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    Would it be to big to allow normal PC Minecraft crafting for PS3? I hate the whole "You don't need to remember this" to make something, I like it better like "true" crafting."

    In the game options you have the ability to use the "classic crafting" ways that Minecraft should be played.

    I thought of this last night: make an inFAMOUS/inFAMOUS 2 mashup pack (skins, textures, and music)! I think a lot of people (this is my opinion here) would like it!

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    Yeah, that is creepy. I did have that happen. When I saw it, 1/2 of the house was missing, 1 block that held the water in place was gone, and there was a place for a lamp, but there wasn't any wool. The torches were floating on the ground.

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    posted a message on "Minecraft: Playstation 3 Edition" has failed to load, and cannot continue.

    I've had that same issue. Here's what I did, and it reduced the chances of that message occurring. First, I disabled autosave, then I turned the system off for 5 minutes and then turned it back on. After that, I turned on autosave to where it only does it every 15 min.

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    posted a message on WATCH_BLOX[Watch_Dogs In Minecraft]1.7.5 READ DESC.

    Why you want to test: Two reasons, first this is the first server I've seen like this. Finally, I'm into the idea of what you're doing and will support it all the way!

    How you will benefit from Watch_Blox: I will immediately give feedback on any bugs I find (and ask no questions about it).

    Your maturity level in gaming situations: I never rage quit, I find ways to improvise if necessary, and most importantly, I relax when playing!

    Also I only work 3 days a week so I'm always home the other days.

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