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    I had similar issues with getting the command blocks to work before the new update. It seems adding an entry to the "teblock" list doesn't make the parser recognize it as much as allow you to utilize the variable format to edit the rule itself. The key to it, though, is you have to specify a complete tag, whether the variables are necessary for your purposes or not. Here's what I would try:

    ---In Minecraft, place your flower pot and put the item in it.

    ---/parseruin Name

    ---Stand on the flower pot and type the command /blockdata ~ ~ ~ {}. This will bring up an error in the chat that the data didn't change, and then list a complete tag for the block.

    ---Pause the game and open the template file and locate the rule for the flower pot.

    ---Type in the structure for the "teblock" variable and leave the tag blank.

    ---If you leave your launcher open when playing Minecraft, you can find the error message from the chat in there and you can copy and paste the tag. If not, then you'll have to type it by hand

    This should function properly now.

    The thing with the 0: and 1: is that they are indexes of the list of items the chest contains. The structure is ListTag:[0:{item stuff},1:{item stuff}...]. I don't know if you program at all, but if you do it should make some sense. If not, don't concern yourself with it.

    I've no idea why the data tag specifies coordinates either, but it seems that they don't make any difference. You can put any value there, and when the block generates, the tag will change these values to the pot's current coordinates.

    I hope this helps you. The wki does have the proper information, it's just that the blocks themselves function a little weird with this format. I don't think there's any way to change it, though, so we'll have to make do.

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    Quote from einsteinsci»

    Part of it was new, part of it was in the earlier version. Try punching trees until you die.

    "GeneralAce135 broke his face on a Wood"

    I approve of this in every way possible.

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    I am glad to see someone pick up this mod. I agree with AnvilPuncher in saying that this mod is very essential. It's almost become like NEI, in that it's almost a default mod. Like "Oh your gonna install ____? You should probably add NEI, Archimede's Ships, OpenBlocks, Biomes O' Plenty, and Carpenter's Blocks, just to add a little bit extra."

    While I don't have my own feature suggestion yet, I will third the cannons.

    I also ask that, if you have free time after completing whatever your main ideas are, you look into compatibility with Forge Microblocks, as they allow for more intricate detailing than Carpenter's Blocks. Not so much a suggestion as much as a personal request. Feel free to ignore it.
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    posted a message on [ADV] THE ENDER SCROLLS - Enhanced Edition [OPEN WORLD RPG][50k Downloads]
    Quote from schrumpfkopf666Do you mean hurt&Death sounds?There was a sound problem with the mod which got fixed, but it destroyed all sounds of the existing NPCs, so most of the human NPCs won't have sounds. I would have to edit every single human NPC in the world to fix that. Maybe in a future update, hehe

    Yeah, it's the hurt and death sounds of the guards and "Endermen" at the beginning of the map when I first noticed. If it's just some of them then no problem, but I just wanted to make sure that 1) They were supposed to be making sounds 2) It wasn't something I'd done and 3) You knew about it. I have a good enough imagination and memory to know how dying Endermen and human guards should sound.

    Again, great map! This might sound weird, but I love how it doesn't feel like Minecraft. It's like another game tried to make itself feel like Minecraft. I don't know how to explain it exactly, but trust me: It's a good thing
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    posted a message on [ADV] THE ENDER SCROLLS - Enhanced Edition [OPEN WORLD RPG][50k Downloads]
    I just started playing this map, and I'm loving it! Very well done.

    One thing though: None of the NPCs are making noise... They're supposed to make noise right? At first it was just a little annoying and I figured I could just ignore it, but it really loses the immersion. Any ideas?
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    posted a message on Epic Siege Mod - Extremely deadly mob AI for hardcore players [1.7.10, 1.10.2]
    This mod looks exactly like what I've been looking for since about 5 minutes after I watched Fallen Kingdom for the first time! Definitely downloading soon :)

    Suggestion: Give more explanation on some of the ambiguous notes in the original post.
    Quote from Funwayguy

    - Endermen can act more like Slendermen having side effects on players
    - New hell dimension variation

    While I can guess all I want and spend all the hours I want trying to figure it out, I have no idea what the space dimension is or how to get to it, OR what the new hell dimension variation is or (if it isn't simply a modified Nether) how to get to it. Since the most recent videos I can find on this mod are from 2 years ago, this would be quite convenient. And knowing how the Endermen are going to affect me would be nice before approaching them... or I guess in this mod's case, being charged by them ;)
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