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    posted a message on Looking to improve my stream!

    You might want to fix the link to your stream :P

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    posted a message on Which Of The Following Mods Aren't Needed Server Side?

    Damage Indicators

    Mob Amputation

    Mob Dismemberment

    These are the only 3 mods that come to mind for being client-side only.

    I recommend changing Damage Indicators for WALIA as Damage Indicators can be very buggy and incorrect 99% of the time, and WALIA is a nice HUD that displays information about the block you're looking at, and has a health-bar for mobs that is far more accurate. http://minecraft.curseforge.com/mc-mods/73488-waila

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    posted a message on [1.6.4 Forge] Thaumic Integration! Get your ME Essentia and Thaumic TiCon Tool Modifiers!
    R.I.P Thaumic Integrations ~ 2014
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    posted a message on Better Sprinting (950,000+ DL's) - Use links on top for up-to-date downloads
    Version 1.8 (release 1.1.1) Doesn't work for me
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    posted a message on Realm of Kronus: Season 2 100% Vanilla, 18+ Youtube Server
    IGN: Fletcher1237
    Age: 15
    Skype: james.fletcher1237
    You Tube Account Name: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6A6a8Wx4rxk1fnteJYb7xA
    Minecraft Forte: Medieval, redstone, technical and... unique?
    Minecraft experience (How long have you been playing minecraft): Since early 2011
    Have you recorded or done a live stream before?: Yes, i've been in a few friend's videos, made my own when I was was younger and have streamed a few times before (not professionally).
    Are you willing to stand by recording a video a week or being a regular Minecraft live streamer?: Yes i'm looking to get back into youtube and twitch after I complete my NCEA exams.
    Do you plan on going far with You Tube or live streaming?: It has be a passion ever since I saw my first Minecraft video back in 2011
    Why do you think you should be excepted into the server?: I am a experienced Minecrafter and coder, with experience on twitch and youtube.
    Tell us a little bit about yourself: I'm a 15-year-old teen from New Zealand with a ambition to become a youtuber. I have spent over $1000 getting profession gaming gear for this passion, and is looking for a good reason to stream. When i'm not studying or revising for tests i'm playing Minecraft, talking about Minecraft or Mountain-biking. My greatest passion is coding Minecraft. My dream job would be to become a full-time youtuber and streamer. I'm a excellent PvPer and survival player. I have helped out with Rachizzel's stream before by leading the minigames and controlling the party. Me in a nutshell and a half right there :P
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    posted a message on [1.7.10] ~KINGDOMS ROLE-PLAY~ Highly dedicated unique server with neat plugins!
    IGN: Fletcher1237

    Your age: 14

    Character Name: Fletcher Stormgarde

    Character Age: 18

    Character profession: Smithing, Bladesman, Metalworks, marksman.

    Character traits: Alert, Sharpened, Strong.

    How long have you been playing Minecraft?: 2 years

    Character Story (min 100 words): Metalworker by day, Warrior by night, Fletcher Stormgarde's story is a long and dreadful one. 'Go get the ball!' He shouted. Alex was older and bigger then me. 'Sure thing mate' I shouted back as I trudged down the hill. It was always cold and miserable in the fields of Whiterun, but on this particular day it was warm and sunny, a great day for a game of catch. 'Found it!' I said as I threw it back. 'We should be heading back soon' He shouted as the ball sailed over his head. 'Lets wait until the the daily patrol comes past!'. 'But won't mother be waiting for us?' I asked. 'Here comes the patrol' He said. 'We won't want to miss it again!'. Alex sprinted to the roadside as I followed lazily. Suddenly, the patrol turned towards us and raised their weapons. 'Who goes there!' They asked. 'I'm Alex' Alex cheekily replied. 'Are you the daily patrol?' The patrol looked at one another and said 'Where's your family?' Alex replied 'In the cottage across the stream'. The patrol grinned and said 'Then you are wealthy family, and we love wealthy families!' 'Why's that? 'Alex asked. 'Because we aren't the patrol.' They grinned. Alex looked confused. 'Then you must be... BANDITS!' Alex tried to run but the leader of the bandits laughed and grabbed his hood. 'You will lead us to your family or we will slice your throat'. Alex nodded sadly as he was carried toward the river, and towards his family cottage'. Fletcher was standing behind a nearby tree at the time, and when he heard they were bandits he climbed the tree as fast as he could. He watched with anticipation as the bandits marched towards the cottage. Fletcher never went back to that cottage. He ran, and ran, until he met a farmer with his harvest on the way to Whiterun. He begged for help and the farmer agreed to take him to Whiterun, for his Smithing brother to look after. When he arrived at his brother's shop he was greeted by a man with long black hair and wearing a smithing apron. He raised his eyebrows when the farmer told him the same story Fletcher had told him, and replied 'You have strong muscles, you can tend the shop for me and become a smithy'. I looked at him with brown loving eyes and nodded. For the next 4 years I worked in his shop, tending the fires, and forging weapon and armour for the local guard. I gave them cold stares when they needed their swords to be sharpened or when they purchased new armour. It was peaceful until the smithy died due to an sword sharpening accident. So sold all the swords and armour, bought a horse and rode to the west, seeking a new land to prosper in. Maybe become a smithy. Selling my ware to the guards of distant cities. Only time will tell now.

    Why should you be whitelisted? (Min 50 words): Because i'm new to the role-playing aspect of Minecraft. And I have been looking for a great server where I can express my creativity and do medieval roleplay with others. I will be starting a series on Youtube for this roleplay.
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    posted a message on 10k Youtuber Making a server! Minigames, Looking for staff! [Builders, Plugin Devs, Mods]
    Name/IGN :Fletcher1237
    Location : New Zealand
    Age : 14
    Position Applying For : Plugin Developer
    Skills/Experience : I am currently teaching myself Java and I thought Minecraft development would be a great way to get better at coding and Minecraft plugins
    Skype/Means of Contact : Skype: james.fletcher1237
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    posted a message on [1.6.4 Forge] Thaumic Integration! Get your ME Essentia and Thaumic TiCon Tool Modifiers!
    Ars Magicia 2 support would be epic!

    A ME Export bus that can connect into a AM2 crafting altar so that you don't have to manually drop items in.
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    posted a message on [1.6.4 Forge] Thaumic Integration! Get your ME Essentia and Thaumic TiCon Tool Modifiers!
    i've been waiting for this since February...
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    posted a message on Techmacraft (Custom Direwolf20/Monster 1.6.4 youtube server community) W.I.P
    Sorry about it miss
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    posted a message on Techmacraft (Custom Direwolf20/Monster 1.6.4 youtube server community) W.I.P
    Welcome to Techmacraft!

    -This is a private, youtubing, modded server community (like the mindcrack or yogscast) that is looking for new members.

    Tommyte Owner
    Fletcher1237 Admin

    -This server is running a custom Direwolf20/Monster modpack.

    -List of added mods:
    Electric Magic Tools
    Enchanting Plus
    Equivalent Exchange
    + more to be added soon

    -Please make sure you have experience with FTB and Minecraft mods before submitting your application.

    Application: (you will get a PM if you're accepted)


    Hope to hear from you hopeful members soon.

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    posted a message on For those who are having troubles joining servers/realms READ!
    wait... so some guy has hacked Mojang?
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    posted a message on [Closed] Aether 1.04 Not Working!
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    posted a message on (1.6.4) Minecraft Crash Report
    You don't have enough RAM to run modded Minecraft

    maybe add 2GB for Minecraft if you wanna play this
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    posted a message on (1.6.4) Minecraft Crash Report
    it seems that your mod 'Technomancy' has errored. Maybe go to the Technomancy forum page to ask for help directly?
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