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    Quote from Pixelated»

    But they stated the reasons, and they're garbage. If it's "Muh Balance" then do something about it instead of completely getting rid of something thats, may I dare say, FUN to use. "Not useful" is completely relative and depends on the person using the mod. The Archimedes screw isnt "useful" if you have any kind of GOOD liquid pipe/conduit/tube.

    And then theres "Spirit of the mod."
    Which is?
    I bet you can list a bunch of stuff in the mod that goes against the "spirit of the mod."

    If you don't like the change maybe you could propose a balanced fun use for them. If you're going to whine incessantly without providing anything constructive then you can leave. This mod isn't a service to anyone, it's developed by people who make it for fun and because they like the community. We have no obligation to continue development at all, and acting like we're bad people and breaking some sort of obligation by removing content that had no real purpose is stupid.
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    Quote from Xbony2»
    I'm against adding a converter btw, from EU/RF/AE/UE -> steam. Other way around maybe.

    Me too
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    Quote from Pixelated»

    Who ever thought this is pretty dumb.

    Thanks. I am pretty dumb.

    Let me explain. The brass knuckles were just implemented poorly IMO. They were a direct upgrade to the power fist and didn't really add anything interesting to gamplay. They weren't even expensive, you could make one at the same time as a power fist. There was no tiering or anything.
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    New topic can be found here

    Old post contents:
    Official IRC: irc.esper.net #TheSteamTank Wiki information
    Report bugs here!
    Now developed by SatanicSanta!

    Professor Flaxbeard's Wondrous Steam Power Mod, (Flaxbeard's Steam Power or FSP for short), is a tech mod based on steam power as its core. This is the project I've always wanted to make, and after I worked on my debut mod, Thaumic Exploration, I knew I was ready. The goal of FSP is innovative content that encourages fun play rather than trying to oneup other tech mods.

    FSP includes ingame documentation, in the mod's documentation book, Esteemed Innovation. This journal can be crafted after collecting the two ores necessary for progression, copper and zinc.

    A multi-part series by OutcastZero

    Current build (beta):


    Grabbing 0.25.0? Due to many changes since 0.24.0, it may be necessary to break and replace steam-related blocks.
    Beta 0.26.4
    Beta 0.26.3
    Beta 0.26.2
    Beta 0.26.1
    Beta 0.26.0
    Beta 0.25.2
    Beta 0.25.1
    Beta 0.25.0
    Beta 0.24.0
    Beta 0.23.0
    Beta 0.22.8
    Beta 0.22.6


    Beta 0.24.0
    Beta 0.22.8
    Beta 0.21.5
    Prerelease 20
    Prerelease 19
    Prerelease 18b
    Prerelease 17
    Prerelease 16
    Prerelease 15
    Prerelease 14
    Prerelease 13
    Prerelease 12

    FSP can be found on github.

    Beta 0.26.2
    ADDITION: Nether crucible
    CHANGE: Crucibles take a few moments to melt ingots
    BUGFIX: Fixed client lag when paired with Thaumcraft
    BUGFIX: Fixed crash with Blood Magic
    BUGFIX: Fixed issue with ingot duplication
    BUGFIX: Prolly other stuff I forgot
    Beta 0.26.1
    ADDITION: Config option to fix particle crashes
    BUGFIX: Fixed BM crash on SMP
    BUGFIX: Fixed lag issue with Flash Boiler
    Beta 0.26.0
    ADDITION: Acoustic Dampener
    ADDITION: Added 'Vanity Slot' to all exosuit pieces.
    ADDITION: Added Entrepreneur's Top Hat
    ADDITION: Added Floral Laurel
    ADDITION: Added several exosuit plates (Iron, Gold, Copper, Brass, Lead, Enderium, Vibrant, Thaumium, Elementium, Terrasteel, Fiery, Yeti Hide, Sadist's)
    ADDITION: Added Top Hat
    ADDITION: Added two new exosuit-only tanks, with 2x and 4x capacity of base
    ADDITION: Blazing Barrel
    ADDITION: Bolt Action
    ADDITION: Breech
    ADDITION: Canisters
    ADDITION: Canning Machine
    ADDITION: Clicking on an item in 'Esteemed Innovation' will take you to its page
    ADDITION: Ctrl+clicking on a FSP item in your inventory will take you to its page
    ADDITION: Ender Shroud
    ADDITION: Extendo-Fist
    ADDITION: Filling Pad
    ADDITION: Leap Actuator
    ADDITION: Makeshift Suppressor
    ADDITION: Modular Accelerator
    ADDITION: Particles where musket balls land
    ADDITION: Piton Deployer
    ADDITION: Pulse Nozzle
    ADDITION: Recoil Pad
    ADDITION: Revolver Chamber
    ADDITION: Right clicking on an FSP block with Esteemed Innovation will go to its page
    ADDITION: Search bar in FSP tab
    ADDITION: Tinkerer's Goggles and Tinkerer's Monocle
    ADDITION: Wearing the full exosuit grants step assist
    CHANGE: Doubled capacity of exosuit tank
    CHANGE: Engineering table GUI changed to more effectively display what goes where
    CHANGE: Exosuit only consumes steam while moving
    CHANGE: Exosuit plates now have various effects
    CHANGE: Halved cost to fill exosuit tank
    BUGFIX: Boilers no longer cause excess amounts of chunk updates while not burning
    BUGFIX: NPE with steam heaters
    Beta 0.25.2
    BUGFIX: Fixed critical flash boiler bug
    Beta 0.25.1
    NOTE: Steam in existing steam networks will disappear with this update.
    CHANGE: Steam gauges placed on the Steam Filler will now report the steam in the item being filled rather than network pressure.
    CHANGE: Wrenches now alternate pointing a block towards and away from you when right clicking the front face
    BUGFIX: Steam pipes that are camo’d no longer have derpy hitboxes
    BUGFIX: Boiler/Flash Boiler burning/off sync has been fixed.
    BUGFIX: Flash boiler now has the intended capacity, and should therefore generate pressure at a much faster rate.
    BUGFIX: Steam should no longer disappear from a steam network when its chunk unloads
    BUGFIX: Various oddities that occurred in the steam network when connecting/disconnecting pipes with the wrench have been addressed.
    BUGFIX: Many debug messages have been removed and FSP should no longer spam your console
    Beta 0.25.0:
    IMPORTANT: Due to many changes, it may be necessary to break and replace steam-related blocks. 
    ADDITION: Added pipe wrench
    ADDITION: Added pressure converter
    ADDITION: Added fan
    ADDITION: Added vacuum
    ADDITION: Added steam whistle
    ADDITION: Added pipe concealment
    ADDITION: Added the ability to connect or disconnect pipes from machines or other pipes
    ADDITION: Steam system entry in Esteemed Innovation
    ADDITION: Recent Creations section in Esteemed Innovation (where new things will go)
    ADDITION: Added the ability to disable most blocks/items in the configs
    ADDITION: Added wimp mode for those that can’t handle the full power of steam (no explosions)
    ADDITION: Rock smasher can be toggled to simply harvest blocks instead of smashing (see pipe wrench)
    CHANGE: Default behavior of the Rock Smasher is to smash cobble to gravel, gravel to sand
    BUGFIX: Flash boiler explosions no longer crash servers
    BUGFIX: Fixed flash boiler texture when running
    BUGFIX: Fixed several other crashes related to the new steam system
    Beta 0.24.0: (Includes all changes of 0.23.0 for 1.7.2)
    ADDITION: Added language support for several languages. (Chinese, German, Portugese)
    CHANGE: Complete rewrite of steam system. Does not require server reset, but existing steam systems will lose all steam they currently have.
    CHANGE: Massive performance increases, especially in SMP
    CHANGE: Changed oredict format for plates to “plateSteamcraft”, fixing dupe bug with IC2
    CHANGE: Boilers are now more susceptible to catastrophic failure than pipes, consistent with real world.
    CHANGE: Tweaked steam tools
    CHANGE: Animation sync in SMP improved across the board.
    BUGFIX: Steam hammer no longer duplicates items when broken
    BUGFIX: Smasher no longer destroys bedrock
    BUGFIX: Smasher no longer flickers
    BUGFIX: Smasher no longer attempts to smash obsidian, water
    BUGFIX: Thumper no longer destroys bedrock
    BUGFIX: Pick-block functionality now gives the correct block when used on a running boiler
    BUGFIX: Archimedes screw now correctly updates water blocks
    BUGFIX: Steam tools no longer break when they run out of steam
    BUGFIX: Steam tools mine correct blocks (Axe now mines slabs quickly, etc)
    BUGFIX: EnderIO should no longer give smashed nickel when no mod that adds nickel is loaded
    BUGFIX: Exosuit now correctly grants armor points
    BUGFIX: Fixed exosuit model related memory leaks
    Beta 0.23.0 (1.7.10 only):
    ADDITION: Added FSP villager
    BUGFIX: Rock smasher drops items for non-ore blocks
    BUGFIX: Fixed Thaumcraft integration (re-enabled)
    BUGFIX: Exosuit now correctly grants armor points
    BUGFIX: Fixed exosuit model related memory leaks
    Beta 0.22.8:
    BUGFIX: Fixed pistol crashing engineering table
    BUGFIX: Fixed smasher not dropping items (Only needed fixing for 1.7.10)
    BUGFIX: Fixed pick block for Thumper
    BUGFIX: Fixed NEI support
    Beta 0.22.6:
    CHANGE: Removed Thaum+Waila integration for the time being
    CHANGE: Updated for 1.7.10
    Beta 0.21.5:
    ADDITION: Flash boiler
    ADDITION: Rock smasher
    ADDITION: Thumper
    ADDITION: Steam powered tools
    ADDITION: Rupture disc
    ADDITION: Machines explode at high pressure
    ADDITION: Exosuit thrusters upgrade
    ADDITION: Gilded iron
    ADDITION: Brass armor
    ADDITION: Gilded armor
    ADDITION: Storage blocks
    CHANGE: Pump only turns while pumping
    CHANGE: Valves no longer adjust based on redstone
    CHANGE: Steam gauges can now be read by comparators
    CHANGE: Boilers now have particles
    CHANGE: Background tweaks to the enhancement system, no ingame effect
    CHANGE: Boilers now have a steam texture instead of defaulting to water
    BUGFIX: Crucible now consumes only what it can hold when a stack is thrown in
    BUGFIX: Fixed crucible/mold sync issues with tipping animation
    BUGFIX: Fixed boiler GUI sync issues with the burning display
    BUGFIX: Fixed pumps endlessly appearing to pump into filled containers
    BUGFIX: Fixed hitbox on the mold so players no longer infinitely fall
    Prerelease 20:
    BUGFIX: Fixed crashes related to the exosuit
    BUGFIX: Fixed client/server sync for the crucible (for reals)
    Prerelease 19:
    ADDITION: Reload bar for firearms
    CHANGE: Musket cartridge recipe much easier. Harder one is a config option.
    BUGFIX: Fixed FSP tab name
    BUGFIX: No more Archimedes Screw lag spikes! Thanks to zenith, our new dev!
    Prerelease 18b:
    BUGFIX: More server stuff
    Prerelease 18:
    BUGFIX: Works on servers!
    Prerelease 17:
    ADDITION: Survivalist's Toolkit
    ADDITION: Archimedes Screw
    CHANGE: Config added for passive steam consumption on the exosuit
    CHANGE: Exosuit recipe includes pistons
    BUGFIX: Fixed sync issues with the mold
    BUGFIX: Fixed issues with the mold eating metal or outputting incorrect results
    BUGFIX: Steam pipes no longer crash when adjacent to other mod's pipes, when fluid steam is not added.
    BUGFIX: More fixes that I can't remember.
    Prerelease 16:
    ADDITION: Waila support! Thanks to wasliebob for helping me learn my way around the Waila API.
    BUGFIX: Fixed crash related to other mods' liquid containers
    BUGFIX: Fixed another bug with other mods' pipes, without fluid steam.
    Prerelease 15:
    ADDITION: Valve pipes (HL3 confirmed)
    BUGFIX: Fixed boiler GUI
    BUGFIX: Fixed molds not showing the mold inside on save+load
    BUGFIX: Fixed crashes with steam heater on multiplayer
    Prerelease 14:
    CHANGE: Exosuit storage capacity changed to 30 mins of fuel
    CHANGE: Lowered jetpack cost to 1 SU/tick
    CHANGE: Changed mold block recipe so it no longer conflicts
    CHANGE: Allowed using lava under the crucible
    BUGFIX: Removed new forge hook dependency
    BUGFIX: Steam pipes no longer crash when adjacent to other mod's pipes, when fluid steam is not added.
    BUGFIX: You no longer suffocate in steam hammers or the crucible.
    BUGFIX: Fixed alloys disappearing in the crucible.
    BUGFIX: Made molds have mining time.
    BYGFIX: You no longer instantly die when hurt wearing an exosuit
    Prerelease 13:
    ADDITION: Added information and crafting for flintlock weapons
    ADDITION: Support for shapeless recipes in the book
    ADDITION: Spyglass crafting+info
    CHANGE: Changed how spyglass worked
    BUGFIX: Made sure ores dropped the correct item
    Prerelease 12:
    Initial public release.

    Game crashes in 1.7.2 while using Railcraft
    Disable poor zinc generation in Steamcraft.cfg

    Use this mod however you'd like! Please DO NOT re-host this mod without getting my explicit consent, or make any profit off my mod, including putting it in a modpack with ads or another form of revenue. Linking my bit.ly dl links or rehosting in a modpack .zip or similar is fine, but don't distribute FSP .jars by themselves.
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    Okay, it is FSP's fault. Just did some testing, It'll be fixed whenever I get around to building :/
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    Quote from AngelFeather»
    So, I'm finally getting a chance to work with this mod for real, and it's really awesome so far. Talk about flavor galore, with spinning and steam and brass and awesome. :D

    My only comment so far, honestly, is that fillers seem to be a bit slow, but I freely admit that this may be largely because I only have a single boiler going, but the filler isn't using up all the steam in my network, either, so...I have no idea, but it does seem slow. Filling my shiny new drill and shovel definitely took quite some time. I definitely think I'm going to try for a exosuit as soon as I can, though, and have that carry me through for a while.

    Question, do any of the exosuit upgrades grant uphill step assist? It could be that I am blind or missed it, but I didn't see one that did.

    The exosuit itself (if using all parts) grants step assist.

    The filler uses all steam in the network that it's granted. Steam is filled using a pressure system, so if you have a very large system, there will be less pressure in each machine. The logic goes like this:

    Each machine, including the filler, has a capacity value. When added to a steam network, this is added to the network capacity. To find out how much steam the filler has, it decides how much of the steam it is given, for example if the filler has 10k SU capacity, and the network has a total of 100k SU capacity, the filler will grab 10% of the network's steam, rounded down. If the network has 9 steam, the filler can't function. If you have a larger network, this rounding down is going to hit you harder, you may want to cut down on excess tanks for now.

    Let me emphasize the pressure does not effect filling speed or capacity, the filler just needs to be allotted some steam.
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    Quote from SolemnSoul»
    Flax, will there eventually be copper tools as a sort of slightly better than stone tool? Also Steel is also a major player in steampunk. Might we see that eventually as something we can produce in higher tier gadgets and tools? Or even more rarer steampunk materials such as Iridium I've heard or the like. :3

    My issue with copper tools is that there isn't really room for progression between stone and iron. You acquire iron so early that copper tools would be near useless. Steel on the other hand is interesting, it may appear once FSP gets actual tiering set up.
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    Quote from ingiethingie»
    i love the whole look-and-feel of this mod, nice action!

    however, i maybe being a total derp, but i can't seem to get the valve-pipe to change its state based on redstone control.

    the FTB wiki entry states:

    - my emphasis added to the bit which makes me nod in agreement "yes, yes it does - it makes them really useful" - however, it doesn't as it doesn't seem to respond... i've tried levers, redstone wire, bottom side, top side, back and front... i can't seem to make it change with a redstone signal.

    - whilst i can use an OpenComputers robot, or an Autonomous activator, that seems a bit silly.

    i note that in one of the changelogs you say: CHANGE: Valves no longer adjust based on redstone - but for a change to remove the whole "controllability" of steam generation/safety seems bonkers, so i hope i'm reading that wrong -as if that's the case, what's the use of the gauge giving me a signal to say turn it off, if i can't use that signal to release pressure?

    if that's a nerf of that process, then i'm afraid i'll skip this mod as it removes all the automation possibilities for steam generation.

    so, am i missing something? - i hope i am :)

    addendum: so, after looking at TileValvePipe + BlockValvePipe on your github, i see that you did indeed remove this feature... was there a reason for this/for this to not be a config option? - i can't see a bug with it, looking at the code, but since you didn't cite the change as a bugfix, i presume that's correct...

    i tried to rebuild the project from source - to add the feature back in, natch ;) - but looking at it, your gradle build file isn't complete/ the integration api dependencies aren't in the project. <sad face> :))

    I removed it to remove the capability to make your system completely safe without effort. Rupture discs exist for a reason, to let out steam, but they have a penalty. I felt that letting users, with one comparator and some dust, solve all pressure problems now and forever, was too easy. Instead, players must either suffer the penalties of rupture discs or be forced to innovate autonomous systems using droppers etc to input precise amounts of fuel into boilers. The latter system is possible, and it allows you to stay at a certain pressure level without any negative repercussions, but does take some innovation.
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    Quote from Mamuski»
    The update is great! I love all the new features, I've been opening up my survival game to LAN. My friends have been playing with me the last couple nights. We've got a big castle going and some steam jet packs, life couldn't be better.

    But now with the latest patch, the blunder bus crashes my game! Seems to happen about a half second after I fire it. I've tested it over and over in a creative game too, sometimes I can get a shot or two off without it crashing, but 9 times out of 10 it crashes and I either get a ticking entity error, or ticking particle. I've tried taking out all the other mods I use to see if it helps but it still crashes. Funny thing, the musket doesn't crash the game, although I think it did once.

    I've had to issue a blunder bus cease fire in my LAN game but I don't want to. Anyone else having this issue? Everything else is great. Oh ya! I did notice you can't see the wings deploy on another player, but you can on yourself, just a minor detail.

    (I can post my crash reports if it helps)

    Edit: My buddy just tried to recreate crash that I get, he's using the same mods, said he can't make it crash. So it sounds like a personal issue.

    I can push a build today or tomorrow for a config for those particles, seems to be causing an issue for some people.
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    Totally not complaining about the duplication. Please keep it, its a bit of an easter egg. I was just not aware if the copper was something that was a problem (which it isn't once the lexicon is usable).

    Love the mod btw. Is there plans to include an auto tree harvester so I we can automate charcoal production if I want? I would like to make a factory of sorts with just steam power instead of melding other mods to do it. I love the look of the brass. I know this is probably a ton of work but just curious.

    I'm pretty sure I'm gonna have to fix that ;)

    Auto tree harvester sounds interesting, I'll consider it, but there's a lot of stuff that still needs doing! :P
    Quote from mrcrazydudee»
    Flaxbeard was there a mod like this....no,thats why i love it but could you add steam trains so that you could power transport by steam and do deliver stuff

    but its just an idea?:D

    Steam powered trains are a major part of Railcraft, though a steam Minecart may see an appearance in FSP at some point.
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