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    AGE: 17
    How often do you play?: every day or every other day
    How long have you played Minecraft?: since 2013
    Do you create any content yourself?: It depends on what this question is asking.
    Anything else you can add about yourself: I have a pretty dark sense of humor
    DISCORD: Iceey#5683
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    posted a message on New Realm Looking For Experienced Players



    been playing since 2013

    around 1-2 hours

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    posted a message on Realm looking for players (Bedrock Editon)


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    posted a message on In need of a GFX Artist? Look no further!

    Hi I'm Dakota and I have been practicing and composing graphics for companies and your average everyday people for about 3 years now. My art is customized exactly how the buyer(s) want it. My art is usually affordable depending on the amount of detail and time spent making it. If you are interested then after we decide on the product you want and the time it would usually take me to make it only then can I give you a price estimate.

    If you are interested or you have more questions then you can contact me on discord @ Iceey#5684

    Or you can contact me via email @ [email protected]

    Sadly, I had to reset my computer and all previous buyers works went with it, but I managed to keep a coupe of previous works and tests that I have done for myself:

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    posted a message on Glacier Factions! Recruiting All Staff Roles! Admins, Mods, Builders, Helpers, Configurators!

    Age 12+: 16

    Timezone: CST

    Previous Experience: I have previously owned my own server that was moderately popular. I have been admin on a of small server. I have been a mod on a server called minecade that was pretty popular a couple of years ago (not sure if it still is).

    How Many Hours A Week Can You Dedicate: about 10

    Can You Record: Yes

    Working Mic: (Yes/No): Yes

    What Rank Are You Applying For: Plugin Manager, Admin, or Mod (which ever you feel would be the best fit for me)

    If There Is A Glitch Someone Is Abusing. What Do You Do?: Depends on the glitch, say the glitch is something that can't be fixed right away then I would temporarily ban the player until it could be fixed. If it is something like the book dupe then I would automatically ban the player because that can't be fixed. If the glitch was something that was helping the player get ahead of the other players faster then I would temp ban the player, and if it carried on then I would just ban the player. If the player is doing something that is like a godmode glitch or something in that area then I would give the player a warning and if it happened again then I would go ahead and perm ban the player.

    If A Player Tells You Someone Is Hacking What Do You Do?: Hacking to me is an unforgivable offense, so I would follow the suspect and see how he/she is playing and if I figure they are hacking then I would record it and ban the player because hacking is not something that is tolerable to me.

    What Will You Do To Improve The Server Community?: I plan on bring new people to the server by promoting in any way I can. I would try to make sure every player on the server is happy and no disputes. I am a very friendly person and if there was ever someone that was in need of help I would help the person to the best of my abilities and make sure that they have a really wonderful experience. Most of all I would try and make sure that players on the server know they are being heard. One of my pet peeves is being ignored or not heard. When people join a minecraft server for the first time they are supposed to get an experience of no other, and they may not know what they are doing as soon as they join so they would ask other players for a helping hand. Some people are just to lazy to help and others just don't want to. Being a person who has a experienced this I would try to make sure that every player on the server has a voice and is heard if they need help!

    Discord?: Iceey#5684

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    posted a message on Active players wanted to join Vanilla Hermitcraft-style realm (inc.datapacks) (MATURE ONLY!)

    IGN: Iceey_

    AGE: 16

    LOCATION: United States


    HOW LONG YOU'VE BEEN PLAYING MINECRAFT FOR?: since 2011 so about 8 years

    DISCORD: Iceey#5684

    Also i am very mature for my age so please dont just go by that :)

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    posted a message on Vanilla Survival Realm

    i would like to join IGN: Iceey_

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    posted a message on ApolloMC IS LOOKING FOR GOOD BUILDERS!!! ASAP!!!!

    Hi, my name is Iceey and I am an admin on ApolloMC. We need a couple or just one good builder to build a spawn.

    Spawn Directions:

    100x100 Blocks

    Mythical Themed (if you need more info on this then you can talk to the owner)

    The spawn is for a root server or hub.

    We are willing to pay $15 but if you stick with us and help us build more things then you could get payed more.

    If you are interested contact me on discord @ Iceey#5684 i will guide you from there. Also be ready to show me evidence of previous builds. (if you dont have any then you have a low chance).

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    posted a message on [NEW] Realms server looking for chill smp players

    ign Iceey_

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    posted a message on New Ish Survival World

    IGN. Iceey_
    -Age. 14
    -Experience playing Minecraft (how many years).: about 6 years
    -Any other information that makes you stand out. : nah

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    posted a message on We Welcome Anyone Looking For A Realm!

    ign Iceey_

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    posted a message on A newer Realm, looking for people of all experience levels


    How long you've played Minecraft: about 6 years (almost when it first came out)

    You're expertise in the game: farming, mining

    Discord name(include the last 4 numbers): Iceey#5684

    What you'd bring to the Realm: Positivity (I really don't know)

    Anything else: Nope

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