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    We got two new towns yesterday! I hope to see more in the future.

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    Hi Minecraft Forums! There is a server that our little community would like to show off finally!

    DipIntoMC is an economic towny survival with multiverse installed for some other diverse options. The map is really new still. As a community we would like to grow and gain more members. Eventually fighting the enderdragon together even! Currently there are two towns Doomtown and Scythium which are apart of two separate nations. We hope to see more towns and nations grow so we can have more people participating in wars.

    “What if I do not like towny? Is there still something for me to do?”

    Absolutely! If you are into survival minecraft, you can still play without joining a town and use our claims system so your items are protected. Also you can still make a shop, which we have two different shop formats which are user friendly, anywhere in the world using the claims as well. No towny needed even on a towny server! You can also marry and procreate with Villagers and players alike, so start a family in one of our towns or in your own town while you’re at it!

    We also have multiple worlds you may soon enjoy. Some worlds include mini games, a creative world, an old world which is available to explore (from minecraft 2.1 - now!), and a pvp world and two random worlds.

    “What commands do you have for members which makes the server special?”

    Here is just a few commands… We gotta keep the rest a fun surprise for when you join!

    • /back
    • /astools (Armor stands can be made in various positions)
    • /tpa, tpahere, tpaccept, tpdeny
    • /espawn
    • /t spawn, /n spawn (towny commands)
    • /money (give, take)

    “What minigames do you have?”

    We are currently expanding our minigame options. At the moment we have twenty-four levels of parkour to play, spleef, and a small pvp arena. Our future work in progress minigames are Mazes, Capture the Flag, and larger pvp arenas (which will be located in the PVP realm).

    This is a public open server for everyone to join. We can’t wait to see you there!

    Join our Discord:


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