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I've been playing Minecraft sense 1.7.0. And like most people here, I love minecraft; however, it still needs a lot of improvements. My only wish is to help make Minecraft a better game.

Unlike how most people seem too make their arguments based on the thought that Minecraft is not or has never been about realism, I make my arguments based off of the consistency of the realism that most people never seem to consider that Minecraft actually has. Minecraft does have a lot of unrealistic features; however, the game is mostly based off of real life, which most people don't seem to realize (Biomes, Crops, Animals, normal Jumps and Gravity, Behaviors, etc...). That is why I would never use the unrealism of the game to make my arguments.

Whenever my suggestions require me to add an idea that could be it's own thread all by it's self, I will most likely have a link to the idea for reference instead.


I love Minecraft, Pizza, playing guitar, music, running, politics, helping people out, making things from wood and/or mettal, Technology, copper, learning C#, Unity, Blinder, MCEdit, comics, movies, eating, researching topics, challenges, and being wreird. (.-.)

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