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    posted a message on I lost an important world! Can I get it back?
    A while back, I updated Minecraft to 1.6. When this happened, all of a sudden all my previous worlds were lost! This really upset me because I had a lot of stuff I worked really hard on. I backed up my game, but when I looked in my backup files nothing was there. I also tried the whole "previous version" thing with my saves folder, but it only goes back to ealier this month, not MONTHS ago. Is there any way to fix this?

    Also if you're wondering why I waited this long to get help - I've tried almost everything and I'm seriously desperate. I know it was a while ago, but these worlds were my best. Thanks :)
    Also sorry if this isn't in the right category, I honestly wasn't sure where I should place this...
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    posted a message on Water Freezing?
    Hi guys! So...

    My cousin and I were on her server that she just updated to 1.7.4. Because of this, in extreme hill biomes all water freezes. Well, her world is an extreme hills biome. :( We built a gigantic waterpark that we spent months on and now its all frozen. We've tried placing glowstone under all the water but it won't work and it keeps freezing. Please, if you know how to fix this, tell me, please! Should she just downgrade her server again? Hope you all can help! :)
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    posted a message on What Do You Wish To Change?
    So, hi guys! As the title of this post says, I'm wondering what you want to change about Minecraft. And I mean anything! Let me give you a few examples.

    1. Skeletons. Gosh, I hate skeletons. Why can't they be a bit more... stupid?! I mean, I can never hit them! They always hit me with their dumb arrows first! Can someone say annoying?

    2. Sponge. OH. MY. GOSH. It does nothing!!!! I tried to make it soak up water but NOTHING HAPPENS! What the heck? Fix it!

    3. Bats are killing me! Every time I leave a room that's dark, and then come back - BAM! 5 bats are flying around everywhere! They're extremely hard to kill because they're so fast. Can there be like, an option to turn them off?

    Those were some pretty good examples. But... there are a few things you should know before you begin posting. Don't be the BAD examples. No.


    I think you just killed my eyes. Stop text typing, check your spelling, and learn what a space bar is. Just, no.

    2. Let's get rid of chickens. They annoy me, so lets cut them from the game. Bye bye, cluckers!

    Well, at least this poster knows what spell check is. But, this post isn't for getting RID of things. This is about CHANGING things. Maybe we can change chickens so they don't spawn so much? I don't know, just no saying we should get RID of something.

    3. Let's add a feature where lightning will strike and pigs can turn into pig zombies! That's change, right???? Respect? Love it?

    Yeah, um, no. Don't suggest ideas that were already said, that are commonly used, or I don't know, ALREADY IN THE GAME! I mean sure it's rare, but I think almost all of us know that if a pig is struck by lightning, it turns... evil.


    This poster obviously just skipped the entire BAD section, and started writing. He sounds like poster 1 and 2. He doesn't give a thought to how annoying caps are when they're overused, doesn't know proper spelling, and says to get RID of squids. Also, stop using the word budder! You complete idiots! I love Sky, I think he's awesome, but I DO NOT go around spamming posts about "the amazing budder" and "how squids should die". I'm not an idiot, people.

    So, to sum it up, start typing! What should we change about Minecraft, huh? Let your creativity run WILD!
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    posted a message on Why refer to gold as 'butter'? Gold ingots do not look, nor act like butter!
    Look, I like SkyDoesMinecraft, I think he's awesome, but luckily, I'm a regular. I don't go around screaming "BUDDER FTW! OMGZ BUDDER RULEZ!". I do call it gold, not butter or budder, so I agree that it has gotten... insane. I'm fine when people actually say it, but when they stupidly argue with you when you say gold, and tell you that it's budder, well that's plain idiotic.

    Also, if any of them were real fans of Sky, they'd listen when he tells them to stop saying butter or budder so much. So apparently, some of his "fans" just don't listen.
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    posted a message on What is Your Favorite and Least Favorite Minecraft Mob?
    Quote from Winter_Mage

    Favorite - Tie between Sheep/Mooshrooms/Snowmen

    Least - Spiders (both kinds)

    I have to agree, I like mooshrooms too. They're my #2 favorite mob. I'm going to list them in order :P

    2. Mooshrooms :3
    3. Piggies!
    5. Doggies!
    6. Kitties!
    7. Ocelots
    8. Squids
    9. Spiders
    10. Ghasts
    11. Villagers
    12. Magma Cubes
    13. Chickens
    14. Zombies
    15. Witches
    17. Silverfish
    18. Slimes
    19. Blazes
    20. Creepers
    21. Cave Spiders
    22. Endermen
    23. Wolves (Sorry, they EAT sheep! As dogs though, they're frickin' ADORABLE)
    24.Skeletons (THE WORST!)

    That's my list! :D
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    posted a message on Your WEIRDEST Minecraft Habits
    I HAVE to have everything exactly even. For example, if I'm making a wall on a building that's 9 blocks wide, if the door is directly in the middle, I'll freak out and HAVE to find the middle or else I'll think my building looks crappy. I personally think it's pretty weird, but I don't know, lol.
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    posted a message on What is Your Favorite and Least Favorite Minecraft Mob?
    Favorite: SHEEP! I'm sorry, sheep have been my favorite animal since I was a baby, so when I saw them for the first time on Minecraft I FREAKED out. I like them because they are ADORABLE, they're the only mob that can be dyed in Minecraft, and when you shear them, you get wool! Useful and cute!

    Least Favorite: Skeletons; I find them annoying. When you try to get near them to fight, they shoot you back every single time you try! They're a pain to kill and only drop bones, arrows, and VERY rarely, bows. This is only my opinion though.

    Anyway, what mobs do you like and dislike the most?
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    posted a message on Overused skins
    I hate....

    - Teenage boys skins (hoodies and headphones)
    - Creepers in hoodies
    - Herobrine skins
    - Steve/Default skin
    - Girl skins REALLY short shorts

    Other than that, I'm OK with all other skins...
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    posted a message on What kind of players do you hate the most?
    The kind of people, when they win the hunger games or the survival games, ect., they go, "Wow, you guys did so bad, I'm so great." They're so annoying!
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    posted a message on Overused skins
    Quote from Metalwario

    I have quite a few that really irritate me seeing them online.

    -Most girl skins (they're all recolors of that one bug-eyed skin)
    -Emo kid skins
    -Mob in a suit
    -Random skin with business suit on (such as the emo kid with headphones, in a business suit)
    -Superhero skins
    -Slime in a hoodie
    -Creeper in a hoodie
    -That HoneyDew skin (or whatever his name is)
    -Skins with only one shade per color (solid colored skins)
    -Hitler skins
    -Herobrine skins
    -Famous YouTuber skins

    I make my own skins. I find it's a lot more fun using ones I've made myself, rather than using something that everyone else has.

    I agree, it's better to make your own skin. I mean, I take a regular girl skin from the internet, but then I make everything different! For example, I'm a girl in a blue hoodie with a sheep on the back, you can't find that anywhere else. :P
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    posted a message on What are some stupid ban/kick/jail reasons you have seen or experienced?
    First Ban: Ugh, I was on this one stupid creative server, and the owner comes up to me and is like,


    I got really confused, because I was building a roller coaster and there clearly was nothing wrong with that.

    "You never said roller coasters were banned, sorry." I replied.

    Then he started cussing and freaking out on me, so I started to walk away when he said,

    "You're using to much land! Stop it! You're wasting land!"

    THIS part got me really confused because I only had like 20 minecart tracks laid down and the world was like, HUGE.

    I started to tell him that I didn't even use 30 blocks of space, but before I knew it, he banned me "for being an idiot and not listening".

    Yes, I'm totally the idiot for laying down 20 minecart tracks. I'm so bad.

    Second Ban: I was on a server with 2 of my cousins, and we were building this awesome house with a farm, and like 4 stories, and over 9 rooms. Suddenly, some creepy dude with some strange skin comes up and starts cussing at my older cousin for doing nothing.

    Because, my cousin was angry, he tried to kill the guy (which I admit was a stupid move because my cousin had an iron chestplate while this other dude had all diamond. To be nice though, I helped him fight the creepy guy. This stranger dude got so angry that he burned our WOODEN house with flint and steel, killed all the sheep in our little farm area, (which I started freaking out about because I LOVE sheep) and took everything from our chests.

    I know, overreact much?

    So, after I got over my anger, I went back on the server 2 days later to find I was banned for "breaking the rules and being a selfish player".

    What am I, a 4 year old?! Since when was I being a selfish player?!

    Anyway, I hate servers like that. Banning for no reason. :C
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    posted a message on The Best of the Best?
    Hi, Minecraft Forum! So... here's my issue.

    My cousins and I love playing on LAN together, and there's only one problem, we always run out of things to do! We've played every map (that interests us) and we need, well, more!

    If any of you know any great game, adventure, or puzzle maps, please put them in the comments below!

    Thanks, stay awesome!
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    posted a message on The worst minecraft rip-offs EDIT: Read Description!
    I have one game on my old iPod Touch called "Crafted". MY GOSH.... it's a sideways Minecraft! It's the worst thing I've ever seen. UGGH! You can barely move, and the controls are so frustrating that I want to throw my iTouch at the wall! AND, you can't go on creative. There's only survival, it's madness!
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    posted a message on Those 5 Little Things About Minecraft
    Let me ask you this - Why are we spending our time on Minecraft? Why not Call of Duty? Why not Super Mario Brothers? Well, because we love Minecraft! There are always just a few reasons why Minecraft's players keep coming back to play.

    Here are 5 things I love about Minecraft.

    1. It's not one of those stupid games where there are specific goals and things you have to do. You can create anything!

    2. There are so many possibilities! You could find an ocean and sail on it for 30 minutes, or discover a stronghold or a village! Endless creativeness!

    3. There's no mutton! (Sorry, I love sheep and lambs, and if mutton were added I'd probably punch my computer.)

    4. Once you pay for it, you're done spending money, unlike those cheap games you need memberships for, which you spend all your money on every month.

    5. It's the only game I can spend hours playing without getting bored after a while. There's always something to do!

    Now its your turn. Post your 5 (or more) favorite things about Minecraft. Hey, there's got to be SOME reason why all of us spend our time playing it!
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    posted a message on What New Mobs Do YOU Want in Minecraft?
    UGH, cows again? Cows, these domestic creatures are surrounding you on all sides! They take up the entire Minecraft world. Cows here, cows there, my gosh! And don't even get me started on pigs! They're even more populated than the cows! Don't you wish there was a better variety of mobs in Minecraft?

    A fire golem?

    A scarecrow?

    Sharks and dolphins?

    The very rare, yet amazing unicorn?

    There are so many possibilities! What would you like as a new mob in Minecraft?

    Now, this post IS about letting your imagination run wild, but, sadly, there has to be a limit. Here are the rules...

    1. Nothing too... simple and boring. Add a description on what your mob will do!

    BAD: How about birds? That's all.

    GOOD: We could have birds! They could come in different species like one could be red, another blue, or purple, green, pink, magenta, ect. They could be attracted to the color of wool that matches them, and they could become your pets!

    2. Please, if you're gonna post here, be creative, will you? Nothing that EVERYONE has heard...

    BAD: How about an endercreeper? Or maybe a mushroom pig! Or a zombie-cow!

    EVERYONE HAS HEARD THAT BEFORE! Be creative, people! Though the ideas above are great, almost everyone who's ever played Minecraft has tried to suggest these ideas to people once or twice.

    That's pretty much it! Enjoy posting, and come up with some cool creative new mobs!
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