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    Hello, I would like to share some poems from my upcoming poem collection, "Addled Thoughts Are Not To Be Fought"

    Please give some feedback and ask questions, I can always release more too!

    I had never found true happiness, until her

    Or even the sweet sound of laughter that could kill

    The sun doesn't compare with her glow

    A radiance from us pair that shines so

    No other branch could ever so quite grow

    Or a lily so lazy be sowed

    But in madness and chaos we seek the less fortunate path

    That's the trail we all follow in it's deep dark wrath

    It hurts and tortures the innocent with a shrill laugh

    Scraping and shredding the soul leaving nothing but daft

    But we know of the natural successions that follow in place

    Primary with so little growth on top of the new space

    And secondary with tall and lush green which gives it's new face

    In time we find this cycle repeated caused by disturbances

    This is the chaos that blinds our dance

    Little hope to find the right chance

    With a small sliver to advance

    I have seen the darkness in full glory

    It has lived in me and told it's story

    The very fear and pain just for me to see

    It opened my eyes to the woe around me

    I saw for the first time no worry

    We led each other to our own roads

    Unbeknownst to us it would merge into one that flows

    I will never be thankful enough for your love that you have so graciously given me

    I see it's value and nothing will ever hold dear enough

    Thank you Bailey

    From your Hillbilly

    Immersed in madness can be a wonderful place

    Filled with lace and love, drawn so graceful

    Confusing but an underlying brace that we have to hold

    Nothing was told, only created for our eyes in fold

    With this being here we get lost to the mind

    It won’t always be so kind though

    A tug of war that is in constant bow

    Leaning one way makes the full throw

    Shifts and shakes we are engulfed in

    Time slowed down to the tiniest pins

    Off the rails and exploring anything

    will lead to creaky and broken hinges

    Even more so when presented to your presence

    The things we see seem to be too dense

    In the midst of fear we see our own truth

    A booth in which we construct with our ideas

    Secluded alone we are left with the mindless

    spinning motion that inhabits our beloved others

    It’s a path we only run down

    To get out the other end in a gasp

    Fresh air gulped down cleanses our grass

    Our hair is smooth and our hands are clean

    Addiction is through many forms

    All leading to a weeping mourn

    After it’s all done, we are forlorn

    Against all tragedies, this is what we are born

    Death comes in many ways, it can come fast or slow

    Dying is apart of life someone might say, it all ends in woe

    Did we ever ask ourselves, does dying seem that bad?

    Don’t engage in danger, but don’t put fear in the lad.

    It starts to look up when you see their face

    It’s a beautiful thing, her lovely la

    I wonder how

    In every time

    Celestial minds bring forth a thought

    Care for the knowledge of truth

    Cry when fabricates are brought

    Curse when honesty is aloof

    Think for yourself and be open to all claims

    Take care not get lost in the mainframe

    Tis a silly place indeed, the game simply has no shame

    It was always her face

    It has always been her silly grace

    I yearn for her presence, it rips like a mace

    Oh what a feeling has felt like with her

    Onwards to fondness that fought so featherly

    Now is not the time to say naught

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    posted a message on [OLD THREAD] The Sanctuary SMP

    IGN: FrankStallone

    Age: 18

    Country: USA

    What is your favourite thing to do in Minecraft?: Either build an interesting build or just go mining

    How would you see yourself contributing to our community?: I have ideas on how to bring a server and community together and am always wanting to interact with everyone

    What makes a good Minecraft community to you?: When everybody is on the same page, nice, and want to make the world look nice

    Are you familiar with Discord? Are you comfortable using a microphone in a chatroom?: I don't have a mic but I can get discord.

    Tell us a little about yourself, an example would be other games you like to play or how you chose your IGN: I like to play city planning games or tycoons and RPGs.

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    A new grave mechanic that is very unique and interesting. Hope you keeping making additions!

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    Hey guys just wanted to show off my survival swamp house that I constructed, wanted to get different opinions about it. I am playing modded survival so there are some different blocks and textures in there, but i really wanted to achieve depth and height in this build and a good set of colors.

    Front of the house:

    Little shed:

    Back side:

    Side of the house:

    Mud room:




    I really liked how the farm turned out, i liked the tree overhanging on the farm i thought it added a nice touch.

    Pig Farm:

    Again i liked how much the farm turned out so i did the same thing with the pigs. Even added some BoP mud in there for them!

    Alright guys please give me some feedback and opinions, i personally think it turned out great besides the interior which was a little unfurnished but that can always be fixed.

    thanks guys!

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    Looks too flimsy, try adding logs as support and making it look a little bulkier.

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    Looks good. Superflat terrain in survival never appealed to me personally but this makes me want to reconsider. I'll be following this journal. Keep it up!

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    Quote from kysler»

    House is looking cozy, what are you using that adds the decorative items it almost looks like decocraft but I don't recognize some of the items and was that a witchwood tree I saw in the picture with the horsies by chance?

    Yes I am running Decocraft 2.1.1 & Maybe ;)
    Quote from Nasapigs»

    You named your dog dog... how fitting.

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    Thank you all for the lovely comments, really makes this worth doing. I am having a great time with this and am pretty excited for the things to come!

    Chapter 5 is out now!

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    Chapter 4 is now up!

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    Quote from ReasonzYT»

    Good job sir this is a very interesting story and kind of replicates one of my adventures I had in Minecraft without mods of course but this is way more interesting than any other survival story. :D

    Thank you sir I am glad people are enjoying this. I have some big plans for this story so stay tuned!
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    Chapter 3 is up!!

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    Quote from kysler»

    Well done sir, You did a good job this time around :)

    Thank you! I felt like the last one was more of a showcase rather than a journal, which wasn't what I wanted at all.
    Quote from Nasapigs»

    Interesting. I'm guessing this is a modded survival story? I never saw the first thread but, I think this ones going way better by the sounds of it. I'm curious to see what you'll do with this. Quite frankly I have high hopes.

    As do I my friend, especially with my combination of mods it allows me to have a more story driven experience with a little bit of work.
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    Hello all, I decided to redo my survival journal that I posted a while back which wasn't even a journal and It was very badly organized so I thought a fresh start would do everyone a great justice so here we are. I also wanted to do something a little bit different than other journals, although this might have already been done, I wanted to add a plot, and a story to my journals rather than just explaining what I am building or what I will be doing. I hope this can add a sense of realism and even some roleplay and immerse the readers into another world just like any other story. So without further ado I give you Frank's story.

    Chapter 1: Stranded

    My name is Frank I come from the village of Verloren. My life was pretty comfortable off, I managed the town's lumber mill which held me in pretty high standard with my other kinfolk. I had a wife and two beautiful boys that are the lights of my life. I am telling you this because I have been stranded somewhere in the wilderness. I can't remember what happened last night, I had a few too many to drink and there was a strange man.. This doesn't make sense.. I awoke in what I believe is a savannah. I have only seen pictures of these, I never strayed to far outside of the village. There was a chest there however, with a hatchet inside. What does all of this mean?

    After exploring my surroundings I realized I must be very far south in Minecraftia as there are deserts that wrap around the savannah. My first instinct is to go North. I will collect any tree limbs that have fallen on the ground just in case. I'm just looking for any sort of clue that might point me in the direction of where to go.

    A couple of miles of walking North I stumbled upon a desert village that seemed to be sustaining in the vast heat with prickly vegetation. However North of it looks to be a forested mountain, that will be my next stop. Perhaps one of the citizens knows anything about my sudden and strange appearance. Some carrots would also taste amazing, I am feeling pretty peckish..

    As I questioned the various villagers for questions to no avail. They speak an unfamiliar tongue and my efforts are futile. One of them, their blacksmith I am guessing, gestured to my tool and led me to his workshop. When we arrived he snapped my hatchet's wooden head off and gave me a new one. It feels like a hard petrified log.. I've felt this material before though.... Ah! It's made of bone! These villagers don't throw anything away out here in this sand trap. It seems sturdy enough. He even taught me how to make some more tools and showed me his smeltery. Very interesting knowledge, I do not believe we have one back home, I was always given my tools.

    I wanted to mine for some stone and hopefully strike a coal vein. He showed me to their mine and using my newly fashioned flint pick I started to dig more tunnels. Stone after stone until I swung and hit air. A cavern. Actually a cavern and further exploration revealed a tight ravine. I came out satisfied with my haul. Along the way I began to tinker with my pick and found a way to actually increase the durability! I will have to keep tinkering with it the more I mine.

    I think this desert heat is getting to my head :wacko:

    As the night begins to end and I pack my belongings away for departure I realize that this must be something more than just surviving. I think this is a test.. A test to my strength, patience, and sanity. This is going to be a lonely journey, but I will not fail my family.

    Chapter 2: Humble Beginnings

    I've spent days walking North of the desert village hoping to find something of interest, I was about to give up hope and setup a camp to recuperate but I spotted a building over a hill and went to investigate. Believe it or not I found another village, this time in a plain, it was smaller than the last. They did let me have some potatoes though which will help in my journey. These villages sure do make me homesick.

    As I was strolling around the village trying to converse, I noticed a mysterious looking building in the distance. I wonder if this building may hold something for me. I feel an overwhelming desire to explore, but I know I cannot handle what is lurking inside it's depths. I will remember this building though.

    After resting in the village eating my carrots, I made a decision that will shape this quest. I am going to build a sustainable shelter and build up my resources before I venture out any further. I fear that if I had kept traveling I would have not seen the next daylight. While this will be hard and use all my skills this will only help me achieve my goal. So i set out a couple miles East of the village and found a nice location that will serve a temporary home for now.

    I have finally set the basic setup after hours of digging away at dirt and stone. I will try to gather an abundance of the necessary materials before I start to build on the surface. I would only end up dead if I tried now. I finally feel like I am getting closer to seeing my family.

    Chapter 3: Progress

    After mining deep in the Earth for several days, I began to notice the lack of quality my pickaxe presented. Yes my little tinkerings over those days gives it quite an edge from the original crude tool, it still can not tap into the vital metals that are necessary to survive in this world. I began scheming on ways to overcome this debacle and remembered a gift one of those villagers gave me. After reading I found that a copper pick head would allow me to access iron, one of the more stronger metals out there. This became quite the search that spanned out to several days, at least I think several days it's hard to tell under here. Finally I was blessed enough to find a small vein to start working towards smelting metals.

    I began to clear a room adjacent to my 'main' room that would hold my smeltery. I was able to make it larger than I thought because of the 'gift' the villagers gave me of their smeltery. It's a 3x3x2 smeltery that will fit my needs very nicely.

    This new pick allowed me to excavate more and delve further into more sophisticated and valuable ores. I uncovered tremendous amounts of iron before, but now I am more than equipped to harvest it all. Soon I will have a vault full of iron ore!

    Delving deeper also means more lava which is the only fuel source for the smeltery. I am lucky to have found a nice moderate sized lava pocket that I will have to take advantage of.

    After my latest iron ore haul I immediately went to the smelter and put iron in like no one's business. I soon came out with an upgraded pick and enough iron to feed an iron golem family! Soon I will upgrade all of my tools, make an actual weapon, and craft some armor. Writing this makes it sound like this is my permanent home..

    This next entry will enhance the previous feeling twice fold. I began to notice the lack of nearby animals for hunting, so I started this little garden to help sustain me. I tried to replicate the villagers as much as possible seeing as I have no agriculture experience. Hopefully this will last me until either someone finds me, or I find them.

    This dreary place doesn't feel like home.. in fact it feels like I'm a prisoner, searching for my way out. I need to get out of this cave.. Making me claustrophobic. Perhaps I will do that in the next coming days. Yes, I will begin drawing up blueprints at once, I will need to get more materials and better tools. Maybe things are looking up..

    Chapter 4: Home away from home

    I set all my priorities and energy into making a more adequate and lively shelter for myself. I made an overall plan, gather resources, make a layout, flesh it out and move all my current belongings in there. For now we need lots of wood. Devoting myself to these goals help me take my mind off of me being lost..

    As I went to leave, I noticed a note or a letter pinned to a nearby tree trunk. Dazed and confused I approached it cautiously, even looking around to see if the owner was lurking around nearby. I grabbed it and read on.

    The contents were not what I expected at all. It was a riddle, a message left for me to try and decode. It read as the following:

    'The Key to your path Lies in a different home A home of Stone and Spiders'
    Great, more confusion to comprehend. I will have to keep this and deliberate more when Night falls.
    With the riddle in the back of my mind I can focus entirely on my new home. With my experience in lumber I was able to fell several trees in a very short amount of time, dramatically speeding up my progress.
    There was a small hindrance in my planning. I had no spruce wood for my floorboards. So I began to feverishly explore the surrounding areas around my ideal location, which is about a click behind my little hovel. While exploring to the East I did however find another desert, perfect considering I didn't pickup any.
    Even though my aching for my homeland still surges through me, I feel blessed to be able to witness and capture the beauty of this world.
    Ah! There's my spruce tree! Now I can proceed with actually building the house.
    After painstaking hours and multiple hammer blows to my thumbs The shell of my temporary home is complete. I loosely based the design off of my home back in my village.
    I'm not sure what was worse, building the house or lugging everything out of the cave. But everything is moved in and I just want to say, this place is going to need some serious decorating soon if I'm going to be staying long here.
    This riddle will not elude my attention though, I have a strange feeling this is linked to my disappearance. It will take awhile for me to understand it, but I will get it eventually. Perhaps the neighboring villagers know something about it?

    Chapter 5: Friendly Faces

    As I woke up today, I looked around my room and made a pretty obvious observation. This home was bare. While I had most of the necessities and my storage took up most of the attic, I figured this place needed some lively touches. So I began my day with an assigned task, make my house pretty. But before I could get started I had a visitor.

    This little fella managed to sneak his way into the house during the night, escaping from the terrible monsters as I do

    every night. He probably smelled all the rotten meat I still had. I went upstairs and grabbed all I had and threw it to him. As I left him to his devices I began to walk around and noticed him following, I guess were buddies in this cruel lonely world now. We never got a dog back home, the wife preferred cats.

    Before I got started constructing and carving furniture, I decided that my small makeshift farm wasn't cutting it anymore. I laid out a small area in the back and constructed a hedge around it to keep out the pesky critters. I'll tell you what being away from home has really brought out my creative side.

    As I set out to the desert to gather my cacti that I needed, I noticed a small herd of horses not too far from my house. I will need to harness these creatures in order to travel long distances in a short amount of time.

    In order to make the furniture I needed a workbech large enough so I constructed a custom one that fits all of my needs nicely.

    The first thing I wanted to make was a desk so I could sit down and write in peace. I'm tired of sitting on the floor munching on musty carrots. For my first pieces I feel they came out remarkably well. I guess I have a knack for frontier living.

    Next my kitchen needed a little sprucing up. Up to this point I was preparing my food in the attic.. Now I have a proper kitchen that will provide food and happiness for the hopefully days to come.

    This home is really shaping up now. Huh, I didn't think I would be calling this place home, but that's what it's really feeling like. I've even toyed with the thought of moving my family out here and living free off the earth. Tis a crazy notion but I've enjoyed a sense of serenity and peace out here. Even with my horrible depression and paranoia.

    For now Hund and I will live here and become stronger and more knowledgeable of the wary land around us. I want to go back to the villages soon, to see if they know anything about the riddle, perhaps I can even trade some furniture for some goods. Oh and my new bestfriend's name is Hund because of an old folk tale we told back in my village. Hund was the name of a strong hero who fought his way back to his family, even going through death. My oldest loved that tale so I thought it deemed appropriate for him to bear the name. I will be back soon son..

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    posted a message on NationCraft | A Small Community Modded Server | 1.12 Custom Modpack

    Hi! My IGN is FrankStallone, but you can call me Frank. I've been looking to join a modded server, but most of them are huge and have no sense of community. I saw David's journal and really saw the closeness that you guys bring to your server. I've been playing a Minecraft since Alpha and am heavily invested in the modded Minecraft scene. I hope to be playing with you guys soon!

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    Day 103 in Frank's World

    103 Days! And Friday the 13th!

    Today I wanted to take care of ore processing so I went out and got modular systems! Tinkers is too much work for ore processing :P

    Wasn't sure on how to handle the building part, so I went with just a two story platform for right now. I might put a glass wall and a roof leading up to the mountain.

    The bottom area is mostly for input/output and storage. I plan to drill into the back of the input so I can directly deposit into the crates. I used 8 iron blocks for each machine, and 1 redstone block in each. This balances a nice efficiency with speed.

    Will most likely evolve over time. I want to add a small dock with a crane to make it seem more industrial, maybe even a smoke stack.

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