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    posted a message on Pokemon Red Fully Recreated without Mods!

    This is an amazing piece of work. No amount of words can describe how incredible this is. One of the most legendary games created inside of another game. Truly remarkable!

    Having made a few mobile games myself, this is very interesting for me and how you managed to get this to work inside of Minecraft. I will have to look into how you made this and try something on a lot smaller scale.

    Thank you for your hard work,


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    posted a message on Server Resource Pack Downloading But Not Working

    I am using the Santa Forina resource pack on my server. It is a direct download link to mediafire. It is working on my desktop PC which is local to the server, and my brother on his desktop which is external from the server. But it will not work on our laptops, Including mine which the server is on, my brothers or my friends which are external. In the server-resource-packs folder, I can see the file for the resource pack, but it doesn't load it. I have tried deleting the servers.dat file and the resource pack and rebooting, nothing works.

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