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    Hey Minecraft Forums, long time no see. After about 9 years away I am excited to announce I am working on a sequel to Last Days. For some personal context, I used to use these forums under the name History. I lost my login when curse moved over to twitch years ago. At that time Doku had begun a post apocalyptic texture pack called Last Days. He had created a strong aesthetic and thematic foundation with many of the most fundamental blocks designed before releasing it to the public domain. I then picked up the mantle and did what I could to see the work through before handing it off again to Croco. Years later it still exists as a community updated pack. I left abruptly due to conflicts of schedule and struggling to make things work as the updates to minecraft made the suspension of disbelief for Last Days feel too difficult.

    Last Days 2: Later Days

    The Concept:

    The Story: Later Days is set on a lush and until recently untouched island. Scientists and business leaders set their sights on this land in order to form a society where they were free to practice their ways as the wish and propel the world forward technologically without care for the consequences, laws, or standards of the countries they came from. While experimenting with teleportation technology, Scientists working for Hecate Enterprises managed to open a portal to another world. Their curiosity got the better of them as they began conducting more experiments around this world until it was too late, and forces from that world began to enter our own. You have arrived on this island years after the residents lost control. They have all but vanished from the land, leavings only their twisted corrupted husks and technology behind.

    The Aesthetic: Some blocks and sounds will be carried over with modifications from Last Days. Since this is a sequel some of the fundamentals will be be similar, but many will be changed. While Last Days was a grungy apocalyptic pack taking heavy inspiration from Fallout. Later Days however, is set in a lush world that has had an evil presence released into it. Later Days will be taking inspiration from Cyberpunk, Retrofuturism, Raypunk, Vaporwave, 80's Nostalgia, etc.

    The Tech:

    Full Use of Optifine Features:
    Later Days will be utilizing all features from Optifine. The work completed so far includes custom texture overlaps and light maps. Planned features include custom color maps, randomized mob textures, etc.

    Full Use of Resource Pack Features: Later Days 2 will also be utilizing all of the features available in resource pack creation. This includes, animated blocks, randomized blocks, custom models for player placed objects as well as some blocks. For example, Iron ore has a custom model and animation. Diorite, has connected textures and a custom model with hanging tentacles. All models are optimized with culling to prevent performance issues.


    I will be broadcasting much of the development process on twitch. Check the link below if you are interested.
    Watch Development on Twitch

    Really excited to be doing this again, and happy to start engaging with this community. Cheers.

    - History

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