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    Hello, i've been working on a Medieval Castle style spawn for the past month or so, this is what i have so far, still have more planned for it too.

    how's it look so far?

    Inside view of the Castle

    Upper Semi-Interior view of the Castle Walls

    Lower floor interior view of the Castle Walls

    Outside view of the Castle

    View from the Canal

    View from Battlement

    i can upload some non-shader screenshots too if i need to.

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    posted a message on //~FreedomCraft Network~\\ Looking For Experianced and Dedicated Network (Bungee) Developer |
    Quote from Reese_collins»

    Good luck finding a good, professional developer working for free...

    yet you applied to a few servers, posing as a free developer, only to slap them with a fee, which is what you did to us, plus you tried to ruin our reputation, we actually have a complete skyblock server now, with a few normal players. but i do have to agree, you won't get much decent work if you hire a free developer, unless that aforementioned developer is a good friend of yours.

    Also, apologies for necro-posting (if that applies to this post yet.)

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    posted a message on Looking for Moderators, Admins, Helpers, Etc

    Hello, I'm FlatoutDude, the Current Owner of Reventium, an Upcoming Minecraft Server, no thoughts on gamemode as of yet, may be either Creative Plots, Survival, or SkyBlock, no plans on bungee-cord/networking as of yet.

    We're working on setting up our server right now and the IP will be coming soon. We currently are looking to hire people to fill all of our staff positions (Helpers, Chat-Mods, Mods, Admins, etc) (We aren't looking for developers, or web-dev's also, just FYI)

    Applications can be submitted via out website (http://www.reventium.us/), and/or discord server (https://discord.gg/42hVsQK), also, feel free to ask any question's if you have any.

    Thanks for taking your time to look over this thread. :)

    Just a quick FYI, if you are looking for paid work (mainly Builder's, Devs, graphic artists's, etc), Then I'm afraid i'm going to have to decline, due to lack of proper funding

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    posted a message on Favorite Game Soundtrack?

    The music from Destiny, and The Halo Franchise

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    posted a message on Babylon Hanging Gardens Minecraft Recreation. (approx. 80%-90% complete)

    hello everyone, what do you think of my latest creation? I've been working on this for a few days, and i'm almost finished, here's what it look's like so far.

    Also: i have linked the Imgur URL below, as there are to many screenshots to put in a single thread, i can show 2-4 however.

    If you wish to see all screenshot's, or to see this build in greater detail, please click the link below, also, i will be providing a download link for the build soon if you would like to download it.

    Link: http://imgur.com/a/RdFfw

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    posted a message on COUNT TO 100,000,000 FOR A WORLD RECORD!
    Quote from Relentless97»

    this has been going on for 6 years XD

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    posted a message on Why most are hating 1.9?

    No, every update after the betas was the beginning of the end. The alphas were the beginning of the beginning.

    This is like advanced warfare. At a certain point, video games just get too many features, so they start adding unecissary stuff. Stuff that they haven't tested enough. Stuff, that spells E-N-D to a video game. Stuff, that makes me posting this right now.

    alpha was like stage 3 or 4 of the beginning, your forgetting about pre-classic (pretty much a percursor to modern day minecraft), classic, indev, infdev

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    posted a message on Why most are hating 1.9?

    well, not really install a mod, you cant get any kind of block or mob just from mods, unless you request it from a mod developer, or is somehow able to find an up to date version of the mod with the blocks and/or mobs you are looking for in the vast library of mods minecraft has

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    posted a message on Minecraft becoming boring..
    try using modpacks or just mods themselves, if you havent yet
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    posted a message on Need Idea for Large Labyrinth Type Structure
    try a stronghold type

    Or use these

    1.Stronghold style layout or themed

    2. Dungeons

    3. Treasure Rooms

    4. traps

    5. parkour challengess

    6. pitfalls

    7. spawners

    8. drop offs

    9. cave-ins

    10. Nether Leak & Spread

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