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    As it says in the title this is The Legend of The Beggining which is a work in progress, i plan on having at least 4 major towns at the time i have this out of WIP, but anyways at the moment i only have one city made and one dungeon made. Anyways i wish you guys leave some feedback on whats done so far. I use the Balkon's Weapon Mod because i wish to have classes for this for a better RPG aspect.

    Rules ~
    1) First at the moment until i finish the map you need to use Balkon's Weapon Mod which can be found here: viewtopic.php?f=1032&t=229041

    2) You can only break mineral blocks, just don't break any blocks that have been placed for the purpose of the map.

    3) Don't take or use any items not designated for your class.

    4) You can only place chests, work benches, furnaces and items you use to make your house

    5) Don't Burn wood, and you can burn wool, but just dont burn it if it's near wood (such as the cities and be careful in forests)

    6) Don't use fly mod or any mod that'd make the game cheating

    7) Don't use redstone to go past doors, and don't break the blocks near doors to bypass them, and don't break doors themselves.

    8) The mineral order for the map

    1) Wood
    2) Stone
    3) Gold
    4) Iron
    5) Diamond

    1) Leather
    2) Gold/Chain
    3) Iron
    4) Diamond

    Rule 9) Don't take any shop items, unless you paid for it

    Rule 10) Currency in this map is gold bars.

    Rule 11) This isn't a rule but if you guys feel like you have any ideas to make it a more competition such as "Most Gold Bars wins!" anyways, you guys think of the idea.

    Well here are some screenshots:
    The first city (Class Town) at night

    The first shop of Class Town

    And the first dungeon The Haunted House

    And here are the notes that are scattered around in the first Dungeon:
    Dungeon 1: Haunted House:
    Note 1) Hm, there is no entrance here, wounder why that is. Well,
    let's just go up, luckily i brought some blocks with me and the
    fact that you can disobey gravity.

    Note 2) I guess there was a hole in roof, but i wounder why there
    were undead things up there. I hope the treasure that is rumored
    here is true. If it isn't i'll be mad.

    Well anyways, since I did come here to get the items this man
    wanted, I'll make sure i remember what they are...

    Item 1) Diamond Pickaxe
    Item 2) Gold Pickaxe
    Item 3) Gold Shovel
    Item 4) Iron Axe
    Item 5) Musket
    Item 6) Leather Helmet
    Item 7) Leather Chestplace
    Item 8) Leather Pants
    Item 9) Leather boots

    I also need to make sure to not break any of these or else
    i'll lose a couple of items in the reward.

    Note 3) Ugh, that was treachourous, but i only found 3 items
    that the man wanted. And i guess there is another floor, but now
    that i think about how big the place looked i should have figured.
    Well anyways i better go eat some food and get some new armor
    so i don't get overwhelmed down there.

    Note 4) Oh no, this place looks like a maze. I wounder if any
    items are hidden in here, but who has a maze in their house?

    Note 5) Wow, that maze was weird. Well now i only need to get
    the last 3 items for the man and maybe im nearing the treasure
    of this place since the floor is now obsidian. So lets see, what
    should i have now?

    Item 1) Diamond Pickaxe
    Item 2) Gold Pickaxe
    Item 3) Gold Shovel
    Item 5) Musket
    Item 6) Leather Helmet
    Item 9) Leather Boots

    So that leaves the Leather Chestplace, Leather Pants, and
    Iron Axe.

    And here is the Download Link for the map:


    Balkon's Weapon Mod:


    Also as a note this is my first custom map so i would like the feedback.
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    posted a message on [16x][1.6.x] Nagareru [UPDATE!] (WIP)
    I love how this pack looks so far, can't wait for when its finished
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    [b]Description: [/b] I'd like the skin color to be as close to a normal skin color you can get, and then his hair is whire,he has elven ears, and if you could, he has a faint light blue eyeliner, and the sword isn't neccassery. And you can see he has that cloak on him thats all black, so if you could add that, thatd be really nice. And the armor is mainly black with that leather-like things on it.
    [b]Reference Image URL:[/b] http://img829.imageshack.us/i/darkkaelrefrence.jpg/
    Extra Information:[/b] His eyes are a glowing red. And the cloak has red on the inside, and if you could make a sheated sword, that would be perfect, but its not neccassary, and that medal is pretty much like the medical symbol. And the glowing red at his feet isnt anything, so dont need to do anything about that.
    [b]Artist: [/b] Idc who does this

    Thanks, ik this may be awhile, but i dont have to get this right away, so you can do it when you get that time.
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