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I'm Gangsir, A rare few of you might see me around CTF servers and economy servers, I know a medium amount of redstone, My certain skill in minecraft is my ability with a bow, I can hit a still target at 50 blocks, and a running one at 25, if there are no obstacles. I am a vanilla minecraft player, and have been playing since 1.4.7 official release. I know how to troubleshoot, and am very interested in coding and software development. I build for mostly functionality, and don't have much ability for building for looks. I'm quite the fan of minecraft, my favorite music is Glitch Hop, and my zodiac sign is Leo.

By the way, my minecraft name is a mix of two words, Gangster, and sir, As I can be cool and still be a gentleman, and I find it fits me; and has a ring to it.
Interests Minecraft, Computer Programming.

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Minecraft Gangsir Xbox Nah. PlayStation.

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