About Me

Well, I like to think of myself as more of a creative type. I write, draw, paint, I do a lot of sculpting, especially in the Warhammer 40k tabletop game, which I have been a longtime fan of. I'm also a furry, and have been one for quite a number of years now. I've also playing Minecraft for faaar too long now, and, despite it's reputation now as a good source of kid cringe, it will always be the place where I have made some of my favorite memories with my friends.


Minecraft, Steam, most RTS games, drawing, writing, acting, painting, playing board games and tabletop games with Pathfinder, DnD and Warhammer being the main three. Lover of conventions both big and small, and I am currently working on a trip to AnthroCon.

Location Cincinnati, Ohio

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Minecraft Fozzdude Xbox fozzman1 PSN Fozzdude Steam Leon the Sergal

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Website URL Just ask. Skype Macho Man Randy Sergal (full.metaljacket)