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    Quote from BobMowzie»

    Hm, I'm really not a fan of mob griefing. As a similar idea, though, I thought of adding dopey vulture-like birds that fly low above deserts and occasionally drop egg-bombs that pop when they hit the ground.
    That's a cool mechanic. Need to do some thinking about the mob itself.
    Also cool, but I kind of feel like giving beasts military-like coordination would break their characterization as animals and disjoint the design. Maybe a hostile sentient race rides these beasts into battle?

    About the avian bomber, I'm thinking what if it scooped up clumps of sand (passed through the blocks but didnt destroy any) in the dessert with extremely large claws or, to add a more unique look, scoop up sand in their mouth or open a chest cavity.

    With the tameable fire turret, I'm thinking it could spawn in the somewhat rare above-ground lava pools at night. it could work as a sort of ambusher creature that has a slightly large back/shoulder that pokes above the lava as it croutches in wait. It would then leap into the air and slam down onto the ground by the player and attack with an abundance of fire-related attacks that could include;
    -breathing out a short range stream of fire and spinning in a circle
    -pausing to lob multiple splash damage fireballs around the player
    -smacking with a large bony tail
    -lighting itself on fire and charging at the player
    -creating a sort of growling expression and spitting fire through its teeth that spreads in 3-5 directions and reaches up to 4 blocks away
    It could be tamed via doucing it in water when it lights itself ablaze. that could leave it stunned (literally or just shoked) and gives you time to attempt to tame it the same way you'd tame a horse till it knocks you off and sets itself ablaze again.

    Now concerning the fire beast that uses a military stratgey, this could be changed into technologically advanced goblins that could rome the land paving a path for their empire
    They could be tamed by a means currently unknown and be used to stage battles with barakoa
    The goblins would focuse on small task forces with 2 fire starters (have the miniture mobile mortars) and 3 shield units (will stay in close proximity to the fire starters and will knock you back with their shields, maybe also perriodically push down thier shields to use a crosebow thats mounted on its inside)
    The goblins would spawn again near villages and could add a theme to your mod that shows an evil force attempting to convert a magical word into machine

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    Quote from cked»

    Please redo the frost maw, it really doesn't look like one of your mobs, it looks like a low-budget mowzie mob.

    Woah woah woah that's just straight up rude he put a lot of effort into it and I think it turned out really good, the reason it's composed of several large blocks could be mostly due to it being a winter beast that would have a thick coat, not a small barakoa with very small preportions or a ferrious Wroughnaut with several individual plates of armour

    Besides it's more focused on how you play with it
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    been trying out your mod and gotta say I'm in love

    now, as usual, I've got an idea for you;

    I'm really into artillary, and after seeing how efficiently you made the geomancy work I was wondering if you'd like to incorporate a simmilar attack into a mob.

    My idea is for the future planned sky serpent, swamp insect, or entirely seperate mob that involves a flying creature that picks up clumps of blocks and drops them down on you

    The attack pattern could involve the creature rapiddly hovering over a patch of land (maybe even landing) to select a proper amount of blocks to pick up

    This would give you enough time to attack them before they take off and drop it down on you

    all in all it's a straight forward tactic but I dont think I've seen any mod's do it before

    another idea I have which involves artillary is a flame creature that could be tammed and used almost like a mountable turret

    I'm thinking something like a pheonix or some sort of kommodo dragon like creature with flame-like fur

    the creature once tamed would be mounted and have an extremely powerful flame attack or instead single fire lobbing attack that would require the mob to stop moving so that it could maintane ballance. it'd be a really fun creature for a sort of tower defence mechanic

    another way of making the fire lobbing lizard (or mammel) mob work is if it was a sort of small pack hunter that would involve some of the creatures making a sort of shield wall with extendable frills on their heads/elbos (like in "The Great Wall") or simply blocking with a sort of shell or thick hide. While the other creatures of the pack would work like mortars, lifting up their heads and shooting out single shots of fire in the players general area

    These creatures could spawn near villages at night, acting like raiding parties of somewhat intelligent beasts

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    Quote from BobMowzie»

    This is a fantastic mechanic! It lets players creatively solve the problem of defeating this enemy. I like the Gemini theme, as well; it's a good unification of design and mechanic.
    I have one concern, though. Something important in Mowzie's Mobs is that well equipped players should be able to understand how to defeat a mob purely through observation and without reading a guide or the forum page. I am having trouble thinking of how to indicate to players that this enemy can only take damage if struck in both bodies. I will keep thinking as I really want to include this; let me know if you come up with anything else.

    alright I know this was a bit back on the thread but a possible way this could be done is if you had the shadows, or at least part of the shadows, pulse(like shoulder/rist armour decorations)
    the pulsing would come in two different colours and work like this;
    if you hit only one shadow, he/she/it pulses red once
    however if the shadow's haven't been hit at the same time for a while they will both pulse orange at the exact same time
    that's pretty much it
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    Hey! It's me again.. From a while back on the forum.

    Anywho, I have two requests for future mob abilities/ elements

    the first is something I was interested in for quite some time when minecraft first came out.

    It brings me back to the days when I first saw walking with dinosaurs, jurrasic park, and a load of other prehistory movies.

    The concept I want to bring up about that is about a massive beast that has moving hitboxes, to implement the idea of defeating a giant beast by running inbetween its legs.

    by that I mean like a 4 legged giant who's hitboxes move with the legs to allow the player to run underneath with a horse (shadow of the colossus anyone?)

    And attempt to shoot the moving belly/ cut the ankles of the beast.

    the giant would attempt to crush the player.

    my second request is a mob that can only be defeated with time. (To be honest this might be a type of mob that only sounds good in your head)

    an example of such is were you're fighting some sort of ork or minotaur or whatever and you must first break its shield.

    the shield will splinter and leave you a small openig to inflict a lot of damage. (This could also be used to enrage the beast.)

    another example, however is unlikely because you already made an ancient iron giant (but it might make more sense to be stone or crystal),

    Is an animated warrior of stone or iron that must first have its outer layer destroyed(cracks and crumbles) so that you can actually damage it


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    Onkmet lup'ra

    A highly aggressive mountain creature Onkmet will ruthlessly attack hunters and prey, yet shy away from anything larger than themselves.


    Solitary and stoic, Onkmet are yeti like monsters who have some of the toughest fur of any known monster. Its fur helps prevents cold air from touching their skin and can also prevent snow and ice from touching their skin. Their fur, which comes in both white and ashy bluish grey, has even been seen to be able to stop arrows from piercing through their skin. Surprisingly agile, Onkmet are jumpers, and can leap 30 blocks in the air if they need to. This also makes them extremely dangerous as this jump can lead to a devastating ground attack, where it will throw its entire body weight into the ground, crushing the player or any animal that's unlucky enough to get into it's way.

    What should also be noted is the two large horns, protruding over each one of Onkmet’s eye, while it is unknown what these are for. It is believed to use these Boney growths as defense.


    • Ground slam- A ground/air attack a Onkmet will leap into the air and slam itself into the ground
    • Fist pound- a devastating body attack. Onkmet will fling itself toward the player and slam one or both of its fists into the ground close by. If the player is lucky enough to dodge this attack watch out if the fist bump doesn't kill ya the after effects will.
    • Charge- a body attack. Onkmet will charge at a player lowering its head in an effort to skewer the player. Getting hit by this attack will give the player a bleed effect, which means the player will take damage over a length of time.
    • Boulder toss- A environmental attack. Onkmet are strong and will hurl boulders or large clumps of snow. If hit with a snow attack you will get “frostbite” which is a combo of both miners fatigue and slowness. The effect lasting 2 minutes.


    Being a creature of the mountains, Onkmet come in 2 colors

    • Rocky Onkmet -Ashy grey or bluish grey
    • Normal Onkmet -White or snowy blue

    Ooh an add-on to that, I noticed you mentioned the Onkmet's fur is designed to keep out just about everything from touching its skin. So what if a technique for damaging it was to use fire to burn its fur off so that you could deal extra damage to their bare skin. However maybe it wouldn't stay on fire for very long due to the cold climate and would maybe be sent into a flurry of rage when its fur is burnt off. This flurry of rage would ether consist of it moving to a snow pile (if one's around) and rapidly digging at it to release a large barrage of ice-and-snow balls at you dealing slowness and a tiny bit of knock back. however if there's no nearby snow piles they'll just charge at you and maybe rip wood off trees to throw them at you.
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    I can tip you in flaming treble clefs if you want.

    Yasssss give me your stuffs
    Quote from BobMowzie»

    Oh wow! I could have just reuploaded it if people really wanted to see it.

    He wow'd me :') so happy
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    Quote from BobMowzie»

    I wanted the villages to feel like part of the landscape, yeah.

    Precisely! Very observant!

    The current plans are for a new mob called a frostmaw. It resembles a yeti in that it is a large, white, ape that lives in snowy regions. Notable features include its gigantic mouth and lower jaw, antlers, and powerful icy breath. It is very difficult to defeat, but it remains sleeping unless you disturb it.

    Alternatively, I have been consider re-prioritizing. I feel that another mob called a phoben may make a better next addition. (Some of you may remember the puppet master from early plans. This is instead of that.) It is an evil spirit that utilizes fear, dark magic, and a very long and fast sword. It spawns in the roofed forest.

    Everyone please let me know which one you would prefer next! (Note that the other will come afterward)

    Damn that took way too long.... But yaaaay I found your frostmaw drawing.

    (tip the mailman?)
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    Alright, I heard you finally (and satisfyingly) finished barako's village. Although I suppose you're taking a break, I presume this is as good as any other time to present you a new mob idea.

    This mob is my favourite and by far the most unique of its 3 variants I came up with. These mob types all have the same base name: Cluster hound.

    The 3 variants consist of:

    - a normal type (Cluster hound)

    - a ranged/fire type (Cluster hound burner)

    - and a alpha/brute type (Brute Cluster hound)

    However, the one I'll be telling you about is the alpha, due to it's very distinct way of spawning in comparison to the others. Because it spawns attached to a chariot.


    The Cluster hounds all have a very distinct appearance however with minor adjustments between their variants.

    The average (normal) cluster hound looks like a skeleton dog with spider like features. Standing at a little over a block tall/long.

    The cluster hound has a block head that is completely hollow with a massive hole for a face, making it appear as a massive eye hole. The cluster hound's head also has two openings in the top corners in the back of its skull that light can shine through, creating the illusion of eyes if the head is tilted at the correct angle and the shaders mod is installed. The cluster hound also has two fangs protruding from the bottom front and centre of the cluster hound's skull. The cluster hound has five separate rectangular bones that make up its collar. It's back is unique as it composes of several bony spikes that resemble a hedgehogs quills. These spikes appear to float and almost wave on it's back as if they were floating on water(waves). It's backbone can be seen beneath the spikes along with what appear to be limbs. The cluster hound's ribcage starts a bit past the spikes on its back, on the underbelly of the cluster hound, then stopping at a bony rear. the cluster hound's limbs are spindly legs with no feet but instead elongated shins that end in points. These sharps points for feet are accompanied by a second spike attached to the shin on the front legs and two small spikes on the back legs.

    When attacking the cluster hounds pull out the limbs from beneath their spikes. There are a total of four limbs that come out, each ending with a sharp blade of bone. (inspired by a dead space zombie)

    Cluster hound burner's difference is that when they pull out their limbs, they movie into position holding a simple peace of leather that was resting on the cluster hound burner's back. these peace's of leather they use to propel balls of fire they make with their limbs like a slingshot. The only other difference in appearance for the cluster hound burners is that instead of being bone white, they are a charred dark red.

    The Cluster hound brute on the other hand is slightly more unique.

    Standing at 2 blocks tall and 2 blocks long, Cluster Hound Brutes are far more dangerous.

    Cluster hound brutes have a single row of spikes lining it's back that stand out from it's spiky fur. Looking like a Mohawk (except on its back).

    The cluster hound brute's however, are completely militarized by the skeletons.

    The skeletons outfit these undead and wild beasts with golden covers on several of the spikes as well as a solid gold spiked mask, leaving the brute slightly blind (I say slightly because they don't have any eyes in the first place). The brutes also have chains rapped around their fur coats because they're spike arms cause too much havoc for the drivers and usually end up cutting themselves free.

    The brutes are then attached to floating wheel less chariots that float above the ground trailing a small trail of black, grey, and purple pixels.

    These chariots are ridden by two skeleton grunts (shorter skeletons with under bite jaws, inspired by grunts from halo and tend to squabble about quite a bit).

    The chariots have one skeleton grunt archer that has a slower drawback speed then other skeletons as well as a skeleton holding the reigns of the cluster hound brute.

    Cluster hound brutes can walk on walls and can jump 2 feet forward and 2 up. This is the purpose of the floating chariot as it simply floats in the air as the cluster hound is climbing a tree.


    The chariot (including skeleton grunts) and cluster hound have separate hit boxes.

    The chariot's hit box has 30 health while the cluster hound brute's is 24.

    The purpose of these separate hitboxes is that when one of the two is killed, you'll have to kill the other individually.

    When you kill the cluster hound brute, the chariot will break and the skeleton grunts will spill out.

    The Skeleton grunt with the bow will attack you and the skeleton grunt with the reigns will pull out a sword and fight you.

    However if you destroy the chariot/skeleton grunts (they have the same hitbox), the chariot will explode and the grunts will die.

    However the cluster hound brute will still be coming after you.

    additional abilities:

    - when the cluster hound brute, no matter if it's attached to the chariot (only attached by the reigns) or not, when it gets to half health, the cluster brute will break its chains and release its arms.

    - rare chance that the chariot will explode when it dies and not only kill the grunts but also deal additional damage to the brute as well as any surrounding mobs.

    How they attack

    The cluster hound chariot attacks buy ramming into you with it's spikes and sometimes circling you while the skeleton archer lets loose its arrows.

    (chariot has a bit of a turn radius) (knockback) (good against groups of mobs)

    The cluster hound brute when disconnected will charge you like it did with the chariot however have a smaller turn radius, the cluster hound brute will also attempt to pin you somewhere and constantly bash you with its golden spiked mask.

    When the cluster hound brute gets to half health and breaks its chains, it will break the chariot, making the skeleton grunts simply fall out, forcing you to fight all three. The cluster hound brute will also attack using the arms as an additional attack.

    The cluster hound brute's normal attacks consist of small amounts of times in-between bashing when it raises its head too high or gets the spikes stuck on a block. However these moments of leaving it defenceless are shortened because after bashing, it will then swipe with its arms in pairs of two (two swipes with two arms each time).

    However these extra arm swipes can be countered because if you hit the brute at the same as it attacks with it's spike arms, one of those arms will fall off the brute and the brute will take extra damage.

    Additional notes

    The skeleton grunts could be outfitted with clothing resembling Egyptians(romans,spartans,persians) or they could be dressed like the vanilla strays.

    The chariot could also have symbols and banners for decoration as well as spikes lining its back and sides so that the chariot has a larger attack radius.

    The Cluster hound brute itself could also have some sort of banner.

    The drops of the chariot itself would include a block called magic wood that looks like wood with an enchantment on it.

    The enchanted wood could either be used to make a chariot for a horse (awesome) or a gun I thought up of.

    The pictures I made for this to make a better visual image will be included later.


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    I was reading a few pages back and noticed you guys were thinking of some pretty awesome mechanics for new mobs.

    What interested me most when you guys were talking about a mob (golem specifically) who can only be killed by making him hit himself.

    I have a new idea mechanic for the golem as well as some addons for the making-him-hit-himself mechanic.

    My additions to the making-him-hit-himself mechanic is that he hits him self due to the fact that he is made (warning: lore) with more older magic then your Wroughtnought. Due to this, his awareness of surroundings has become altered with time and he is now blind.

    He will swing widely when attacking, sometimes accidentally swinging his arms/hammer around so far that they dislocate his joints and will fall apart when hit.

    He spots you with similar coding to that which was used with the barrakoa chief's sky missile attacks.

    He will track your footsteps when you move and can only see you when you move.

    You will, however, be able to see when he's tracking your footsteps due to how you'll be able to see the ripples from your feet (how can you see the ripples? magic).

    The ripples will appear as white circles that spread outwards and only appear when he is targeting you.

    My other idea is that a unique golem mob is one that simply spawns as a structure.

    The structure is a mossy 2-block-tall structure that has engravings in it in the form of symbols that will correspond to the golems element or whatnot.

    The structure is activated when the player or creeper (because creepers can blow up things and so are a threat) comes within a 30 blocks radius.

    The structure's engraved symbols will glow and a mist will blow the vines dangling from it around.

    A spiral cone of light will protrude from the largest symbol and will extend towards the ground somewhere near the player/creeper.

    Upon touching the ground a mossy golem will arise who appears to have a roman-styled helmet hiding two red or one blue eye(s) with thick shoulders (appear as armour even though all of the golem is stone).

    The golem will attack with swings and by grabbing its summoning structure and holding it still while earth and stone (pixels) pull up from the ground and encase the structure, making it a solid stone rock.

    The golem will then bash you with the stone dealing knockback, and will thrust the stone towards the earth lodging it, then turning it to create a massive whirlpool of light that sucks the player towards the golem as well as dealing damage or slowing the player.

    The golem will also drop the stone which will shatter it's protective rock cover when the golem hit's itself (usually due to the golem swinging the rock with great strength to a side when the player is extremely close, dislocating its arm, this will make the player have a need to go really close to the golem)

    The statue can then act as a healing beacon by slowly lifting the fallen limbs when the golem is off chasing the player and slowly drag them towards the golem for repairing it.


    The way you defeat the golem is in fact by dealing damage to the structure which is the only thing that can take damage (except for when encased in stone).

    this golem should most likely be a jungle mob or one that can spawn rarely on tropical beaches

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    Quote from Krill13»

    Just some random floating idea here:

    This could apply for a mob that wields a melee weapon that seems fit to be thrown as well. My idea is that one of their attacks involves them throwing said weapon at the player, with it being dodgeable. Regardless of whether the player gets hit or not, the weapon will then land on the ground. Naturally, the mob will rush towards their weapon and pick it up. Buuuut, the player also has the choice to race the mob for the weapon. Though the mob's speed when rushing towards the weapon could be faster than a player running, the player has distance on their side, so if they were to not hesitate, they will surely get the weapon. Once the player has acquired the weapon, they can then attack the mob for heavier damage or as the only method of damaging it. The mob will then snatch the weapon out of the player's inventory, and the whole sequence can repeat at anytime during the battle.

    And to extend on the idea of "seeing exclusively through sonar" thing, I was thinking that this could provide the mob with some advantages and disadvantages. An advantage would be that they...I dunno, maybe sense the player farther away and through walls? Disadvantages could include having trouble telling where the player is when it is being surrounded by multitudes of sound around it, such as animals, mobs, flowing water, etc. And if you feel like it, you could also add an optional craftable item to help against this mob.

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    Here are several more mythological creatures I've found;

    The Garuda;

    (Indian mythology)

    These are the Oracles of the gods and the mount of vishna(one of the gods)

    They have the head and wings of an eagle and the body of a human.

    They could be tamed as both an ally that can be fought alongside as well as ridden.


    The Satyrs;

    (Greek Mythology)

    They were half human half goat sentient species who fancied woman quite a bit and loved to drink.

    They were some-what horse like in appearance and were rather buff.

    They had small goat tails and horns with horse-like ears.

    They were a very nature loving race.

    They are much like a mix between a Minotaur and a faun(their roman copy-cats) (this mix between these two is to tell them apart from the faun in this mod)

    For the sake of making them appear different than the faun, they could be covered completely in hair with a goat head (see picture below)

    They are nuetral and can be allied


    The Faun;

    (roman mythology)

    Ripped straight out of Greek mythology.

    The Faun are much like the satyrs except with only the the thighs and under being a goat leg while their waste and above is human.

    They do however have small goat tails, horns, and goat ears.

    They weren't as respectful to nature as the satyrs.

    They were in the movie series "Narnia"

    They are nuetral and can be allied


    The Centaurs

    (Greek mythology)

    They are a mix between a man(or woman) and a horse with the upper half being human and lower half being that of a horse

    They have six limbs (two horse legs and two human arms)

    They can either have helmets with antlers on them or grow natural antlers (up to you guys)

    Centaurs are considered to be lustful and wild except for a few rare exceptions

    Could have two mob versions, an aggressive one and a nuetral one (the aggressive possibly having more skulls in its uniform)

    If allied they could possibly be ridden or fought alongside much like the garuda


    The Umiboza;

    (Japanese mythology)

    They are towering giants that reside in the sea.

    They are so large that they walk around on the ocean floor and yet you can still see their head and shoulders

    They are very aggressive and only appear during storms and at night.

    They could possibly break blocks in front of them as they walk towards them but only up to a certain height so that they stay at the same height in the sea at all times. (also can't jump or float in game)

    They are said to be monks who were banished out to the sea or the homeless who found home in the sea (something like that)

    (not very sentient however do sometimes ask for barrels to fill up water and drown the ship's crew)

    The Ziphius;

    (Medieval European Mythology)

    I large whale-like sea monster that has an owl-like face and destroys all ships it sees

    It is a large whale, around the size of a sperm whale.

    It basically has the same intentions as Moby ****.


    (not sentient)

    The Eurynomos;

    (Greek Mythology)

    It is a spirit of rotting corpses and spends its entire life eating rotting corpses in the underworld

    It is a nether creature

    Basically a large zombie in the nether


    (non sentient.... I think)

    The Nuckelavee;

    (Norse and Orcadian Mythology)

    It is the most horrible demon of the Scottish lands

    It appears as a Skinless one-eyed horse with a grin like a whales.

    It also has the upper half of a skinless man stuck onto its back.

    It's human half has large arms that reach all the way to the ground.

    Think of it as the evil Scottish centaur.

    Its breath spread disease and poisons the land as well as killing all crops it passes over.

    It lives in the sea however no one knows what form it takes in the sea.

    It will spawn on beaches and should be about as rare as a stage 5 dragon... maybe even rarer.

    Very aggressive.

    (sentient? unknown)

    The Questing Beast;

    (Medieval European Mythology)

    Like the kirin, the quest beast or "barking beast" was the inspiration from giraffes (poor giraffes).

    It is called the questing beast as it is seen as a classic foe for knights of the time.

    It head the neck and head of a snake with the body of a leopard, the haunches of a lion, and the feet of a hart.

    It was aggressive and would be good for training against dragons.

    (non sentient)

    The pictures below should be easy to tell apart providing the descriptions above.


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    posted a message on Ice and Fire: Dragons in a Whole New Light! - Build 1.1.0 - 1.11.2 Update

    I know you guys already have a great amount of awesome mythical creatures in the works, however, I just had the biggest erg to contribute.

    So here is several unique mythological creatures I found.

    The Caladrius;

    (ancient Greek Mythology)

    A large white bird usually described to be very dove-like.

    It has the ability to heal the sic and injured, and, providing its size can be perhaps either be a majestic ally in which heals the player.

    Or a slightly larger than normal fluffy mount that heals its rider.

    Another way to incorporate it's abilities is perhaps right clicking it with a sponge that soaks up the healing powers or an empty bottle to get a regeneration potion.

    The kirin;

    (East Asian Mythology)

    I noticed you guys plan on adding several horse-like steeds into your mod (hippogryf hippocampus)

    and so, here is an Asian equivalent of the Unicorn, The KIrin.

    The kirin is a scaled horse with either a single or several antlers/horns on its head.

    Its mane stretches across its entire body and is often depicted to have a long tail.

    They are very peacefull creatures who tend to have a slightly larger chest and/or a longer neck than other horses because their inspiration comes from giraffes.

    While The kirin is a dragon-like hors. The Qilin are horse-like dragons who are vicous creatures with the vodies of horses yet head and claws of a dragon.

    The Wolpertinger;

    (Bravarian Folklore)

    The wolpertinger is a hare who has antlers, wings, fangs, and a "lion's chest".

    They are very much like jacalopes except with wings, fangs, and a large chest.

    The would be pretty awesome companions who you could tame with maybe either carrots/golden carrots/ or trees(cause...nuts?)

    The Ernenra;

    (Japanese Folklore)

    The are shadow demons who erupt from campfires.

    They would be a monster made of shadow that would attack the player on site, however, The cloud monster added in the inbetween lands may be too much alike it.

    The Manticore;

    (Early Eastern Middle Persian Mardyakhor)

    The large beast who can range from man sized to the size of a small house.

    They have the body of a red lion with somewhat of a man's face, bat wings, and a scorpion's tail.

    Large aggressive predators that could perphaps be beaten into submission and become a ferocious steed.

    The Kun Peng;


    It name literally means Giant Fish (Kun) and Giant bird (peng).

    It was a massive beast that was several thousand miles across(I think confusing wiki and impatient me)

    (gonna probably just put him at the size of a dragon in this if he is massive)

    He ether be an awesome mount, boss, or boss who his beaten and accepts himself as your mount.

    Can transform from a fish to bird and back

    Perhaps (I know I say that a lot) If he is chosen as a boss in your mod. His arena would be a great large circular lake inwhich is very deep and has mountains surrounding it with one little opening inbetween the mountains. that little opening is filled with sand and is a large beach inwhich has a single dock that you can depart from on a boat. The Kun Peng would spawn bellow you attacking your boat or you swimming and will fly out as a bird when you get on land.

    The Kun Peng Is said to have bean the leviathan in the bible.... or is just very similar(again got lazy with reading).

    I have a few more i found if you want but these ones would be awesome in game.

    The pictures should be easy to tell apart and I included 4 different ones of the kirin just to show how unique it can be designed

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    When I load minecraft using forge with your mod your mod gets replaced with MCP in the mods list and I can't find your mod in the game.

    Is this to do with something in the mod or another skipped step?

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    Quote from aman3712»

    Oh cool! You contribute to the Betweenlands mod? That mod has to be one of my all-time favorites, and I can't wait for the 1.10 version of it to release! I'm also glad you liked the Librarians! I can imagine them as being glass cannons that utilize many celestial spells.

    On a side note, I came up with one last mob idea inspired by the Lovecraftian mythos. It's a pretty wild idea :D

    The Maulgoth

    Where to Find: Being demons, they are one of the many inhabitable of the Nether. However, they also spawn very rarely.

    Info: Maulgoths are large, multi-legged demons that are able to consume almost anything that gets in their way. Widely considered as demons that represent gluttony, Maulgoths live up to their reputation as hoggish creatures, mostly motivated by eating anything and everything it can find. Maulgoths typically have thick brown skin and tons of black spikes protruding from their backs, and a body mostly composed of a vast fleshy maw studded with row upon row of razor-sharp teeth.

    Although the many tentacles it uses for walking seem thick and stubby, a Maulgoth is able to convert all of it's energy into a single burst of speed, in which it opens it's gaping mouth to consume anything unlucky enough to be in it's way. However, these bursts of speed can greatly wear down a Maulgoth, in which it will collapse onto the ground out of shear exhaustion and leave itself vulnerable for a few seconds. Having bellies full of molten lava, Maulgoths can ignite players upon bitting them, and can occasionally lob balls of lava from it's mouth. Maulgoths can also regenerate health by eating nearby mobs, in which the player can prevent by killing all mobs nearby.

    ooh I like that! The ability to regenerate health by eating other mobs. cool idea
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