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    posted a message on Flan's Mod 5.5.2 Update : 1.12.2, 100s of new Skins! : Helicopters, Mechas, Planes, Vehicles, 3D Guns, Multiplayer, TDM, CTF
    client planes and client player api links don't work. they are broken.
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    posted a message on [1.2.5]Simple NPCs - NPCs for Mapmakers! - 5000+ Downloads! Now with Quests!
    I've been looking for a mod like this for so long. +1 rep for you, can you make a way to edit the drops in a config file? like using the ids of the items? also maybe more than one line of text would be nice. with a 5 sec delay if you skip a line? so they don't instantly spam the player. maybe make that configurable too
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    posted a message on [16x16][1.7.x] Zelda Texture Pack by Alyxandor
    Hey so i saw this texture pack here and decided to "revive" it. so its now 1.7! enjoy it! feel free to leave criticism.


    and another one

    dl link:

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    posted a message on [MODDER]Making mod requests!
    Can you make an npc mod with different types of npcs? nothing like humans+ or anything like that. one where i can control where it goes and which direction it looks. I AT LEAST want a simple npc that just says something (preferably the talking being configurable) when you right click it. but if your looking for something more advanced some traders that will trade you items depending on what you set it. (or the user in this case) and perhaps an npc that'll wait until you approach it before going to the set destination, as if its leading you. if you could do that i'd be impressed. btw if I got ideas from adventure craft npcs and a bukkit plugin called citizens.

    P.S. i plan on using this for a LP if you agree to make it.

    P.S.S. could you also make it so I can name them and put different skins on them depending what i named them? it shouldn't be too hard its just simple variables. and please make it so the names pop up like they do on multi player for real players.

    I hope you at least try the challenge. good luck and thanks in advanced!
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    posted a message on The Herobrine Mod OFFICIAL 3.6
    Hey how do i get rid of the chat? I don't want him saying stuff but i still want the sound and everything (although the totem i could do without) also if you make pigbrine cowbrine etc. can you make them toggle-able? I don't want them in my world.
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    posted a message on NEW!! aceryder's earthcraft modpack
    1. you should have gotten permission, download link, and pics ready before even posting a topic.
    2. needs more mods, perhaps "nature overhaul" would be a good one for something like this.
    3. sounds cool can't wait for its release :smile.gif:
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    posted a message on Puddles' Tooncraft Pack [16x16]
    Will you be updating to 1.7? :biggrin.gif: it'd be really awesome if you did!
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    posted a message on MAtmos - Environmental sound atmosphere simulator
    will there be updates too fix the lag issues?

    other than that, I have to say this is one of the best mods. doesn't mess up the core gameplay that makes minecraft minecraft and its relaxing to sit outside and listen to the birds frogs etc. thank you for this mod :smile.gif:
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    posted a message on OptiFine HD (FPS Boost, Dynamic Lights, Shaders and much more)
    mac version of optifog and optimine goes to a survey. please change as its both annoying and against the rules of the forum. but other than that, awesome mod(s) works great on my low end pc!
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    posted a message on LF Vanilla Server
    no replies over a 2 day span? come on id really like to play on a vanilla server (or mostly vanilla anyway)
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    posted a message on LF Vanilla Server
    I have been looking for a vanilla server for a while but havent been able to find one, I am experienced at minecraft (been here since beta 1.2) i dont mind anti griefing plugins but no game changing mods/plugins. if theres a whitelist my ign is GamesSavedSanity.
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    posted a message on •Minecraftprodcast• looking for new members!LP
    Age: 15
    Name: Matthew
    Location: Oklahoma
    Skype: GamingSavedMySanity
    IGN: GamesSavedSanity
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    posted a message on Need LP partner
    ok so im starting an LP but im in need of a partner. heres some questions id like you to answer I will choose a partner off these. please be honest, you dont need everything I list (you do need to answer all) it just helps your chances. heres a little bout myself (and its the list of questions):

    Username (ingame): GamesSavedSanity
    Youtube channel: GamingSavedMySanity
    Skype: GamingSavedMySanity
    Can you host a server?: yes but only for 2 people lol my PC sux
    can you record? (id like to show both viewpoints): yes
    do you have a mic?: absolutely
    voice: sounds 10 >.>
    time schedule: not very flexible but hoping to change that
    are you funny without being annoying: sometimes
    are you funny without having to do stupid stuff: yes
    do you speak english: yes
    are you creepy: no
    is this list too long: yes
    can you edit (almost forgot about this): yes
    Country: USA

    thats all. good luck! (oh btw dont beg to be chosen thatll just show you very immature and i probably wont pick you)

    oh itll also be vanilla lets play. no mods, this also makes it easier to start after an update :biggrin.gif:
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    posted a message on [1.6.4/1.5_01] █ Vornika's Mods █ [9+ Mods] [Updated: 2/9] [28 May]
    can you make the sneak toggleable too? i get tired of having to hold it down.
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    posted a message on Custom Skins [OPEN][Hiring Skin Workers]
    Quote from Superdude274 »
    Quote from GamesSavedSanity »
    ok I know this might be hard especially since i have no picture you can go off of.

    I would like someone who looks super bad ass!
    I want him to:
    1. have sworda sword on his back. (not sheathed though just hung on his back)
    2. be white (not supposed to be racist basing it off a old movie i saw but couldnt find any pics because cant remember the name of the movie)
    3. have jet black hair
    4. have cool clothes on :tongue.gif: (not sure what though, just dont make the clothes ugly/raggedy) something black maybe? its my fav color lol
    5. just make him look epic please :biggrin.gif:

    if you need anymore info ill be happy to provide. I wouldn't mind if you added your own little stuff in as well if it makes it look better.

    just put black hair on him? :tongue.gif:
    I hope you can impress me :biggrin.gif: bye now!

    uhh how does jet hair look like?
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