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    posted a message on Whitelisted SMP - Looking for players for 1.14

    MC Username - Flashson
    How active will you be? - Very active
    Are you good with other players? - Very mature and rule following

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    posted a message on The French Empire {Building} {PvP} {RP} {Military} {Historical Realism} {Recruiting}

    In-game name: Flashson

    Age: 19

    Why do you want to join the French Empire? - I am interested in joining the French Empire due to the fact that it seems like a well structured clan with a lot of the things I am looking for.

    Are you currently in any clans? Have you been in one? - I am not currently in any but I have been a member of pirates of the infinite horizons (2012) and the Spencorian Empire (2015)

    Explain to me in one to two sentences, how mature you're: I believe I am more mature than most people due to my work ethic and how I take responsibility for my actions. I'm not really a childish person but that doesn't mean I don't like to have fun.

    How often are you on? - It depends, I can either be on a lot or very little if my schoolwork or work schedule is pretty busy.

    Why should we accept you? - If you accept me you will get a highly motivated and fun member who will put a lot of effort into making this clan something to be proud of.

    Civilian or Military? - Civilian

    What is your discord? - Jackson.wilson

    Vive la France!

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