1000 players to ever connect), World Genesis(currently in development)

    Edit: Just reading through some applications posted here. OMG if you add Raz0r17 there is going to be quite a rivalry :P . Of course I mean a friendly rivalry but a rivalry none the less.
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    posted a message on What would you do if you woke up with the person above you ?
    Awwww Yissss. Making baby dragons!
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    posted a message on Time to kick the Bukkit?
    I can see the Dev Bukkit team taking a while to get a stable build out but besides that I dont think most plugins will have any type of incompatibility unless they have specific ties to terrain generation which I dont think many do. Small changes like adding blocks and items to lists for plugins will probably only take a day or two after the build comes out if the developer is on top of things. I know large plugins like world edit will probably have there stuff together well enough to easily be ready nearly immediately after the release of the Bukkit build. The longest part of this all is probably just the Dev Bukkit team getting a build together.
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    posted a message on Please help a 5th grade teacher bring MC to kids
    I wish you luck on this sir. I'm leaving a response here so I can hopefully help out in the future. I've ran servers for over a year if you need help with configuring anything or troubleshooting any problems especially when it comes to bukkit I'll gladly give a hand. Again I wish you luck and hope I will be able to help.
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