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    posted a message on [v1.8.12.3] SecurityCraft~ Security cameras, Retinal scanners, and more!

    SecurityCraft is partnered with Nodecraft! Join the official SecurityCraft server here!

    Want your very own Minecraft server? Use the promo code "SecurityCraft" or use this referral link to get 30% off your first month's payment!

    Previous update:
    The security camera update!

    Next update:
    There will not be another update which adds major features, however, bugfixes and tweaks will still continue. And before you ask, no, SecurityCraft isn't being discontinued! ;)

    Check out this awesome mod spotlight by Rayne!


    SecurityCraft adds a lot of new content to secure your house with. Ever wanted to protect your home against pesky creepers or annoying griefers? Now you can!


    Descriptions of all the features in SecurityCraft v1.8.0 or later can be found in the in-game item called the "SecurityCraft manual". It gives the descriptions and recipes of all the blocks/items in the mod. You get can it in Creative mode or by typing "/sc help".

    In-game bug reporting:
    Using the "/sc" command, you are able to report bugs directly to my EsperNet IRC channel. Type "/sc connect" to connect to IRC (the name you will use in IRC will be "SCUser_" + *your username*. Then type "/sc bug ". Once you do that, the bug will be posted in my channel, #GeforceMods. Also, if you need to contact me directly, use the '/sc contact ' command. My replies will appear directly in the Minecraft chat window! If you want to disconnect from IRC, type "/sc disconnect". You must have an internet connection to do this.

    Many more coming in future updates!
    And of course, bugfixes galore!



    As stated in the above spoiler, all the recipes for blocks/items in SecurityCraft v1.8.0 or later can be found in-game, in the "SecurityCraft manual" item, which you can get in Creative mode or by typing "/sc help".



    Note: As with all new CurseForge downloads, they have to be approved by a moderator. If a new version was announced, but it doesn't let you download the file, check back in a few hours.








    Just place the downloaded file into your .minecraft/mods folder with Forge installed.

    Older releases:

    [1.8] SecurityCraft v1.7.2: Click me!
    [1.7.10] SecurityCraft v1.7.2: Click me!
    [1.8] SecurityCraft v1.7.1: Click me!
    [1.7.10] SecurityCraft v1.7.1: Click me!
    [1.8] SecurityCraft v1.7.0: Click me!
    [1.7.10] SecurityCraft v1.7.0: Click me!
    [1.7.10] SecurityCraft v1.6.1: Click me!
    [1.7.2] SecurityCraft v1.6.1: Click me!
    [1.7.10] SecurityCraft v1.6.0: Click me!
    [1.7.2] SecurityCraft v1.6.0: Click me!
    [1.6.4] SecurityCraft v1.5pre: Click me!
    [1.6.4] SecurityCraft v1.4.1: http://www.curseforg...1_for_1.6.4.zip
    [1.6.4] SecurityCraft v1.4 pre-release: http://www.mediafire...fasd13z88k7umvm
    [1.6.4] SecurityCraft v1.3: http://www.mediafire...3_for_1.6.4.zip
    [1.6.2] SecurityCraft v1.2: http://geforce.freef...g/post4.html#p4
    [1.6.2] SecurityCraft v1.1: Click me!
    [1.6.2] SecurityCraft v1.0.8: http://adf.ly/U5oif
    [1.6.2] SecurityCraft v1.0.4: http://adf.ly/U08yL
    [1.6.2] SecurityCraft v1.0.2:
    [1.6.2] SecurityCraft v1.0: http://adf.ly/TsWnV
    [1.6.2][Pre-release] SecurityCraft v1.0: http://www.mediafire...5c03bjkqgad13dm.


    Frequently asked questions:

    Question: Can i use this mod in my modpack?

    Answer: Sure, as long as credit is given!

    Question: Can you port this mod to Minecraft 1.x.x?

    Answer: I will probably only be porting this mod to versions 1.6.2/4, 1.7.2/4, and future versions.

    Question: My game crashed! Your mod doesnt work!

    Answer: I need the crashlog. I cannot help you without it. Post your crashlog here, or on my forums, and ill get back with you.

    Question: Why is there no recipes for keycard lv2 and 3?

    Answer: As of SC v1.5, there is crafting recipe, but you have to enable them through the SecurityCraft configuration file.

    Question: I'm using SecurityCraft for 1.8+, and my game crashes with this error: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: net/minecraftforge/event/entity/EntityMountEvent

    Answer: Update Forge to v11.14.1.1338+. Link to that version found here.



    Follow us @I_Mod_Minecraft and @bl4ckscor3 on Twitter. We post updates and announcements related to SecurityCraft and other mods, plus other ramblings.

    Suggestions? Want to see how the mod's development is coming along?
    Check out SecurityCraft's Trello board, found here!

    Found a bug or experienced a crash? Let us know by using this GoogleDocs form.

    SecurityCraft's source code can be found on GitHub!

    Thanks to JorBinks for the SecurityCraft banner! Check out his site: http://williamjordanallen.com/

    Thanks guys! Be sure to leave suggestions if you have any!

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    posted a message on I can't login to Minecraft.net and Minecraft Launcher, but can login to Mojang account.
    Quote from Kraskakopatich»

    I also wrote in Mojang support before create this thread and still haven't received a response

    You're going to have to wait a few months (not joking) before you receive a response from them. They are currently helping players who submitted tickets in July.

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    posted a message on modded minecraft world 1.7.10 crashes on start

    Try removing the Hats mod from your pack and see if that helps.

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    posted a message on Minecraft closed with exit code : 1 after installing a mod

    We do not provide support for cracked launchers such as TLauncher here, as they are illegal. Buy the game.

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    posted a message on a 1.12.2 crash (modded)

    Try using the latest version of Forge for 1.12.2 (found here), not the recommended version. If that doesn't work, remove Animania.

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    posted a message on Game Specs?

    Here are the minimum requirements for Java Edition. What are your PC's specs? I could take a look at them and give you a guess as to how well it would play on your computer.

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    posted a message on mods not loading in forge??

    Hmmmm, that still seems like you are accidentally trying to use mismatching versions of those mods and Forge. Launch the game and wait until you get to the main menu, then quit the game, navigate to your .minecraft folder, and copy the log from the latest.log file located in .minecraft/logs and paste it into paste.ubuntu.com. Click the "paste!" button, then post the link to the page that you are taken to here.

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    posted a message on my kids want pixelmon

    Like webrosc said, you can't mix versions. So if you want to use Pixelmon, you can't play on Minecraft 1.14.4 yet. You'll need to use 1.12.2.

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    posted a message on Wanna Play With Me? Click Here

    If you are looking for someone to play Minecraft with, you should try posting in the active "looking for" thread:


    If you are looking to join a server, you can post applications to threads in the Servers forum section. If you wish to start a server, you can post a server thread in that section.


    We are no longer permitting individual "looking for" threads in the Minecraft: Java Edition discussion forum sections.

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