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    posted a message on Brand New Vanilla Server, Looking for new players!

    Username: MrPurpleStorm

    Age: 14

    Skype Name (Can be skipped for privacy reasons, but would like it in a PM): {OTB} Lord Bonnie

    Country (or Timezone works too): United States of America (MURICA!)

    Best Skill (mining, building etc,): Combat, And mining - I'm not much of a builder

    Favorite block(mobs are fine too): Laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaappppppiiiiiiiiiiiiis - Oh and Purpur!

    What you look forward into the server once accepted: Helping out the other players, I'm not exactly a pro at Minecraft but I can help others, I also seek to learn a lot myself, And I would love to learn from some of your amazing community on the server

    How long are you planning to play: As long as humanly possible (Or until I get bored of Minecraft)

    Talk a bit about yourself here: There isn't much I can say about myself really, I'm a weird/insane kid with a strange obsession with Five Nights at Freddy's, That's about it :P, My Minecraft experience goes back awhile, I've been playing for a few years now and I enjoy it a lot, I've always seemed to like pure vanilla better than modded/plugin servers, So I recon I'd love this server, Can't wait to see you all in game!

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    posted a message on Fresh New Minecraft Server

    Hi there!

    My name's Clyde, Or AdmiralToyBonnie on Minecraft, My friend and I are interested in joining your server, Said friend's MC name is Namithebunny

    Hope to see you ingame!

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    posted a message on Minecraft 1.8.2 Survival World / 1 Day Old / Premium Host
    IGN: CaptainFazbear (just so you know I may like FNAF but I'm not ten :)

    Age:16 :D

    Favorite thing to build? I am not bad a building , but not good either , so I don't have a specific thing I love to build because of said reason , so generally I live with another player , but I can build decent bridges and rooms.

    Do you like to build with others? As stated above , I generally live with other users , so yes! I work well with others and love to build nice things with help :P

    Why is this server for you? Another thing I generally do is stay away from the larger servers (not naming names of course) because I find smaller communities the best for my play style , and they tend to be much more friendly.

    Skype? I have one of the names of the enemies from FNAF 2 as my Skype name , and because the number of people with the same name is insane , I will temporarily change my name to elite-empire if you wish me to , just as a pointer my mic broke last month , so I will only be able to listen to voice chat.

    Thanks for reading that , I put spaces because I disdain text walls , hope to be with you guys soon

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    posted a message on Vanilla SURVIVAL - Mature 18+ Whitelist 24/7/365
    Name? My first name is Jack , I don't give my last name online if you don't mind :)

    In Game Name? CaptainFazbear.

    Age? I am 21 years of age.

    Country? The United States of America.

    Favorite Aspect of Online Play? Helping a community by killing mobs and mining with friends , also building but I a only adept at the last one.

    Lease Favorite Aspect of Online Play? One word , Griefers

    Were You Referred By An Existing Apollo Player? No , I found this post because I have been looking for a small-to-medium size vanilla survival server for awhile now.

    Thank for reading this post , I put spaces cause I disdain text walls , hope to see you in game!

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    posted a message on --Project Ensis-- Vanilla :: ADULT :: Whitelisted Server
    MC Username: CaptainFazbear

    Age: I am currently 21 years of age.

    What type of player are you (redstone, builder, adventurer): I am very good at killing mobs , not the best at building but i'm adept at it.

    How often would you play: Every day.

    Tell us a bit about your self/why you want to be on the server: I have been looking for a good vanilla server with a smaller community for awhile ( I assume that your server is smaller because of its uptime , no offence :/) so I think we could team up and find a lot of Diamonds!

    Thank you for reading this application , hope to join and have fun!

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    posted a message on [1.8.1] SnackyCraft [Whitelisted | Small-Community | Vanilla | 24/7] Looking For Active Player
    IGN: CaptainFazbear

    Age: I am currently 15 years of age :)

    Location: United States Of America

    How many servers have you played on? I lost count , a lot?

    How long have you played on Minecraft? 2 years

    Whats your favorite thing about Minecraft? the community , people tend to be so nice here in good ol' minecraft

    Why do you want to join this server? I really love vanilla servers , and they are few and far between nowadays , I have been looking for a purely vanilla experience with a small community and nice people for a while now

    What are you best at in minecraft? well , I like to build , I am quite bad at it though , I am good at vanquishing those pesky mobs with a trusty diamond sword hehe

    What can you bring to this server? I am not sure how to respond to this question , I would like to join because of the vanilla aspect of the server , as I stated above I have been looking for a server like this for a while now

    Do you have a mic/Skype:? mic , no sadly , mine broke just about a week ago actually , Skype , yes so I can listen to conversations but no talk sadly :(

    Tell me something about you that doesn't have anything to do with minecraft? well I am an avid gamer and love multiple games , FNaF is one of my favorites as you can probably tell because of my name , Skyrim also , and DC Universe Online on my PS3 , also the Ace Combat series is a very good flight sim series , other then that I think that's it , hope to join , and think we could have a lot of good times together ,

    thanks for reading that semi text-wall , -CaptainFazbear
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    posted a message on Members for small survival server
    Age(no one under 13) I am 15 years old.

    What you are best at in Minecraft: I am best at anti-mob battles , but I am also good at building and mining as well.

    Will you be friendly to everyone on the server: Yes! I generally don't like to disrespect anybody , the reason I like these smaller servers I because of the size , not too many people.

    How often will you play on the server: I don't really have a set time , but probably around 4 + hours every day.
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    posted a message on --[Orchid Vanilla]-- -[1.8, The Bountiful Update!]- -[A true vanilla experience!]- -[Peaceful]- -[No PvP]- -[Mature community]-
    Ign : FirestarJames

    Age/grade 14 (9th grade)

    Fav activity in Minecraft: well that's a hard one now isn't it? I enjoy building large things and mining , I do enjoy taking on mobs but since this is a peaceful server that really doesn't matter :P

    A little about yourself: well I'm an avid gamer and I love Minecraft , all of my former teachers speak very highly of me and I'm a b+ student (In math anyways!) I have played on a few different servers before , but as I just started playing Minecraft a month or two ago I have a lot to learn , I would love to be a part of your community and hope to see you in game.
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