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    posted a message on Lets discuss the cape.
    Quote from stoneinfocus

    Better than a creeper face

    I personally liked the look of the creeper face.
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    posted a message on Disenchant Item
    I think this is making it too easy,
    no support.
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    posted a message on Making Minecraft Free (Gradually)
    No, I don't ever want direct buyable capes from mojang.
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    posted a message on [Shop] Floating_Pickle's Graphics (I'm back!)
    Hello and welcome to my shop, again! Yes, I am back at it with a attempt to do all the work I can! Currently the shop is open and all you have to do for graphics is rep my post. I will not do your work unless you do. I hope to bring the best of my abilities to you.

    Please note: No more gifs! :(

    Use this form to get a graphic from me, remember to rep my post first! I do check!

    Type of graphic:
    Font: (Use Dafont.com and link me, or just say minecraft font if you want that.)
    Images you want implemented:

    If you are requesting a youtube background you must link me to your youtube page (Only for 25 subscribers+) or donate $5 :)


    Youtube Backgrounds:



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    posted a message on Better Books!
    Better Books!

    Place-able books will give no advantages in game, but add some purpose and beauty to your house. Having a book on a table in your library, or a book next to your bed is a small difference, but yet it pleases your eyes.

    How will it look?
    Books will have to be remade into a 3-D block texture like cake, but with the dimensions for itself. A block will have the dimensions:
    Length: 9 pixels
    Width: 6 pixels
    Hight: 3 pixels

    Thus you will not be able to use them for half blocks because they will not be the minimal of 8 pixels tall. Now, with written books it will have the same effect as it does in your hand (The enchanted look). Book and quills will not be place-able.

    To open a book and read it you have to NOT be looking at a block in view of placement, or it will just be placed on there, unless it is a wall.

    How do I place it:
    This will work by right clicking of course, but will work look like if a sign or mob head when placing. This means you can rotate the book to face the way you want, the cover will always face the way you look.

    Village spawning (ByNightWatcher5280):
    Libraries in villages will now spawn a book (Or multiple books) on the table. (Maybe they could be written books? With 1-2 pages of a villager diary or something. Or a book signed by a member of the mojang team.)

    -Reputation (Especially)
    -Comment (Especially)
    -I need someone to make a texture for this with the three dimensions I stated, please pm me if interested.
    -Signatures will be made IF the topic gets 3 pages+ of comments, so comment!

    Thank you all for reading!
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    posted a message on Revolution in Piston Mechanics: Cars, Infinite memory, Piston Robots and More!
    Quote from IVCraft

    Really? That's what happens when you don't search before posting. I really didn't know. But thanks for the support.

    EDIT: lol wooden blocks for 3 year old... That's why I need to change the title of this topic FAST.

    Yeah but I doubt this will get locked for it, it is too organized and perfect. With new ideas in between :P
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    posted a message on New enchantments!
    Quote from googeish

    Over Draw: Levels I-II (for the bow)
    -Allows arrows to fly farther and straighter with less drop.

    I like the idea, but it would take some getting used to.

    Quote from googeish

    Overheat: Level I only (for the Pickaxe or Axe)
    -Will automaticly turn any block broken into its smelted form
    Example:Breaking wood with the axe would make charcoal: breaking iron ore would give instant iron ingots

    Seems to OP and gives no purpose to smelting once you get 1 or two dpicks with it.

    Quote from googeish

    Brewing: Level I-III (for the Helmet)
    -Grants better potion effects on self(only through consumables)
    -increases through level

    I don't understand how this would work.

    Quote from googeish

    Fire protection V: The Fifth level to fire resistence(on armor)
    -Grants immunity to fire and lava when a full set is worn

    Too OP in my mind.

    Quote from googeish

    Poisen Tip: Level I only (for the sword)
    -Poisens the player/mob hit with it.(can't get fire aspect along with this)

    This should not be a long poison. But I guess support on this.

    Quote from googeish

    Unbreaking: levels I-III (can now be put on armor and weapons)
    -same as unbreaking on tools but can now be put on armors and weapons

    Ehh, then I wouldn't be making diamond armour anymore. Seems like iron with unbreaking 3 will due me fine for days in game. I don't this this should be put in.

    Quote from googeish

    Bouyancy: Level I only (For chestplate)
    -Grants a Faster surfacing speed from under water(slower descent)


    Quote from googeish

    Knowledge: Levels I-III (For Helmet)
    -Allows you to read what enchantment you are putting on you're items
    -You read more of the given enchantment through higher levels

    AWW HELL NO. Wayyy to OP buddy.

    Quote from googeish

    Aqua Touch: Level I only (for the wood-diamond Hoe)
    -when plowing soil the soil is already fertile(not dry)

    Seems good for a rare enchant, but more enchantments would have to be added to the hoe then.

    Quote from googeish

    -I Would Love to see your thoughts also! Please post them below :steve_wink:

    Your welcome.
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    posted a message on Revolution in Piston Mechanics: Cars, Infinite memory, Piston Robots and More!
    When you said child blocks I thought you meant... like wooden blocks for 3 year old lol.

    Anyway, hate to break it to you, but this has been suggested before, but you did a much better job in the OP, so...

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    posted a message on More Potions/improvements
    I personally don't like this idea, no support.
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    posted a message on One simple armor enchantment - "Magic boost"
    /supportThe name can be perrenial enchantment, look it up ;)
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