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    posted a message on What was your noobiest moment in minecraft?
    Well, I built my little village and somehow screwed myself by killing every cow, sheep, and pig even remotely close to me. I guess I thought they would respawn.
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    posted a message on What's your favorite texture pack?
    I have been obsessed with this game for a while. I love the 8 bit style of graphics. It has the worst graphics by todays standards, but it has enough charm to allow you to forget about it and get so immersed into your own little world. I have looked into texture packs and have found many great ones. I know what I like, but I wanted to know what everyone else is looking for in a texture pack. Here's what I want...

    1) Higher resolution textures ( a little more realistic grass never hurt anybody)
    2) Similar textures ( I hate when the developers make textures look totally different from the original design!)
    3) Also I want different texture qualities. ( I have a mac book pro, but it can't run any of the 256x packs :'( so i make do with lesser ones.

    So, here are my favorites and why I love them:

    -Painterly Pack - It is great! You spend like 20 minutes going through every texture of the game making your ideal pack. Then it saves it to your computer. The graphics aren't the greatest, but if you like the original minecraft style, then this may be for you. It keeps the original style of the game and lets you customize a bit. (Who wouldn't want a creeper comforter for their minecraft bed? or have cooked chicken turn into a bucket of KFC with Cln Sanders face replaced by a creeper?)

    -LB Photorealism Pack - It is crazy!!! Looks so real and has different options (x16, x32, x64, x128, x256, and even x512!) depending on your computer rig. Only downfall is it gives the game a dark, medieval feel. this may be a plus to some, but it takes away from the experience for me. Also, the items look totally different in your inventory so you'll be very disoriented at first. I love it though just to see my creations through a different perspective.

    -Misa Realistic Texture Pack - maybe my new favorite! it is x64 and looks great!!! the lighting is very bright and cheery and the textures look improved, but very similar as the originals. I love it!

    So what do you use? What do you like in a texture pack?
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    posted a message on Survival Mode Confirmed for Minecraft PE!
    WOOHOOOO!!!! I knew it!!!!!!!! people have been so negative and now i can't wait. i'm gonna start putting some time in the game now!!!
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    posted a message on Survival for Pocket Minecraft? I think I know how!
    give it time! look how far this game has come in such a short time. Notch could have easily charged for alpha, beta, and now 1.0. He chose not to though. When the game was released in alpha it was bare just like MC PE, so as soon as he can, I'm sure notch will make MC PE similar to the PC version we all love so much. just be patient people!
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    this game is groundbreaking and in many ways. one way may be in the nature of how you must review it. Most games of this era are like Hollywood movies. Every now and then though you get a crazy awesome game by some indie developer (i.e. Limbo). And so, we have another indie game called Minecraft. The graphics are most likely purposely bad and charmingly bad at the same time. there is not much need for sound, although you probably could use a mellow tune to break blocks to. the gameplay is as good as it gets because it is so intuitive. finally, the replay value is higher than any game out there. this game deserves credit and lots of it! notch created a new "super mario" kinda game. a new genre, something with pigs, zombies, and 16bit graphics. I absolutely love it. Also you have to credit notch with the way he embraces and maybe encourages mods for the game. I love that!!!
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    Quote from acrios90

    I had posted this game review on my website, The website if anyone is interested is in my signiture.

    Minecraft a very popular online/offline sandbox game. This game is fun to say the least. Unlike a lot of other sandbox games this one has way more freedom. You may ask "How much more free can a sandbox game get?" Well unlike most sandbox games you can not only edit your world and character and even how the game looks but you can also alter its source code, and in turn do just about anything!

    4/5 Visual: This games visuals are a little hard to explain it is simple on a small scale but also incredibly complex large scale. the textures are simple 16bit but can be altered to be larger (32x, 64x, 128x...) But the textures are not the total of the Visual complexity of Minecraft. If you look on a large scale there is an entire world full of amazing landmarks. It is very uncommon to see the same thing twice in a world.

    2/5 Audio: This game (as it is in 1.9pre6) Is lacking in audio its same old calm.ogg plays at seemingly random moments. the sound effects are interesting but after awhile it becomes a little repetitive. The audio isn't all that bad my favorite part is the Note blocks feature. the possibilities are pretty much endless on what you can do with those. there have been TONS of youtube videos featuring hit songs played on these.

    5/5 Gameplay: Minecrafts gameplay is truly impressive. Because of its sandbox like setup you can do virtually anything! there is no definite story to minecraft, however as of 1.9pre6 there is a goal (though you really don't need accomplish it) Minecrafts gameplay ranges from simple survival to creating massive structures

    Minecraft Overall Rating


    (Disclaimer: Opinions expressed are just that, opinions please do not flame or troll about it. just deal with it.)
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    posted a message on Celebrating Minecraft's Release
    Quote from A Blind Moron

    As you know, Minecraft is released officially at Minecon tomorrow. I'm not going to be there, and chances are neither will you. At any rate, I figure I ought to do something to celebrate the release.

    So tomorrow, as soon as I download the update, I'm starting a fresh new world on a nice seed and I'm never going to delete it. Ever. Once I've gotten the permanent world set up with a decent house and some resources, I'll make a hardcore world. Valdark's Challenge. And no stopping until I win.

    So what will you do tomorrow?
    well i'm totally gonna have to bake a cake in minecraft to celebrate this special occasion!
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    posted a message on What Minecraft Pocket Editon is lacking
    Quote from MineZ0R

    Guys... How often must this be said:

    It is ALPHA 0.1.1!!

    Nobody was acting like this when The full minecraft was in that state...
    They are using the same model like they did with Minecraft PC -> Update per Update they will carefully put more stuff into it, untill it gets really good - and on the way there, they try to let the community deep into the development while it is still being developed...
    It worked for Minecraft, it will work for the pocket edition too...
    Just wait and see...

    We know, but we're spoiled with how great they made the PC version and can't wait to play that on the go. It's just so hard to go back to such an early version of the game.
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    posted a message on Pocket Edition Updates?
    Hopefully since the PC version is almost officially finished, they will have more time to concentrate on bringing the pocket version up to speed. Maybe even a Nintendo 3DS version, but I won't hold my breath.
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