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    Hey guys,

    I play with my brother on his account on the PlayStation (split screen), and we have a awesome map with we work hard on. Although, when my brother isn't home, and I login to my account on the PlayStation and start minecraft, the map isn't there.

    Is there any way to share maps between all users on the PS3?


    The guy above me has no idea what he is talking about. As long as your brother is fine with it, you just need to go on the XMB, click game save data, click copy, and then choose your account. Once you are done, make sure you put the updated version back onto his account. This WILL work even when switching between multiple PS3s, through use of USB or PS+ save cloud.
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    Quote from daybreaker666

    sounds more like you glitch the diamonds. anyway post your seed, with your diamond world.

    Don't get rude because you think 100 diamonds is a lot... Do you really think they would make a world that is expected to hold 1-8 people at a time and make them split up 100 diamonds? That is an abysmally low amount.

    Edit: Seed: -7012299198202944042

    If you don't find atleast 150 diamonds on that map, You should just stop playing minecraft, cause you're doing something wrong. go 30 blocks east, then about 20 blocks south and dig down to bedrock.

    Edit #2: Their is also an iron golem in the starter village, like 5 villages with good blacksmith chests, and theirs a mooshroom island just over the hill behind the spawn with atleast 2 mooshrooms.
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