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    posted a message on What to name your Minecraft wolf!!

    Lucky, I found him outside one day and so i tried to tame him with one bone, surprisingly this worked, thus forming the name Lucky.

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    posted a message on Mob Skin Templates (Wither, Bat, and Witch added)

    is there a file in the folder that shows exactly what sides are right, left, ext, instead of looking on this website and under the tabs?

    Any answer appreciated :creeperdance: by Alvoria

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    posted a message on Forge Wont Work!
    So recently I have downloaded a program called forge installer to get forge, I opened it up and did it all the things for it perfect and it started to download. So it was done downloading to my .minecraft file and I opened my minecraft launcher with my mods installed in the folder, I clicked edit profile and looked for the forge, But the forge version was not there, How do I fix this? Id like any help with this, thanks.

    Feel free to message me on my profile with any help with other things, Like redstone *Wink Wink* Or anything else needed,
    again any help with this topic will be appreciated thanks!

    Dont Forget: Cobblestone=Life :cobblestone: !
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