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    The server we are on is being updated to 1.2 as we speak. Would love to see some people try it out.
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    Quote from Yamnasm

    "these are sacred lands of our Lord and destructor."

    Well, that kinda ruined it for me.

    Added '(Disclaimer: We really take none of this seriously)' to the original post. Things like that are meant to be humorous.
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    Reserved for later use.
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    Various Pictorals

    Map of Legion (including provinces, will update map when needed)

    Random Cities and Such
    Main City, the Spire Ngg'Nrgn
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    Current MC Server: ocbservers.net
    MC Server Thread: http://www.minecraft...vp-247-50-slot/ (yeah, I know, australian server, but the connection is good, trust me)

    (Disclaimer: We really take none of this seriously)
    About Legion

    I, Fetal_Infection the High Priest, formed Legion from a group of friends (from real life), those who I knew I could trust completely. Membership has always been closed, until now. We are a clan that mimics a cult of Cthulhu. We build massive structures, destroy others, and rape the earth for resources.


    Our Lord and destructor - Through Him we are cleansed
    High Priest - The only mortal who is able to divine with Cthulhu
    Arch Bishop - The High Priest's trusted nobles
    Bishop - Those who have shown exemplary devotion, the beginning of nobility
    Zealot - A commoner that shows promise
    Commoner - Beginnings of citizenship

    Member List

    High Priest - Fetal_Infection

    Arch Bishop




    Land Ownership

    The High Priest owns all Legion land, who then gives land to the Arch Bishops, who then divide land as they see fit. Any non-partitioned land (except swampland) is free to build upon. While in another's land, you must obey their law.


    You are not to build in or deface swamps, these are sacred lands.
    Follow orders of the hierarchy, no exceptions.
    In case of a disagreement, challenge the other player to a dual. (see dueling rules)
    Do not deface forts, cities, or infrastructure belonging to Legion.
    Do not speak for Legion unless you are in a position to do so.
    You must be 18 or older, otherwise get off my lawn, darn kids and your music.
    Post a humorous picture in your application, so I know you read this.


    You may only challenge those who are of equal or lesser status
    Dueling must be done in virgin (non-enchanted) leather armor and a wooden melee weapon (axe, sword, pick, hoe)
    There must be a neutral observer to call the duel
    At any time, one may yield, forfeiting the duel
    Using the sneak feature in a duel is a sign of yielding (if a player does not wish to die)
    If neither yields, a dual is to the death
    Potions are forbidden, the dual is just a competition of skill, not collected resources
    Duels must either take place in a city's arena or in agreed boundaries
    Once a duel is over, it is over, and you may not re-challenge until the next day
    The champion has his way followed (the reason of the original dispute)

    Form to Submit to Cthulhu's Might

    Skype: (you can PM it if you wish)
    Time Zone:
    Other Contact Information:
    Describe yourself in 7.5 words:
    What is your best skillset in MC? (ie, redstone, sculpting, farming, etc)
    What would you like to improve?
    How do you feel about punching helpless animals?
    How about helpless people?
    Can you live in a theocratic dictatorship with feudal hierarchy? (yeah, wrap your mind on that)
    Can you accept Cthulhu as your Lord and destructor?
    Did you read the rules?
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    Minecraft Name: Fetal_Infection
    Age: 22
    Describe yourself best in 5 words: What is a ~ thing?
    Do you agree to all the rules?: Of course.
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    Quote from Ross_H »
    Not that it might be relevent anymore but i did downgrade my minecraft to ALPHA by overwriting the files, obviously me being a lazy person i never bothered to upgrade it back because i couldnt figure out how, i would just assume overwriting the alpha files with beta but it didnt seem to work so i just went on another account on my computer to play :biggrin.gif:

    To get back to beta simply delete the alpha client and install the beta :tongue.gif:
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    Quote from eagleeye565 »
    Okay. So I applied to the server a while back on the old thread. And I was accepted to the server and all that good stuff. So today was actually my first time logging into the server, but when I tried to break the snow on the ground (I have no idea why I did this) it wouldn't let me. So as far as I could grasp I wasn't registered. So if you could do that, that would be fantastic. Thanks.

    That is because blocks in a given radius of spawn are protected, that way people don't make it a pit etc.
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    Quote from DanZaMan »
    Some suggestions:
    Disable Pvp in Spawn Area

    This was done.
    Quote from DanZaMan »
    Some suggestions:
    Disable /sethome

    A lot of the users like this functionality.
    Quote from DanZaMan »
    Some suggestions:
    Add to Spawn area to show where pvp zone is and some boards with rules etc. Possibly a spawn building or something.

    This was done before and will be done again pending the hey0 beta release.

    Not that I am an admin or anything, but yeah.
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    Quote from Lolligator »
    reporting hellion19 for spawnkilling and not giving stuff back:


    Get that tard banned please.

    From his description of events he started attacking you and then you ran off to spawn for safety. In my opinion, running somewhere and yelling 'you can't tag me i'm on base!' doesn't constitute spawn killing.
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    Quote from playingdumb »
    Quote from ticking12 »

    I dont know, I always felt no cities had its own advantages, with no cities you have nothing to defend, and very little advantage for an attacker to search you out. So likely the only people you will meet are war parties attacking another race / lone travelers, both of which you can simply stealth and run away from. I feel like poisoning food would be too much of an advantage, you can already steal the blocks/tools right out of our hands :tongue.gif: And diamond armor provides no more protection than leather, it durability just decreases slower :tongue.gif:

    I do see what your saying but it really it's going to matter how other players treat Vagabonds, if they tend to be friendly don't try to kill us on sight then we won't need most of the perks added (But I'd really like to see night vision and increased inventory to allow more wandering )

    But if players try to kill Vagabonds on sight for what ever reason then we will need more protection.

    In truth I'd rather be a roaming Vagabond rather then the ninja assassin ones.

    So all in all we will have to see how it goes and balance it from there.

    P.S you guys still haven't commented on the name change.

    Well, seeing as the vagabonds that will actually be grouped together (not the extreme loner ones) into different tribes, each tribe can have its own mini-city. And each can act separately, ie a friendly town as you were saying, or a military stronghold that is just used for stockpiling mercenaries and supplies.
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    They were switching operating systems on the server, as the forum was also hosted by the server it is down as well. Switching operating systems isn't always the easiest of tasks, and it is harder to do on a server that accepts such a high load as this one. Just wait it out and it will be a lot better than before (lagwise).
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    Clan name: Legion
    Description/Lore: Worshipers of Cthulhu. In other words, expect obsidian monuments.
    Owner(s) IGN name: Fetal_Infection
    How many people will be joining: Quite a few, more joining each day, either irl friends or various internet friends of mine.
    listing of the names of the people who are joining: ManateeSpeedbmp, King Callum, Neborno, ltturbo, falconw, Hellion19. (expect more soon)
    Does your clan meet the standards above: yep yep
    Do you understand that the clan will have to be inspected before being accepted: Yes sir, you may search the vehicle.
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    Quote from Hugh Hefner »
    Apologies for my absence, I was caving this weekend, and nearly got crushed by falling rocks, back now but some coursework to do.

    This is why you shouldn't mine up, gravel tends to do that.
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    posted a message on My Skins wont upload to the website.
    I am having the exact same issue, oddly enough.
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