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    posted a message on How do good solo modders make good mods?


    I wanna like, go through their tutorial java or something, so that i can understand the codes.

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    posted a message on Help me fix some crash

    I just wanna play man, Abyssalcraft keeps crashing with Invalid Dimension ID even though i changed the dimension ids numerous times in the config!

    Plus, this guidebook keeps crashing, even though i don't install Guidebook.

    Abyssalcraft :




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    posted a message on I want to learn to make a Minecraft 1.12.2 mod.

    Guys... i really want to make a mod of my own... like Roots, Embers, tech mod like EnderIO, Mekanism, Thermal Foundation... Where does the devs learn how to make mods like that?? I want to learn too...

    Where do i learn to make mods like these tho man? I learned some Java basics... here is the proof:

    class Program


    public static void (String[ ] args) {

    System.out.println("Hey Guys",);



    Where... where?

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    posted a message on Astral Sorcery lags performance.

    Hello, i need help on how to increase my Minecraft performance with Astral Sorcery Mod. It seems that installing this mod lags my performance. At first loading a world, it's not lagging. After a lot of mins, the game starts lagging. Short freezes everywhere.

    Removing dim 0 from WeakSkyRender in the AS config really increased my performance, but that doesn't completely remove the short freezes.

    Anyone have a something to increase my performance with AS mod? I have about 95-118 mods, specs:

    Windows 7 Ult SP1 64Bit

    RAM 4 GB

    Total VRAM 8.07 GB

    AMD Radeon R& 240 Series

    Please, this mod is cool, but sad i have to delete it because of the short freezes.

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    posted a message on Annoying crash ever.

    Hey, i got this crash here when i delete one of the mods :


    After the crash happened, other mods crashes like this too, invalid dimension id.

    Such as AE2, Aether Legacy, TheBetweenLands, Wizardry, MatterOverdrive

    How do i really fix this annoying af crash?!!

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    posted a message on Dirt screen, with hotbar appear after loading world.

    Hi, i have a problem here, when i load a world with Biome Bundle (OTG) it starts fine, but after it loaded, i'm in the game. Except the fact that i only see dirt screen, and a hotbar.

    I CAN move, but i still only see the dirt screen!

    Even F3, Chat, Creative Gui, it still shows dirt screen, and the game is still responsive.

    Mods : Do you really need to know? Maybe these is involved with this problem :

    Stellar Sky, BetterFoliage, DynamicSurroundings, SoundFilter

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    posted a message on World Lag? FORGE 1.7.10

    I have a Minecraft Forge 1.7.10 with {AcademyCraft, LambdaLib, Call To Battle 2, Aether 2, Amnesia Lights, AM2, AnimationAPI, Galacticraft, MicdoodleCore, Galacticraft Planets, Optifine, GlidedGameUtils, Immersive Engineering, Inventory Tweaks, Matter Overdrive, Thaumcraft, Vampirism, and TooManyItems} mods.

    I created a new world, and after i entered the world, i can walk around normally, take things from creative inventory normally, But!

    Blocks only loaded 16x16x16, chat not responding, Items Freezing(RF not wasting), etc. It's kind of server lag.

    What mod caused this?

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    posted a message on Vampirism - Become a vampire!


    It happens after i installed Astral Sorcery, so i deleted Astral Sorcery and it still happens.

    Everytime i load a world.

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    posted a message on Vampirism - Become a vampire!


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    posted a message on Construction Engineer mod request?

    I'm tired of building some structures only by myself and my mod tool called Linear.

    I was hoping that i could find a mod that puts a structure's hologram, and when you have some materials to that hologram structure, you right click on it

    and it places the blocks that completes the structure automatically one by one, with only empty hands.

    Left clicking that hologram destroys it.

    If you did not understand a little bit, it's like Enviromental Tech, when you right click on a block(that makes a structure, ex lightning rod) with a Env Tech Assembler, it places the blocks on that structure one by one to complete the structure, that is, if only you have some right materials. If you did not, nothing happens.

    So my example from this mod is...

    Let's say you press H and a menu opens up, a list of structures to be built. You click an icon with a wall brick wall on it. 3x3 brick and 3 stone slabs on top.

    So you need 9 brick, and 3 stone slabs. The block requirement is under the structure icon.

    When you click on that icon, the menu closes, a structure's hologram will follow your cursor.

    Right click to put the structure, putting it faraway (more than 5 blocks) will put on a action bar saying "Structure too far away!"

    After putting the structure, you have the right materials(9 bricks, 3 stone slabs) and you right click on the structure's hologram, it puts a brick down on that structure's hologram. You keep right clicking and the structure is done.

    The structures available are:

    3x3 Brick Wall(like before) = 9 Bricks, 3 Stone Slab

    3x3 Oak/Birch/Spruce/Jungle/Acacia/Dark Wall = 9 Wood

    A camp = Bed, Wools to make a camp

    You can think of more structures!

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    posted a message on Foamfix Error? [SOLVED]

    Optifine Ultra E2 has a new feature, optimized memory allocation that can help Foamfix, but you know. It's "Upload Texturemaxmipmaps=0" thing and lagging as hell.

    My friends computer, which is a little bit powerful than mine, has Foamfix and Optifine on Minecraft, but still fine. No errors.

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    posted a message on REQUEST MOD Endgame Dimension 1.12.2

    Hello, i request a endgame dimension, where the enemies there are very hard. Each mobs are over 60+ hearts. Bosses have over 1500+ hearts.

    These mobs are powerful that you need a powerful weapon like Draconic Evolution.

    The reason i request this is because i want my Minecraft world to have more objectives.

    So, can anyone make this mod?

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    posted a message on How to disable the "Optifine: reloading custom textures" thing?

    -I'm sorry if i posted this in the wrong post, please put it somewhere else so that i know where to post threads like this.-

    When i start Minecraft, there's a lots of "UploadTextureMaxMipMaps=0" because of Foamfix Mod and Optifine is on the Mods folder.

    But i think when i disable "[config][optifine]reloading custom textures" will fix that, but how?

    Optifine has no config, but it's options.

    So how? Got no time.

    Sorry for bad eng

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    posted a message on Fork of LittleMaidsMob?

    Can someone make a fork of the LittleMaidMobs mod? I have found one in the Japanese forum but it's only for the 1.10.2.

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    posted a message on Looking for a good mod for 1.12.2.

    Hello, i love playing Minecraft with mods, but it's not enough. I don't know why, i have an addiction of trying out good mods.

    Good mods that i keep is: Matter Overdrive, Techguns, Immersive Engineering, Tinker's Construct, Actually Additions, Roguelike and Doomlike Dungeons, Battle Tower, Thermal Foundation, Dynamics, Expansion, JJ Skills, and Embers.

    I am looking for mods that are good as these guys, survival friendly and unique.

    Can you guys help me find mods like these? I'm finding at Curseforge but i found no good one or i think i judged the book by it's cover.

    Hud mods will not be accepted for me because there is Matter Overdrive Android Hud.

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