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    [**** NEW RELEASE ****]

    Version 4.B0000003 of Better Than Wolves is ready for download!

    BTW Forum Release Thread

    This release contains the following changes:

    -Added the ability to piston pack Loose Stone items into Loose Cobblestone blocks.

    -Added more spoilerific feature descriptions to the change log for version 4.B00 (Vegehenna) in the readme.

    -Added a sound effect whenever the player can't eat something for whatever reason (like if full, or they have food poisoning).

    -Changed blacksmith villager trades involving raw ore to involve nuggets instead, to make them a tad less restrictive.

    -Changed (reduced) the price of hoe blacksmith trades to reflect hoes being crafting with 1 ingot instead of the old 2.

    -Changed Wicker blocks and slabs to not allow tools to be stuck in them. This should not affect already placed tools.

    -Changed the way food poisoning works, so that you can no longer drink potions (or milk) while it is in effect, in the same way that you can't eat food. This corrects an exploit that made Rotten Flesh way too effective a food item once milk was obtained, serves to make milk a far less effective counter to Jungle Spiders, and also ups the value of splash potions.

    -Changed the way lightning strikes calculate damage to entities around them to correct some rare issues with players being killed by them when a strike occurred above them while below ground.

    -Fixed a problem where upside down slabs placed next to mature groth wouldn't render correctly.

    -Fixed a problem where the Refined Pickaxe and Mattock were not effective versus Obsidian.

    -Fixed a problem where Nether Bricks were subject to Piston packing in incorrect quantities.

    -Fixed a problem where Blight would devour Packed Earth and Dung Blocks in an entirely unreasonable manner.

    -Fixed a problem where strings connecting Stakes would not render correctly at intersections.

    -Fixed a problem where eating Cream of Mushroom with a full inventory would not produce an empty bowl.

    -Fixed a vanilla problem where Wither Skeletons would spawn in 2 height gaps, resulting in suffocation death.

    -Fixed a problem where the contents of the Millstone weren't being appropriately saved and loaded.

    -Fixed a problem where signs and skulls weren't properly updating neighboring blocks when placed.

    -Fixed a potential crash when placing lit Crude Torches on leaf blocks.

    -Fixed an exploit where switching from a baited to unbaited fishing rod could allow you to catch fish without expending bait.

    -Fixed a problem where Buddy wouldn't update the power state of neigboring blocks when moved by a piston.

    -Fixed a problem where upward facing blocks (like Buddy) would face downwards when rotated on a Turntable.

    -Fixed a problem where the player's respawn position was being reset when returning from The End dimension.

    -Fixed a problem where Repeaters would pulse briefly when placed.

    -Fixed a problem where Stone Brick variants (mossy, etc.) would drop individual Stone Brick items that wouldn't work properly in some crafting recipes.

    -Fixed a problem where status effects like hunger and health weren't properly transferred when travelling between dimensions.

    -Removed / Deprecated the Mould. It had never been properly adapted to multiplayer resulting in some pretty severe exploits. To fix that would take a relatively large amount of work, when from asking around the community it seems like a rarely used feature that no one will particularly miss. It's unfortunately just not worth having around anymore . Existing Mould items will still hang around in your (or the Anvil's) inventory, but the Turntable crafting method and Villager trade have been removed, and they will no longer remain in the Anvil inventory upon closing . Farwell old friend... you will be missed .

    Happy Holidays Everyone! :)


    If you'd like to say thanks for this release and help contribute to the further development of Better Than Wolves, please consider making a donation:

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    Quote from Beasty_Muffins»

    This may be too hardcore for some, but I always wanted the penalties of death to extend right into the lategame, even when you've built up significantly around the original spawn area.

    Hehe... well, I'll avoid spoiling anything, but it does keep on being relevant now ;)

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    Quote from ornateheidur»

    Any reason for wheat not growing under light blocks?


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    The installation guide in the btw forums installation thread is the official one, and it is already the one linked in the readme. The wiki is player maintained and I have no direct control over it other than occasionally mentioning to people involved with it when something is out of whack (which I did last month).

    Default settings / normal difficulty is recommended.

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    Quote from ornateheidur»

    Im currently progressing trough villager trading and found that the butcher kind of removed pretty much all need for caring about growing and making food. Im all for tech progression but for me the villager trading just removed the need for doing anything with animals and crops to a large degree.

    That's a fair point. I balanced the villager trades before all the crop and animal hunger reworking, so it makes sense that they no longer feel appropriate.

    Will take a note to do a pass on that.

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    Quote from Prototype2001»

    Just started playing BTW again and i have to say, watermelon spam is a far superior food as oppose to bothering with wheat/bread & animal farms with each being severely nerfed. Anyone else at this conclusion?

    Yeah, me :)

    Crop rebalance is an ongoing process. Melons have yet to get the full treatment,

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    *** The Total Conversion That is Incompatible With Everything!!! ***


    Better Than Wolves is a "total conversion". This differs from most mods that you are probably used to in that it changes many of the rules of play to provide a richer experience, rather than just adding in new stuff. What makes it special however, is that it always attempts to do so in a way that retains the original spirit of the game, perhaps even more so than the newer official releases.

    It focuses both on challenging survival play, and player creativity in terms of never providing "magic block" solutions to in game problems. Instead, it provides basic tools and leaves it to the player to figure out how to use them to get the job done.

    In short, Better Than Wolves is a vision of what Mincraft could have been, designed by a very serious player, for other like minded individuals.

    NOTE: With the closing and archiving of the Minecraft forums, I've trimmed down this first post to not contain any information that may change with time (such as latest version). If you'd like to stay up to date with the mod, I'd suggest checking out the BTW forums linked below.

    [**** Official Forum ****]

    NOTE: Registration to the BTW forum is not always open. It is closed during periods of particularly high activity to prevent trolling and general chaos. If you can't register, please just try again at a later date.

    If you'd like to join the Better Than Wolves community and engage in meaningful conversation about the mod, you can find us here:

    Better Than Wolves Official Forum

    I warn you though, I'll ban you at the drop of a hat, so if you join us there, make sure to be on your best behavior and generally act like a reasonable human being.

    [*** BTW Wiki ***]

    If you have additional questions about the mod that aren't covered in this post, you can also consult the Better Than Wolves wiki:

    Better Than Wolves Wiki

    Keep in mind though, that it is community maintained, so the information found there is not always up to date.

    (Thanks to sargunster for setting this up, and to the whole Better Than Wolves community for contributing to it!)

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    I just changed the download link in the OP to a small "b" release which contains the following changes:

    -Added new Wet Brick and Uncooked Nether Brick items as the interaction between the clay ball items being applicable as both mortar and placeable brick blocks was creating unnecessary interface confusion. They're created with a single item of the corresponding type in the crafting grid.

    -Changed the various forms of mortar (Clay, Slime, and Nether Sludge) so that it can be applied to blocks regardless of whether you're sneaking or not. Hence the need for the above new items.

    -Changed the color of Nether Sludge to help visually differentiate it from Nether Brick.

    -Changed Buckets to no longer place as blocks for similar reasons. I need to rework that system before proceeding further as it was way too prone to unintended consequences like accidentally placing buckets in lava while sneaking. Until then, they may still be placed with Block Dispensers if you really feel the need to play with their block form.

    -Fixed a duplication exploit with Wicker Slabs.

    -Fixed an issue where mobs could spawn on ladders.

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    I agree that cocoa sucks at present. Will likely get to revamping it eventually.

    Not interested in specific ideas on how to resolve that though. That's my job :)

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    The one I had installed was 'c'. I think the base ABCFEFE ("No bloody A, B, C, or D!" heh) was the only one since ABCFAFBFC that I missed. It's possible there's a lot of underground junk in the area that I'm in, from what I recall, MC tends to render a lot of non-visible blocks (basically lets the z-buffer sort out the details heh).

    I could run benchmarks if you like, I still have the older versions installed. In any case, it's buttery smooth now.

    Huh, that's really interesting. I didn't think that change to the 1m cubes would have that heavy an impact. I just streamlined the rendering pipeline slightly to eliminate a bunch of conditional checks on the most common kinds of blocks, that weren't actually relevant given their fixed dimensions.

    I wouldn't expect it to have a heavy impact, but it must have been the bottleneck on your particular system. Thanks for the info man. No need for further tests, I just wanted to get a general idea of which change was likely responsible.

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