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    Hello, I was wondering if anybody knows whether or not this mod is compatible with Magic Farm 3. Thanks in advance! The mod looks great.

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    Hello, I need some help diagnosing a serious issue. I logged on today on a server I own to find that huge sections of minecart track are just gone, as are the torches along them. Here are the details

    -We use bukkit for 3.1.2 as well as the latest spout and spout craft mods/clients
    -We have 37 plugins active, some of them pertaining to rail cart systems.

    - The track rests on a sky bridge which is STILL there, only the track and torches are missing

    - The track is level, therefore flooding cannot be the cause because we're talking about .5km of track

    - It's a beastnode server, and there are only 3 of us who play on it, but no previous white list was in effect.

    - I cannot place track on the bridge like before, but I can place other cobblestone blocks

    - Doing a map viewer comparison of before and after, it seems the tracks are indeed missing

    - Track we found a few nights before and stored away are missing from chests.

    - no other missing items as far as I can tell.
    - The actual time of this occurrence is unknown.

    This is really bothering me. I need to know if this is a possible plugin issue, server theft, game glitch or act of god. I appreciate any insight into the matter.
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