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    posted a message on Why i will never eat a taco bell again!
    Yeah... That didn't happen for several reasons.

    Divine tale, chap.
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    posted a message on [1.2.5] Water Shader alpha v5b
    Quote from Darkhawkz7z

    Read the bold letters on the first page! He has updated his post and guess what it said...
    Please stop begging for updates.
    Listen or this thread will get locked again.

    sometimes I think that you should have to pass a test to be able to get on the internet.
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    posted a message on Landlord puts up "White Only" public pool sign.
    Quote from Lord_N

    In essence, the core of my argument is that people are supposed to influence the Government, not have the Government influence the people. (I think-forgive me, I've had an incredibly long and tiring day)

    I think your forgetting who voted in the people in power. The people did. Senators, congressmen, Presidents, all of these positions were created as a public figure who would make decisions in favor of our ideas. Black rights is one of them. Most of the people in the North, who were not racist by the way, wanted this amendment to be passed. It was.

    Government was not deciding in favor of themselves, they were deciding in favor of open-minded people.

    Someone said earlier, "Should murder not be illegal then; as people should find for themselves that killing others is bad?". You shot this idea down, saying that death could not be recovered from.

    Here is mine: Should assault & battery, rape, etc not be illegal then; as people should find for themselves that beating others is bad?

    All of that can be recovered from, with time. The same as racism. But is it right to allow it to happen, without persecution?

    Government: The system by which a nation, state, or community is governed.

    You do not fully understand what a government was originally created to be. It was created as a system to help society abide by principles. Without it, people would do what they wanted, because they know that they would not be charged or arrested. If we got rid of laws that said discrimination in public is illegal, then people would be overstepping their own bounds, and history would repeat itself.
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    posted a message on [Site/Userscript] Deadfly, the adf.ly/adcraft.co bypasser!
    The only thing I find sick is people profiteering off of simple changes in the game or stupid tutorials. Also, adfly links in your sig have to be the lamest thing I have seen since cod.

    Nice script.
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    Quote from MagnunCrux

    O RLY?


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    posted a message on Bullied cuz i like minecraft....
    I used to beat the **** out of people who messed with me. Then I turned 11.
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    posted a message on PC vs Console. (Which is better?) STATE VALID ARGUMENTS.
    Quote from xBm

    Once more, I will state that if you are poor, then that is too much for you.

    I'm not arguing poor vs rich, I don't know what you are getting at. Mayhaps you believe me to be poor?

    I am arguing price. No one said it was too much, I am saying that if you are willing to blow cash on $60 a game, you might as well get a pc, which in the long run is cheaper.

    Quote from xBm

    I'm rather positive your avatar defines your face about the price.

    I am rather positive that the only face defining avatar on the minecraft forums is yours.
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    posted a message on what to look for in a good minecraft laptop?

    If you are willing to put down some cash on a laptop, the asus g series is great.

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    posted a message on GTX 560 or GTX 460
    So many double posts. :C
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    posted a message on Minecraft destroyed my computer
    I'll just leave this here..

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