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    posted a message on All dem Dimensions! Updated with another anouncement!
    Quote from oJohnSierra117o

    For the water pearl
    :Water: :Water: :Water:
    :Iron: :Lava: :Iron:
    :Water: :Water: :Water:

    :Water: = Bucket of water
    :Lava: =Ender pearl
    :Iron: =Ice

    Nope. The water pearl needs to use Kyther items.
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    posted a message on If the person above you is knocking on your door, how would you react?
    No, I don't want to have a staring contest. Go away.
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    posted a message on Minecraft getting a bit boring.
    A list of stuff you could try:

    1. Better Than Wolves mod on a fresh map (pretty challenging for a tech mod)
    2. Stratosphere Survival Map (very interesting Skyblock map with multiple islands and cool dungeons)
    3. Super Hostile series (very difficult)
    4. T3C Parkour (huge-ass open-world parkour map, still haven't finished after several months)
    5. Speedball Paintball server (link didn't work, inthelittlewood did a spotlight if you want the thread)
    6. Servers that have Survival Games (probably the only time I've ever enjoyed PVP)
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    posted a message on Top 10 Reasons on why you stay on Singleplayer?
    1. DEDCRFT-ULTRAH 1337 HURRDCOR FAXONZ PEE VEE PEE!!!!!!!!!!!111111one!!!!!!
    2. Diamond warriors who only fight newbies.
    3. Dying of starvation by the time you find unprotected land.
    4. Griefers and abusive admins.
    5. Banned items EVERYWHERE.

    (I will confess, however, that I've been playing some Survival Games and Paintball on certain servers. Those are great fun.)
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    posted a message on Are you kidding me, G4?
    Quote from MothMan8

    Minecraft is 10X beter than C.O.D! How did mc only get 67?!

    From what I know about G4, they're pretty biased toward violent games such as COD.

    This kind of thing doesn't shock me in the slightest.
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    posted a message on Upset: Picking My Battles
    So, you want every major game mechanic to be toggle-able?

    That's just ridiculous, useless (considering the game's sandbox structure) and it probably isn't even feasible.

    How about no?
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    posted a message on (Creepy-Pasta) The Shady Grove
    Meh. I've seen scarier.
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    posted a message on How did you get your username?
    Mine was derived from a trading card.

    The first time I used it, however, was on this obscure virtual-pet website. It went out of business, but the name still stuck.
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    posted a message on Curse Altar
    Hmmmm...... This wouldn't be very good for vanilla, but this WOULD make for an interesting mod.

    I suggest you remove Soulbound, however. If someone gets it in Hardcore, using the tool or armor piece would essentially serve as a death-countdown or wasted inventory space. And since the benefit is letting you keep it on death, it would be useless.
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    posted a message on Recent Versions and Biomes
    This is something I particularly like as well. For comparison, try to guess what pre-1.8 biome this is:

    Now try to guess what current biome this is:

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    posted a message on A new Bold new old Idea
    Reposting a suggestion that got deleted earlier still doesn't make it any better.
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    posted a message on What will Minecraft look like 10 years from now?
    Quote from Cortona


    You necro'd a thread, 7 months old, just to post a two-character reply.

    Great job.
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    posted a message on The dumbest minecraft rumors you've heard...
    Quote from Celivan70

    What is this setting under? I've not noticed it.

    It's actually in the current snapshot updates.
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    posted a message on R.I.P single player mode a.k.a lag-free mode
    Quote from DragonHeroBlaze

    The sky is not falling, the game is in no way ruined by the merge.
    If anything, it is going to get better because the combined coding.
    Already many multiplayer bugs have been destroyed.

    Comments of denial in 3....2.....1.......

    EDIT: For those wondering, no, this isn't in the context that they haven't been fixed.
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    posted a message on THIRST <--- FOR VANILLA
    Quote from robinod

    I can't believe people are hating on op so much. Thirst would be a great addition, and it would add more realism, stop people from building in the desert and would give a reason to build towns by rivers. Also, most people would agree it would be fun to have a sip of tea with your gentlemen friends while you play poker!

    1. So realism makes a game better? Let's add heart-attacks then! They kill you instantly, without warning, and can't be prevented because you're too primitive to figure out how.

    2. I guess you're right here. People who are actually CREATIVE in a game like MINECRAFT are the scum of the game, especially if they like to build sandstone pyramids in deserts.

    3. Of course! 2x2 water sources are for pussies!

    4. Anyone up for a game of Redstone Poker? *pushes a button and waits 5 seconds to deal cards*
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