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    posted a message on New Minecraft Realms Invite Join Today!
    Quote from Franknol

    I would like to give it a go: Franknol

    I already got invited to another server, so don't invite and give it to someone else. Cheers!
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    Quote from Sonicmario51

    Bio: I have been playing minecraft for about 14 years and i really enjoy the game.

    How can you play that long for game a few years old?

    IGN: Franknol
    AGE: 20
    BIO: I used to play MC a while ago, but i want to try the realms feature.
    HPW: Probably will be often online, 15-ish
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    posted a message on New Minecraft Realms Invite Join Today!
    I would like to give it a go: Franknol
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    posted a message on What is the 1.3 lag?
    I have the same issue too, this is NOT a graphical lag is more a kind of a server lag which is the main reason that i play SP Minecraft, to avoid this kind of lag and the griefers. For example, at my village the zombies are attacking the doors, but they are not in the door, only the sound of the hit is there and a few seconds later, they teleport to the door!

    Its just annoying!
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    posted a message on Yogscast Responds To Statement
    Lying guys are lying.

    Its is obvious that they dont want take responsibility of their own acts so they dont recognize them. I cant believe people swallow this BS.
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    Quote from GingerNinjaSam

    I really really don't like the ending.

    All this time we've been imagining Minecraft is some fantastic alternate world that has had an ancient past, it's own geography, lore, and more.

    Then it turns out in a long, rather creepy ending (for a sandbox game ಠ_ಠ) that you are infact someone who is asleep and dreaming that you are the palyer, and that it is time to wake up. That's pretty damn freaky, knowing that all of Minecraft was just some guy's dream while he was in a coma or something, and that none of it was ever real or a fantastic new world or anything.

    Completely destroys little fragments of lore like how there must have been civillisation before the player (undead, strongholds, etc.), how the Testificates created settlements, why aload of Pigmen ended up zombified in the Nether, etc.

    Life on Mars US anyone?

    Yep i hate it too
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    I know that feel bro
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    IGN - Franknol
    Age - 18
    Time you can dedicate to server weekly - 2-4 peer day
    Do you have Teamspeak? If no will you get it? - No, but i will if is requiered
    What is the fifth Server Law? - No sharing of account information

    Name - Frank Jones
    Gender - Male
    Age - 25
    RP example - I enter into a dark room, i cant see anything when i heard a voice: Put your hands up and give me any weapon you have!
    Biography [About a paragraph or 2] -

    Frank Jones born in New Vegas, he ran a small shop of weapons scavenged from old buildings near of Novac, he always said he were "saving" the technology from super mutants and ghouls or any other radioactive freak cant have it to kill the entire city. He can use any kind of weapons, pistols are his favorite are the .44 magnum but he is useless with the energy weapons. He made a small fortune at the time of the First Battle of Hoover Dam selling weapon and supplies to the folks and the Great Khans. But after 10 years of the Second Battle of Hoover Damm he had troubles with some of the costumers most of them Khans and he decide to go to Utah, he heard about the treasures that it might be intact in all these years. Just with his .44 magnum, some radroach meat and a few caps Frank will test his luck on the wild wasteland of Utah
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