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    Is no one whitelisting?
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    Quote from tankgod

    Well now, that's just downright gross. lol

    I've seen things way more gross then that.
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    Here you go. By the way, these are the guys that might come with me if I'm whitelisted.

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    Quote from iXUSpROGRAMM

    DANG! Was all this experience from a previous server? Cause, Man, I like this. Reminds me of the Terra Divisia days. You, my good sir, are going to be one of my favorites.

    Actually, that's only half of it. The other half was erased when that server's forums had a poop fest.

    Do you want me to give you a link to one of our GOOD role plays?
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    Quote from adetorical

    Dang, not to be mean or anything, but you have to put more effort into your app. I'm not an admin, but just from a player's point of view.

    I'd agree.
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    [Remember not to pick locked races, they are unlocked for playing on the server for a while.]

    Minecraft username: infernohero222

    Age: 17

    Time zone: -5:00 EST

    What experience do you have in roleplaying?: I have been playing on a role play server for six months, and have become very well known as a good role player there.

    Here is a link to the Journal that I wrote for my character. This is the same character that I will be carrying over to your server, but I will modify him to make him fit-in with the lore.


    Have you read and accepted the rules?: Yes

    Did you read the lore?: Yes

    Name at least 5 races on this server: Goblin, Nord, Breton, Imperial, Tome Lord.

    What do you imagine this server will be like?: I would hope that I will make in-character friends and have many adventures through role-play.

    Where did you find this server?: MineCraft Forums. This topic was on the front page.

    Why should you be let in?: I am an experienced Role Player and I will need nothing to help me get started. I will not harm the server in any way, and I will bring two other possible players with me if I am whitelisted.

    Screenshot of your skin:


    Name: Thron

    Age: 26

    Gender: Male

    Race: Nord

    Appearance: Shoulder length black hair, many scars along his back, one significant scar under his right eye, Blue eyes, blue robe, black boots, rounded noes

    Personality: Thron is as heroic as he is arrogant. He likes to show off when he gets the chance, but he makes sure never to let it get out of hand. He holds honor in high regard, but understands others that do not. He will sacrifice everything to save even his greatest enemy. His memory of his father and mother haunt him still, even though it has been many years since their death.

    Ambitions/dreams: To protect any and all innocent people of this land.

    Biography/Story(More than 2 sentences long): Thron was born into an order of Paladins. His father was the leader of the order, and as such took it upon himself to train Thron in the ways of blade and armor. His mother was one of the cooks for the order. He loved her cakes. Thron's sister was much younger then him. She loved the wilds and would always be found in the forest.

    One day, while Thron and his father were completing the last bit of training Thron needed to become the next leader of the order, something went wrong. All of the order turned on his family. Thron was forced to slay them all along side his father. Thron himself had to kill his best friends.

    Thron's father fell that day, along with his mother. His sister was no where to be found, and never was. To this day, Thron doesn't know what happened to her, or if she is still alive.

    Other information: Thron has kept his father's blade at his side, and, in his honor, he never lets it's strap come untied from his belt. Thron is an exceptional healer and alchemist due to his mother's teachings.
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    The internet just went out at my house. What do I do to get it to turn back on?

    I've tried unplugging it and plugging it back in, but it didn't work.

    I've got a report due.

    Any ideas?
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    Quote from BlockMagexXx

    It's not often I see a request for an original character with an engaging backstory. =) So I took a go at it. Let me know if there's anything you want changed. Aside from the specifics you mentioned, I also incorporated into the skin a few additional elements from your story. He's got a scabbard for his dagger, and also...

    Flaming hands. :biggrin.gif:

    Anyway, here's the skin. Hope you like it!

    Perfect! Thank you Thank you Thank you!

    Poo someone beat me too it

    Feel free to do one yourself.
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    Quote from DaDave

    Do you have any pictures of thron?

    I'm sorry. I do not.

    I wrote this in hopes of having a good description, and that's all I can have you go by.

    I'll number it out:

    1. Blood red/crimson hair
    2. Glowing green eyes.
    3. Green robe with black gloves, black shoes, and a normal belt.
    4. Slightly pale skin, but still looks natural.
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    Quote from ksm3939

    what character

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    Forgive me if the following post sounds rude in anyway:

    I need a skin crafted to fit a roleplay character. I've written a great story and would like a skin to match it.

    Tron lifts himself up on Rooster's shoulders.

    "This... This is horrible. He has returned."

    Thron's eyes continue to glow as they did when he first met Lucke in the Alliance of Nations.

    "If he has returned, I must prepare myself."

    Thron draws his blade, and stabs himself in the chest, carving out his light. He cries out in pain

    Thron yanks out a very large stone, almost a perfect sphere aside from the left side.

    His eyes dim, and he stops floating.

    Thron takes the light and tosses it into the fountain in the town center.

    "Time for this water to be of use to me once again."

    Thron follows into the water. A few seconds later, a bright, almost blinding light encases the water. You hear sounds of magic everywhere. The ground shakes, The trees fall, the buildings quake.

    And then it is over, the eye of the storm.

    You see something, a rip in the light.

    Thron casually floats out of the rip. He has changed, his hair is crimson, his eyes are glowing green, his arms show monstrous strength. His robe has even changed to that of green.

    "I have been gone for 1,000 years. I have been training with my father in the Void of my once great Order. I have returned to take my place as protector of this world. I have returned to smite the undead that plague this land."

    Thron opens his arms, showing flames from each palm.

    "I have learned much, and I am ready to take on all comers."

    Thron glides over to Rooster.

    "Thank you for helping me Rooster."

    His voice is deep and booming, but it is as if two people are talking at once.

    "My father and I have found a way to purify the whole Light of Old. I now house it inside me, along with my father housed within it."

    "With this new evil, I must make haste. I will defend it, along side my father, Normand."

    Thron blasts a light ray out of his hand and onto the ground. A man shows through it.

    " I am Normand. Son of Alen, Lord of The Order of the Forgotten Ten, Hero of the North Mountains. I will protect you through my son. I will act as guide and mentor to my son."

    Thron draws Normand back into him, and glides over to Lucke's body.

    "You have served me well old friend, and it was good to see you again, but I am afraid I must let you rest. I know you wish to help, but this is my honor bound dutiy, and my job."

    Thron puts a hand of Lucke's chest.

    "Rest now, old friend. Tell my story to my Order, and tell Alumd I'm bringing him some berries."

    Thron lets a bright light shoot through Lucke, showing his spirit leave his body

    Tron flies to the top of The Tower of Honor.

    "I will be this land's guard."

    Thron leaps from the Tower of Honor. A great light forms around his feet upon his landing, and fades when he stands.

    "I have work to do."

    Thron floats over to The Tower of Light and enters the door. You hear the tell tell sound of Swords and training
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    Posting because you told me to.
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    I've seen it to. It looked like some kind of platform.
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    Minecraft Username: InfernoHero222
    Roleplay Name: Thron (His culture doesnt give last names, only titles earned with honor.)
    Roleplay Story: Its been rough night... I need some sleep, but I cant stop thinking about the voices I hear... "Thrrrroooooonnnnn.... We're here to heeeeellllpppp yooou!" These demons... what do they want with me...
    Ever sense that day.... The day the necromancers came... the day my family was killed... My father was working in his shop. He was forming what he called a "Blue sword" Something better then what he had used before. All I remember is that one evil man..." WHERE ARE THE DIAMONDS FRINK! WHERE ARE THE DIAMONDS YOU FOUND!" My father had tought me well... I had even learned the ways of crafting metal. I was swift with my sword, but they over powered me... I was knocked out fast. Thats when I first found out about my...my curse... My eyes... bloodshot... all of my brain power... somehow... went into my arms and legs. I became stronger. The angrier they made me... the worse it got. I couldnt think.... All I could see was red... all I could think was... "Protect All I love... Protect all I love..." These voices... could they be the cause.... Could they be the source of my anger... I have to find out.

    Reason to Join: I would like to join this server due to the fact that I have searched for two full days and have yet to find a good role-play server. I think this server might be the one I am looking for. I like to role play and this is a character I have used for all of my role play games. I think that he fits in perfectly.

    I know the "Family was killed" type back story is all but to common, but I think I formed Thron quite well.

    Do you agree with the Server Rules?: yes

    Do you believe that you are trustworthy?: I have been an admin on five servers, and owned one. I have never grieved. I believe I am VERY trustworthy

    What will you Contribute to the server?: I have full knowlage of every crafting table recipe, I have knowledge of redstone and piston doors. I have played on many role-play servers and have lead five armies in each. Two of which being Militia groups.

    Special Code:[%^/]

    This was my application a few months back. Thron has grown and changed a bit, so I will update this if you need me to.

    When I posted this app you wern't taking new players. Will you accept me?
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    Bumpady Bump Bump Bump.
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