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    posted a message on Looking for people that are interested in helping to build a complex adventure map

    Hey, if you are still proceeding with this project i can help with command blocks and redstone and i have a bit of experience with building, and i can bring in some creative ideas to the story. i hope you're still looking for help

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    posted a message on Looking for help in a Doctor Who Adventure Map

    Name: Fynn
    Minecraft ID: Fynnion_LP
    Job (redstoners, builders, etc.): i work with Redstone and Commandblocks, (Not an elite, but i sahll do your bidding)
    How much knowledge do you have in Doctor Who: i watched the entire 10th and 11th and 12th Doctor i think that is season 5-13
    Why do you want to help: I am a big Fan of Doctor who and i really like the idea so i'd like to help in creating it
    Age: 17
    Skype: fynni-boy
    Anything else you want to add: not really, i just really like helping

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