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    I have been looking for a minecraft pvp server but every one that I find, the host is never on. So I am starting a brand new world right now and if anyne is interested in playing, add my PSN: Poisonable and I will gladly accept your friend request and let you in. There is no spawn made in creative mode, just a brand new world where you may roam free. I will be playing all night and if there is enough people, I will just leave me ps4 on all night. So yeah shoot me a friend request and you can get right in.

    Map is also on small so that way everyone is kind of situated together and it makes for more pvp and makes you make a more hidden base.

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    Age - 18

    Skill great builder, and excellent with redstone,

    Experiance - been playing pc and console mincraft for 6 years now

    PSN - Poisonable

    How Active Am I? - I'm on everyday after I get out of work.

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