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    Tired of drudging through tons of mods with no real reward? Sick of getting stuck in a loop of making machines to get more materials to get more machines to get more materials? Feel like blowing something up with a high-velocity rocket from atop your jetpack? Well then....

    (Stupid icon is derping :/)

    This mod plans to add various tools, weapons, utilities, turrets, and other various items to make the game considerably cooler. In addition, one of the main points of this mod is integration with other, popular mods, such as IE2, AE, TE, Mekanism, etc. This means it will make heavy use of the forge ore dictionary, as well as various power systems and tech trees. Of coarse, this mod will add its own tree as well, but it will be designed to integrate smoothly with other existing ones.
    Initial weapon systems:

    • Machine Gun: Basic machine gun, fires light bullets (still made with gunpowder and iron bits). Fires very fast, does less damage then the rifle
    • Advanced rifle: fires a powerful round, pierces enemies
    • Railgun: Fires a metal slug at extreme velocity, but requires a large amount of power in addition to physical ammo
    • HMG: Fires a hail of bullets, does medium damage
    • Plasma HMG: Fires high velocity plasma instead of bullets, uses energy
    • Laser Rifle: Fires a powerful, high damage laser instead of bullets
    • Charge Beam: 3 second charge, then unleashes a massive blast of energy
    • Tesla Cannon: Fires a high-velocity bolt of electricity that arcs between enemies
    • Energy Expulsor: Unleashes a storm of energy, devistating everything in it's path! Uses a huge amount of energy

    Expolsives!! (Press 'R' to toggle block damage)

    • Grenade Launcher: Fires a grenade that explodes on impact,
    • RPG Launcher: Fires a grenade-explosive faster, further, and with more damage
    • Mini-Missile Cannon: Fires a rapid barrage of small explosives
    • Rocket Launcher: Fires a very powerful missile
    • Swarmer: Splits into multiple missiles in flight
    • Homing Rocket Launcher: Normal launcher, but homes in in enemies (keep block damage OFF for this!!)
    • Charge Bomber: Fires bundles of energy that explode a half second after impact
    • Liquifier: Rapid fire energy missile launcher, requires a massive power supply
    • The Big One: Fires a massive semi-nuclear missile that causes widespread destruction (always does block damage)

    Armor Systems:

    • Adaptive Plate Armor: Has a small chance to negate damage from any source
    • Electrostatic Charged Armor: Shocks enemies that hit you
    • Energy Shield Armor: Creates a energy shield that acts as a buffer for damage
    • Tactical Armor: Adds a small energy shield, and gives a number of movement enhancements
    • Juggernaut Armor: Absurd defense, and prevents you from being set on fire (standing in fire still slowly damages you!!)
    • Mechanical Paladin set: Combines powers of the Electrostatic, tactical, and juggernaut armors (hard AF to get)

    Automated Defense Systems:

    (Coming Soon)

    Other Devices:

    • Ion Jetpack: Allows powered flight (different from IE2 jetpack)
    • Force projector: Blasts waves of energy that launch entities away
    • Laser Drill: Fires a piercing beam that tunnels through blocks and does light damage to mobs
    • Organic Repulsor: Repels any enemies that enter it's field
    • Shield door: Advanced Energy Field Door, toggle activation with right click/redstone signal
    • Coded Door: Shield door that allows only players to pass through it
    • Excavation Blaster: Beam that destroys large amounts of terrain for quick excivating
    • Blockcannon: Rapid-fires blocks, used for quick structure assembly (or in tandem with the jetpack for orbital lava bombardment)
    • Jump fold: connects two points in the world, allowing instant travel (expensive to set up)

    I haven't decided on crafting requirements yet, but basic feedback/ideas for new weapons would be welcome!
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